Genesis Martial Arts Team ready for action

With December being the only quiet month on the competition circuit calendar the Cimac Superleague Dorking looks to be Genesis Martial Arts penultimate event of the year, which has seen the team compete for a record 10th time over the past 10 months.

Considering this it is astonishing when you realise that a year ago Fight Team member Walled Bin Akram hadn’t ever competed on the competition circuit and is now the lead off fighter for the team. And what a lead off fighter he once again proved to be. He demonstrated his poise and patience as he timed and evaded his opponents to take his 3 wins of the year in the boys’ novice under 4ft 2 section.

Genesis Martial Arts Waleed - First Place

Considering this it is astonishing when you realise that a year ago Fight Team member Walled Bin Akram hadn’t ever competed on the competition circuit and is now the lead off fighter for the team. And what a lead off fighter he once again proved to be. He demonstrated his poise and patience as he timed and evaded his opponents to take his 3 wins of the year in the boys’ novice under 4ft 2 section.

Also fighting in the boys’ novice semi contact section was Liam Blanford competing in his very first competition. With specific instructions from Liam’s Mum to make sure he returned her baby back to her in one piece Instructor Matt Jackson was behind Liam every step of the way as he cruised through his first round. In the second round Liam fought well and listened to coaching although it wasn’t enough to secure him a second win and Liam went out in the second round. A little disappointed by his performance Matt told Liam to watch the rest of the category as he thought that the boy who beat him was pretty good and should make it to the final. Lo and behold Matt’s hunch was correct as the boy who had beaten him won the entire category; which was a modicum of comfort!

Liam also fought in the boys’ advanced category fighting his first ever black belt. Putting up a spirited performance Liam lost by a handful of points and with more experience will no doubt be enjoying similar success as his team mates within the next 12 months.

Kieran Johnson has now out grown his under 5ft 2 sections but was still eligible to compete in them through his previous accumulation of points in the relevant section. In the beginners section he once again demonstrated the great timing, which is fast becoming his trade mark, with stinging backfists and counter side kicks on his way to the final. In an exciting final Kieran went point for point with his opponent and was tied with 5 seconds left on the clock before overtime, but for some reason his normal killer instinct was absent. Unfortunately, while attempting to run down time he was cornered and scored on with one second remaining. A tough way to learn a lesson but he still leads the chase for the Grand Championship.

Kieran returned in the advanced semi contact under 4ft 2 category and left no doubt as to who was taking home the third place fight off trophy as the killer instinct returned!

Next up Shannon Barlow sought to take gold in both the girls under 5ft 2 advanced and the cadets under 60kg semi contact section until a twisted knee derailed her plans as time expired in the first round of the girls section. Coach Matt Jackson and Shannon’s Mum deemed that Shannon should retire for the day despite her protestations and took home a silver medal. Fortunately Shannon’s injury should be healed quickly and she will live to fight another day.

One of the main problems with fielding a large team at any competition is that teammates can be fighting simultaneously on different mats leaving coaches thin on the ground. Unfortunately for unleashed fight team member Louise Birkett drew the short straw whist fighting her category’s due to instructor Matt Jackson coaching the more inexperienced team members to success.

Fortunately Louise has been competing for years with the support of her father, Steve, so they can just get on with it. As a result Louise won a credible second place in semi contact and 3rd place in light contact.

Archie Thompson continues to make strides towards the overall Cimac Grand Championship for boys under 5ft 2 and once again displayed his dominance with yet another victory coached by his dad. Archie also made it to the final in the semi contact section where he, like Kieran, appeared to be missing his usual edge which was needed for the win. Alas, Archie came up short but took a respectable second place shrugging it off in inimitable Archie style. 

Genesis Archie 2nd Place and Kieran 3rd Place

At 6ft 3ins, 20 year old Adam Spittles’s reach is a problem for anybody in the men’s over 75kg novice semi contact section. In a group that showed solid basics and savvy beyond that of a normal novice section, Adam showed poise and a good ability to adapt in his offensive and defensive tactics throughout. This led him to a hard fought second Cimac victory of the year.

Genesis Unleashed Kickboxing ShowGoing into the competition Armid Akram was joint first place in the Grand Championship with fellow Wycombe competitor Anthony Yearwood. Armid would need finish ahead of Anthony to take the lead heading into the final event in Maidenhead. On the day Armid was a little out of sorts and was unable to click into action until the final seconds of his 3rd place fight off. Winning a close decision he once again showed that he is a solid competitor who still gives away nearly 20 kilos to his opponents. But he now has an uphill battle if he wants to take the grand championship as Anthony now leads him by 1 point overall.

With eyes already on next year Archie, Shannon, Kieran and Waleed will all see themselves moving up a category as they once again begin their journey to the gold!

Archie Thompson will be in action once again on the 21st October where he will be challenged by Watford Freestyle fighter Max Chapman-Tripe in a title match contested over 2 one and a half minute rounds at the Genesis Unleashed Fight Show. Tickets are now available check out the preview video and flyer!

A special thank you to parents Steve, Stewart, Sharon, Dave, Chris, Helen and Mohammed for continued support.

Next outing for the Unleashed Team is Squad Training at the Genesis Gym November 6th, followed by the last Cimac competition of the year in Maidenhead on the 11th November where students Armid, Archie, Shannon, Louise, Adam and Waleed will all vie for Grand Championship glory.


Written by Matt Jackson


On the 2nd of September the Genesis Unleashed Fight Squad embarked on the next adventure to the Cimac UK Open in Windsor which was a busy competition.

As usual Waleed Bin Akram led the Genesis squad off with a confident display in the boys under 4ft 2 novice category showing his movement and counter attacking. Waleed’s win puts him on track to take the boys overall Cimac Grand Championship for the under 4ft 2 semi contact section.

Not to be outdone Quinn Banning from Aylesbury entered her first competition in the girl’s novice girls under 4ft 2 semi contact showing good spirit and technique battling her way to a silver medal.

Kieran Johnson was up next in the under 5ft 2 boys semi contact category under beginners section, a very competitive section with three hard fought fights saw Kieran make the final. In the final both Kieran and his opponent showed the will to win taking it to sudden death where Kieran was just pipped to the victory by a single point. Not content with a silver medal in his section, Kieran entered the boys black belt semi contact section where he battled his way through to a creditable bronze place showing even a higher level of skill and maturity. Kieran is still in the running to win the Cimac Grand Championship title for his novice section.

Shannon Barlow moved one step closer to the overall leader of her section by winning the girls semi contact intermediate under 5ft 2 section and is now just 2 points behind. Looking to further challenge herself Shannon also entered the black belts semi contact section where she secured 2nd place losing in the final. This was a positive outing as Shannon will be moving to this section next year and the higher skill level within the section will ensure she continues to grow as a fighter.

Louise Birkett competed in the girls over 5ft 2 black belts section and showed maturity and ability entering both semi contact and Light contact section. Louise won the semi contact section beating some of the country’s best at that discipline. In light contact Louise really show her skills using some excellent boxing and movement, moving through the rounds to reach the final where she met a fiery English contact fighter who is also in the top five in the cimac ratings. A close fight saw the two girls exchange punches and kicks to the last bell, in a close fight Louise lost the decision.

Ellis Banning entered the light contact girls novice under 5ft2 and showed improved movement using straight punches and kicks with good control advancing her way through to the final. In the final she met an extremely talented young lady who was kicking and punching and moving well beyond the novice level. Despite being slightly out matched it was a good experience for Ellis who came away with a well earnt silver medal.

Armid Akram men’s novice lightweight was next up after taking August off to follow Ramadan. Armid went out to his first fight lacking his normal confidence due his fitness but nothing to fear with speed and sharpness in tact fought his way to the final in a close fought fight Armid just missed out by a point.

Adam Spittles stormed through all his opponents in the Novice +75kg to reach the final and win in one of the biggest categories of the day after the experience of the Cimac World Cup where Adam won a silver medal. A very happy Adam kept his cool in the final of the UK Open to take the victory.

At only 63kg Stewart Nicholson always has the dilemma whether to give up 12kgs and fight in the men’s beginners section under 75kg or in the men’s black belt section at under 65kg. Kind of a double edged sword for an orange belt. In this instance Stewart took the option to fight in the black belt section where he would compete against fighters closer to his size but with a great deal more experience. In what is fast becoming a Genesis trait Stewart surprised the entire Squad winning 3rd place taking bronze.

As usual big thank you to all the parents for your continued support and assistance. It is much appreciated and we couldn’t do this without you!

Genesis now has a busy October to look forward to. Starting of with Squad Training on the 2nd October 6.30 till 9.30pm at the Genesis Gym Unit A Metre House Fieldhouse Lane Marlow SL7 1LW.

October 7th Genesis Martial Arts students and the Unleashed Fight Team will be in Dorking for the Cimac Competition. For details check out

The 4th Genesis Unleashed Fight Show is on the 21st October 2012 1 – 6pm at Court Garden Leisure Complex/Pound La, Marlow SL7 2AE. Tickets will be available soon and you’ll be able to see our home grown talent on show! For a preview check out the video.

The WTKA and WKA Open European Championships where held on the 18th August at Ponds  Forge Sports centre, Sheffield.

Genesis entered a small team consisting of Unleashed Squad members Archie Thompson, Louise Birkett and Waleed Bin Akram. Also competing for the second time this year was Genesis Instructor Trevor John.

First to compete in the boys semi contact section as always was Waleed Bin Akram. Uncharacteristically for Waleed he was unable to perform at his usual level and could not progress beyond the first round of the competition.

Always full of surprises Waleed entered himself in the traditional weapons section for 8 to 10 year olds. Now this wouldn’t be surprising until you realise that Genesis Martial Arts only teach Kung Fu weapons forms with a staff or a sword and Waleed hasn’t been taught either. The routine he performed he choreographed himself and was executed brilliantly resulting in him gaining a bronze medal at his first European Championships and his first ever weapons competition. The weapon of choice being Nunchucks!

Waleed on his way to a European bronze medal

Always full of surprises Waleed entered himself in the traditional weapons section for 8 to 10 year olds. Now this wouldn’t be surprising until you realise that Genesis Martial Arts only teach Kung Fu weapons forms with a staff or a sword and Waleed hasn’t been taught either. The routine he performed he choreographed himself and was executed brilliantly resulting in him gaining a bronze medal at his first European Championships and his first ever weapons competition. The weapon of choice being Nunchucks!!!!

 Genesis Unleashed stalwart Archie Thompson went straight into the final of the boys semi contact 13 to 17 advanced category where he showed his experience, scoring with multiple head kicks that ended the fight early. Archie can now add a European title to his World Title.

In the boys 13 to 17 light continuous section Archie fought equally well losing a close semi final which could have gone either way and picked up a European bronze medal.

Archie in the light contact section

Genesis Unleashed Team member Louise Birkett reached the final to face off in a hotly contested girls light contact final. In an extremely competitive final both girls were warned about the level of contact ad they gave it their all in a bid to take the gold. Ultimately the final decision went against Louise in a very tight match which could have gone either way as Louise adds a European silver medal to her trophy cabinet.

Louise in a hotly contested final

Not to be out done by the youngsters Genesis Martial Arts Instructor took part in the Mens veterans sections in semi contact and light contact. Trevor fought through four opponent in the semi contact section to reach the final of the heavyweight section, where he met a Italian fighter in a tight two rounds of fighting he lost 14-13 gaining a silver medal. In the light contact section he place third to take bronze.

Dusting off the old jumping back kick 










Genesis at WTKAGenesis Martial Arts fighters along with the Genesis Unleashed Fight Team will be out again in force at the UK Open Championships on the Sunday 2nd September at Windsor Leisure Centre, Clewer Mead, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 5JB. If you want to come along and support the team please feel free.

If you are a Genesis Martial Arts student and would like to join the Unleashed Fighting Squad, ask you Instructor if you can attend the Genesis Unleashed Squad Training on the 4th September 2012.

As always thanks to parents Steve, Stewart and Mohammed. We couldn’t do this without you guys.

Author Trevor John edited by Matt Jackson.



July 8th 2012 saw the Genesis Unleashed Fight Team out in force once again at their biggest competition of the year the Cimac World Cup at Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre Birmingham.

Cimac World Cup  - Genesis MA

Joining the fight team were students Ellis Banning, Adam Spittles, Antonio and Instructor Trevor John. 

First up as always was Waleed Bin Akram competing in the boys semi contact under 4ft 2” section. Waleed who currently tops the leaderboard in this section fought a competitive first round against his opponent going point for point for the entire round. In the dying seconds of the round Waleed attempted to break the deadlock to secure the win and pressed his attack. Uncharacteristically he was picked off and lost narrowly lost the first round by a single point with 1 second of time remaining.

Kieran Johnson with 3rd

Joining the fight team were students Ellis Banning, Adam Spittles, Antonio and Instructor Trevor John.

First up as always was Waleed Bin Akram competing in the boys semi contact under 4ft 2” section. Waleed who currently tops the leaderboard in this section fought a competitive first round against his opponent going point for point for the entire round. In the dying seconds of the round Waleed attempted to break the deadlock to secure the win and pressed his attack. Uncharacteristically he was picked off and lost narrowly lost the first round by a single point with 1 second of time remaining.

Kieran Johnson looked to increase his strangle hold on the boys novice semi contact section under 5ft 2”. Having advanced to the third round of the category Kieran put one of his most strategic performances of the year against an opponent that had clearly out grown the division, but was eligible to compete due to starting the year in the section. Despite the size difference the match was evenly contested as both scored points at will. At the end of time Kieran down by a single point due to the referees preferring to score attacking points over Kieran’s countering style but the performance secured joint 3rd place.

 In 2013 Kieran will leave the novice section behind and move to the open boys section. This section is a much stiffer text and was one of the largest sections of the day. Positively Kieran made it to the second round for the first time in this section and will continue to find his way in it next year.

Archie Thompson remains unbeaten in all light continuous competition under 5ft 2” this year and once again dominated on route to victory. In semi contact Archie made it all the way to the final  narrowly losing by a single point in the dying seconds. Video of the fight may show a different result, but regardless if you fight for long enough you win some and you lose some.

 Up next Shannon Barlow looked to upstage Archie by securing victory in the Girls under 5ft 2” section in the final against the ultra tough Stevie Snadden, by a single point.

Shannon with first place trophy

Like Kieran, Shannon also leaves this section at the end of the year and will be moving into the young ladies under 60kg section. Proving to be a tougher challenge Shannon was soundly beaten in the first round in this category as will need compete in the section a few more times to gain further experience and tactics to compete with the taller, stronger girls in the section. 

 Louise Birkett competed in the girls over 5ft 2” semi contact section advancing through to the second round meeting Stevie Snadden who Shannon met in the final of the category below 5ft 2″.

Louise put up a decent performance and worked hard to heed her coaches advice but by the end of the time period Stevie’s additional speed and timing was enough to beat Louise 2 to 6.

In what may be her stronger event the Light Continuous Louise secure 3rd place narrowly losing to an ultra aggressive Storm fighter in the semi final. 

Back from studying from exams Bradley Reason stormed to victory in the Junior men’s over 63kg section once again demonstrating great athleticism and improvisation on route.

Unleashed Fight Team member Craig Johnson entered the men’s intermediate under 74kg section looking to secure the win in the absence of his team Mate and section leader Armid Akram. In the first round Craig looked to rack up points using his Blitz, but was picked off at each attempt by a savvy opponent. Craig’s performance may be the result of irregular training due to work commitments but he will come back stronger.

Ellis Banning appears to be a typically quiet teenager until she steps onto the mat where she is unleashed. Competing in the girls under 5ft 2” light contact section Ellis progressed to the second round of the competition and looked to her coaches to be on route to a narrow victory, however the judges awarded the win to her opponent which resulted in Ellis taking third place.

Finally 20 year old Adam Spittles took to the mat in his first ever competition and what a debut it was. Standing 6ft 4 inches in height Adams reach, timing and choice of offence gave his opponents fits in the men’s over 74kg novice section. In an unlikely turn of events for a participant in their first competition Adam advanced all the way to the third round before losing out to the eventual section winner. Placing third in his first ever competition.


Trevor with first place tropgy and £100 prize money

The Genesis Unleashed Fight Team and Genesis Squad members once again did Genesis and themselves proud fighting at a higher level than usual and showing decent progress from previous competitions. This is all positive but they still have much to learn! In step Trevor John!

 Trevor “Coach” John has not competed in over a year but decided to show the young team how things should be done! It appears that age has done little to diminish Trevor’s speed power and timing that belies his build. Through out Trevor demonstrated exactly how the team should approach their future bouts which a variety of offence including his trademark sweep, defensive side kick and a jumping spinning kick on route to victory in the men’s veterans open weight semi contact section. Check out his highlights!


 As always thanks to parents Mohammed, Sharon, Stewart, Steve and Nicole for their support.

Genesis Martial Arts Unleashed Fight Teams next outing will be the European Open Championship 18th August 2012 – Ponds Forge, Sheffield.

New Unleashed Fight Team Members at Genesis


Congratulations to students Armid Akram and Waleed Bin Akram who were inducted into the Genesis Unleashed Fight Team  on the 12th June 2012 at Genesis Gym. 

Based on their commitment, support, and competition results over the past 6 months,  Armid and Waleed join existing Fight Team members, Archie Thompson, Brad Reason, Craig Johnson, Kieran Johnson, Louise Birkett and Shannon Barlow taking the team to 8 strong.

May their futures be bright!

Cimac Superleague Stoke - Genesis MA

The 10th June saw Genesis Fight Team members Archie Thompson, Louise Birkett, Shannon Barlow and Kieran Johnson at their 7th competition of the year, the Cimac Superleague in Stoke. Going into the event Archie led the boys Under 5ft 2 light continuous section and was 3rd in the boys semi contact section. Kieran led the boys under 5ft 3 novice semi contact section, Shannon was 2nd in the girls under 5ft semi contact section and Louise was joint 2nd in her section.

 Not to be out done Genesis Squad members Armid Akram and Waleed Bin Akram both topped their sections in the Men’s intermediate under 75kg and boys novice under 4ft 2 sections respectively.

 First up 8 year old Waleed laid down the gauntlet to the team winning the boys under 4ft 2 section and remaining top of the leader board by 8 points.

 Kieran was up next and followed Waleed’s lead winning the Novice boys semi contact under 5ft 3 section.

 Kieran also competed in the boys open semi contact section as he will be looking to make a splash their when he leaves the novice section looking to step into Archie’s territory. Kieran fought a tough first round narrowly missing out 1-3.

 Next up Archie showed Kieran how things should be done taking out a gritty fighter Sam from Nemesis Martial Arts and then the fighter to that beat Kieran to reach the final. In the Final Archie went point for point with his opponent extending the match through over time and to sudden death. Ultimately it wasn’t to be Archie’s days as he lost by a single point in the final. That takes Archie’s total to 26 points 2 points behind the joint leaders in the section. With 3 competitions left to get points the Grand Champion title is still wide open.

 Archie was up again in the boys under 5ft 2 light continuous section and once again showed why he is top of the category with convincing victories over each individual on route to victory. Archie is now unbeaten in this section and tops the leader board by 14 points.

Shannon Barlow competed in the girls under 5ft 2 semi contact section winning it for the first time this year. Shannon beat the current grand champion leader  Amber who is currently 5 points ahead of her by a single point with 1 second left of time. Shannon will be hard pressed to make up the points by the end of the year but then she wouldn’t be nicknamed “Gremlin” if she didn’t relish a challenge.

Shannon like Kieran looks to move up in section shortly and has already started competing in the Young ladies under 60 kg semi contact section. Fighting bigger stronger girls in this section Shannon acquitted herself well winning 3rd place and will be looking to make a splash in the new section shortly.

 Louise Birkett took part in the girls over 5ft 2 section in semi contact section but struggled to implement a winning game plan and was unable place. In the over 5ft 2 light contact section she faired slightly better placing 3rd.

 Heading into the Men’s under 75kg intermediate section Armid Akram once again show that consistency pays, placing 3rd. He maintains a comfortable lead 7 points ahead of his nearest rival.

 With a team consisting of just 6 members the total for the day was four first places, one second and two thirds. Special thanks to parents Steve, Stewart, Sharon and Mohammed for your support as always.

 Next stop for the Genesis Team is the Cimac World Cup on the 9th July in Birmingham, where they will once again be Unleashed.


Congratulations to the following students who successfully passed their Kickboxing exams today at Wycombe Sports Centre. Belts and certificates will be presented by your instructor in classes from next week onwards.

Special congratulations to Adam Spittals and Antonio Quintal for achieving the highest pass mark of the day!


Pass mark 60%

Adam Krupski 76.67
Ajmal Ali Arif 71.33
Ania Trzepaczka 73.00
Carly Goddard 73.33
Chloe Brownbill 72.33
Clive Cheshire 74.33
Daniel Mahoney 73.00
Daniel Semmens 73.67
Donna Lanyon 73.33
Edwyn Abi Akar 72.33
Emily Tippet 75.33
Ethan Rapsey 73.00
Gary Abi Akar 73.00
George Oliver 77.33
Gergely Ferenc Tiba 77.67
Hajra Ali Arif 74.00
James Lanyon 73.00
James Murray 73.33
James Travell 73.00
Joseph Brown 77.33
Kathryn Collinson 73.67
Kerry Aziz 73.00
Kitty Mckenzie 73.00
Kristina King 73.00
Lachlan Mahoney 73.67
Laura Jackson 73.33
Leon Dziruni 77.33
Malachi Hall 73.33
Mathew Ward 73.33
Melanie Skipp 73.33
Nick Bevan 74.00
Olivia Hall 73.00
Ravindu Ratnayake 73.67
Rhea Kankate 72.00
Rhys Hall 73.67
Ruby Mckenzie 74.00
Scott Buckle 74.67
Sophie Edmond 72.67
Steve Soden 74.00
Thomas Lean 77.33


Pass Mark 70%

Alexander Macmillian 72.33
Charlie Vaughn 72.67
Daniel Vincett 74.00
Emma Trower 72.67
Ethan Tarpie 74.33
Jake Moyler 73.67
Manfred Mckenzie 74.33
Max Dangphei 72.33
Melissa O Brien 72.33
Michael John Longhurst 76.33
Patrick Power 75.67
Paul Hayday 74.67
Rachel  Herbert 73.00
Randall Geary 75.67
Suzana Martins 73.00
Tyler Bushay 73.00

Pass Mark 70%

Adam Spittles 84.33
Amanda Farmer 73.67
Antonio Quintal 84.33
Ashley Essex 78.33
Callum Bray 75.67
Callum Daniel 73.00
Danyall Ishaq 73.00
David Butler 77.00
Ella Clowry-Cooper 73.67
Fifi Birgani 75.67
Hallam Kirlew 76.33
Hannah Leonard 75.33
Himnish Nanda 70.00
John Longhurst 80.67
Peter Cooper 75.33
Robert Grice 74.67
Sukina Raja 72.00
Taylor Page 72.33
Tim Horner 74.33
Zahir Raja 73.33


Pass Mark 70%

Andrew Stone 80.67
Enzo Colantuoni 72.13
Fabio Picciano 77.77
Finn O Mahony 76.50
Gabriel Perez 82.50
Luca Colantuoni 72.80
Nel Steven Perez 82.17
Sam Birgani 73.00
Uzair Asalm 73.20


Pass Mark 70%

Arran Parmar 74.00
Matthew Snudden 75.67
Nicola Hannant 74.33

Cimac Superleague Windsor 2012

Genesis Martial Arts fielded a 9 strong team at the Cimac Superleague Martial Arts Competition at the Windsor Leisure Centre on the 27th May 2012 on a day where it was a sweltering 30 degrees outside.

Cimac Superleague Organiser Neville Ray started the days proceedings with an emotional announcement following the untimely loss of his friend Tony Cashman. Neville requested everyone in attendance show their respect by holding a minutes silence for Tony. Tony was a great individual, a father, husband, grandfather and a martial artist. For many years Genesis and Genesis Instructors have been proud to call themselves friends of Tony and his son Jacey and his young family. Tony will be greatly missed and we wish his family all the best.

Genesis Unleashed Fight Team members Archie Thompson, Shannon Barlow, Kieran Johnson and Louise Birkett looked to build on their league table results for the year by picking up further points for placing first second or third in the respective events. Joined by the youngest member of the Genesis Squad Waleed Bin Akram the leader of the boys under 4ft 2 section and Armid Akram leader of the mens under 75kg intermediate leader board. They were also looking to secure victory towards the grand champion award at the end of the year and securing slots on the Genesis Unleashed Fight Team.

In the Boy’s under 4ft 2 section Waleed Bin Akram secured victory after 3 rounds of strategic attacking and countering. He continues to lead the chase for the boys under 4ft 2 Grand Champion title and may soon be sporting the smallest suit in the Unleashed Fight Team.

Luke Simmons competed in just second competition ever and did himself proud in both semi contact and light continuous sections. In the first round of the light contact section Luke worked hard and pressed his opponent to a tight decision defeat. In his semi contact category Luke fought the best coach Matt Jackson has seen from him to date as he is getting to grips with the competing. In the first round fighting perfectly to direction Luke comfortably won picking up his first competition victory. In the second round Luke went behind early due to two head kicks from his awkward opponent but come storming back to within 1 point having worked out his opponents range and timing. Although Luke was beaten he secured a moral victory and showed a vision of what promises to be a bright future.

Luke was joined in the boys light continuous under 5ft section by the unbreakable  Archie Thompson who once again secured victory and added maximum points to his Grand Championship points tally. Proving that 2 is always better than one Archie added the boys semi contact under 5ft 2 section title to his haul to complete a flawless days work.

Kieran Johnson added a further 8 points to extend his lead in the Novice boys under 5ft 2 section securing 3rd place, which he followed up with two victories in the boys under 5ft 2 advance section before exciting.

A newly focus Louise Birkett returned from injury to secure victory in the Girls over 5ft 2 light continuous section with a measured performance. In the final of the girls over 5ft 2 semi contact section Louise met PKA’s Top Girl Chantelle Reid and kept on level terms with the Derby fight until half way through the round when Chantelle edged ahead. Despite this it was a greatly needed confidence boost for Louise to win 2nd place.

Shannon Barlow is still in with a chance to catch the leader on the Grand Champion tally as she currently sits in joint second place 4 points behind the leader and added 8 more points to her tally winning 3rd in the girls under 5ft 2 semi contact section. Shannon also competed in the girls under 60kg section in what was a straight final. A clash 7 seconds from the end of the round left Shannon with a blooding nose which required first aid. Unfortunately the referee deemed that Shannon exceeded the 2 minute maximum time allowance for a first aid stoppage during a bout and deemed her unable to continue in accordance with WAKO rules. It was a bitter pill for Shannon to swallow as she was level on points with her opponent and wanted to continue.

Newcomer Ellis Banning has recently come over to the Genesis Team from Pegasus Martial Arts and is a great addition to the team. Specialising in light continuous Ellis showed great mat awareness and technique to secure second place in the final of the girls under 5ft 2 light continuous section.

Cimac Superleague WindsorArmid Akram has been on the cusp of Unleashing a memorable performance all year and today it came. Along with Fight Team member Craig Johnson Armid cut through the competition in the men’s intermediate under 75kg section meeting Craig in the final. Almost true to his word Coach Matt Jackson sat as a spectator watching the final dispatching minimal coaching to both fighters whilst watching the two friends put on a technical show point after point. Ultimately it was Craig’s superior speed and countering that won the day but Armid push him to his limit and both young fighter put on a performance of skill and tactics to make any instructor proud.


Northants Open Results - Genesis Martial Arts

Genesis Martial Arts continued with the growth of their Fight Team and Squad at the Northants Open in Wellingborough. 

 Established Genesis Unleashed Fight Team members Archie Thompson, Shannon Barlow and Brad Reason led a 9 strong team and were joined by competition new comers AJ Gunasingham, Ven Gunasingham and Luke Simmons.

 Waleed Bin Akram continued his impressive run winning the boys under 140cm semi contact section, and also competed in his first ever light contact section. This first round was an incredibly tight affair and required the referees to confer on their decision but ultimately Waleed was denied the victory for failing to throw the minimum number of kicks within the round.

 Luke Simmons fighting in his first competition took part in the boys under 160cm novice sections in semi contact and light continuous. Luke lost a tight first round 5-6 in semi contact going behind early on but gradually pegged his opponent back as he got into his stride and demonstrating he is a talent for the future. In the fight contact section Luke lost his first round to the eventual section winner but won his next bout which was a fight off for 3rd place.

 Ven Gunasingham stormed his way to victory in the boys under 150cm novice semi contact section. Ven also competed in the novice light contact section against a frenetic opponent and was unable to get into his stride due to the pace and heavy shots which the referees seemed to let go through out the day, ultimately losing a scrappy first round.

 AJ Gunasingham, Vens big brother took part in the boys under 160cm sections in light contact and semi contact winning 3rd place in the light contact section after having to face team mate Archie Thompson in the semi final. He also made it through to the second round in semi contact.

 Helene Weaver has been out of completion for a year and returned looking for success with a conversion from semi contact to light continuous. Entering the semi contact section as a warm up Helene was soundly beaten but ready for the light contact section. In the girls over 160cm light contact section Helene fought to instruction and out worked and over whelmed her opponents in the first and second rounds fighting perhaps the best she has ever looked. In the final Helene met a Team Storm Fighter who just wouldn’t be denied. Putting up a valiant fight Helen was unable to match her rival for speed movement or power and Coach Matt Jackson called a halt to the bout unhappy with the high level of contact. Helene secured a second place win.

 Fight Team member Archie Thompson continued his winning ways with wins in the boys under 160cm in semi contact and light continuous, and cemented himself as the top Genesis fighter of the year to date.

 Not to be out done Archie’s teammate and semi contact specialist Shannon Barlow stormed her way to victory in the girls advanced under 160 cm semi contact section and secured victory in her first ever light continuous competition.

 Armid Akram had a straight final in the men’s under 75kg section but a slow start gave his opponent the lead he needed and Armid was unable to claw back the early lead. He also took place in the advanced section and was introduced to the skill gap between the intermediate and blackbelt section on route to his first round exit.

16 year old Brad Reeson made it through to the final in the boys over 160cm advanced section narrowly missing out in the final taking a silver. Brad also competed in the men’s advanced section existing in the 3rd round.

Coach Matt Jackson also entered the Genesis Squad into the semi contact and light continuous team sections to test the team believing with the correct match ups they could emerge victorious.

 In the first round of the semi team section Genesis faced the Fighting Fit Team fielding Brad, Archie, Shannon, AJ and Ven, to secure the victory. In the second round Genesis fought the Welsh Storm team who fielded a team with 2 girls and a fighter under 140cm. Genesis fielded a team to match which included Brad, Helene, Shannon, AJ and Waleed and again won picking up the gold in the semi contact team event.


Fighting Fit and Storm fought the fight of their lives to challenge Genesis in the final of the light contact section. With the crowd on their feet Storm fielded an under sized team member and two girls which required a girl to fight one of Fighting Fits boys. Overall it was a tight match but Fighting Fit were victorious and met Genesis in the Final.

Genesis final Team was lead of with semi contact specialist Brad Reeson fighting his first ever light continuous bout securing a victory by using his superior speed and movement to win. Shannon Barlow followed up with another win as did Archie Thomson. New comer Luke Simmons filled in a much need place and although was unable to secure the victory earned some valuable experience. Special thanks to Peter Felix from Nemesis Martial Arts for letting Genesis borrow his young protégé Sam to anchor the team and fill our missing spot and securing the Teams 4th victory to secure victory once again.

 Special thanks once again to parents Mohammed, Kevin and Stewart.


KAYO MMA and Cimac British Champions

Genesis Martial Arts Instructor Matt Jackson found himself double booked on the 29th April 2012 needing to be in two places at the same time. With two students fighting in the KAYO MMA Event at the Watford Collosium and the Unleashed Fight Team needing to take part in the Cimac British Championships 100 miles away in Birmingham.

Fortunately students Matt Vladar and Kurt Hicks were both successful in the MMA fights. Matt scored a decisive first round finish, set up with a head kick that knocked his opponent to the canvas as Matt followed to the ground and finished with some vicious ground and pound.

Kurt put on a commanding performance showing great top control through out to earn a decisive win over his opponent in semi pro rules.

Up in Birmingham a much smaller team than usual looked to add to the points gained at the Cimac Superleague in Windsor, which took place on the 25th March.

The team was led off with wins from Kieran Johnson in the boys novice section in semi contact and Archie Thompson in the boys light contact section. The wins for both Fight Squad members built on the March wins in Windsor. Next time out Kieran has his work cut out for him as he joins Archie to the boys advanced semi contact category at Cimac Superleague Windsor on the 27th May.

Shannon Barlow put on a dramatically improved performance from Windsor to secure second place in the girls advanced category, which she has just moved into.

Armid Akram had a shocking semi final round in the men’s intermediate under 75kg category, with multiple losses of concentration throughout which cost him the win. Fortunately the real Armid Akram stood up and was uncharacteristically aggressive to secure 3rd place from Anthony Yearwood who beat him in the final in Windsor.

Students Waleed Akram and Gary Cook also put on spirited performances and although they failed to place showed improvement and will no doubt be back onto winning ways soon!

Big thanks to parents Stewart, Mohammed, Sharon and Clayton for bringing their kids and for showing their support once again! 

Good news for any students wishing to break into the Genesis Unleashed Fight Team we are looking to build the team and are actively looking to invite eager fighters to attend the next Squad Training which is 6.30pm on Friday 18th May at the Beacon Centre Holtspur Lane Beaconsfield HP9 1JR. If you wish to attend and you have not been invited speak to your instructor to show your interest.