20 questions with Fitzroy Connor

Jenny Shaw is a 2nd Dan blackbelt at  Genesis in Aylesbury. As part of the requirements to achieve her 2nd Dan, Jenny conducted a series of interviews and produced some interesting articles on martial arts and fitness. This her interview with Instructor Fitzroy connor.

Senior Instructor Fitzroy Connor runs classes in the Slough area of Langley, Stoke Poges covering Kickboxing, Kung Fu, and general fitness.

I asked him 20 questions to find out what keeps him going and what words of wisdom he has for his students.


What got you started in martial arts?

FC: Most of my cousins started training in Lau Guar Kung Fu so I started also


What motivated you to stick with it and get to Black Belt?

FC: I had been training for many years and then stopped for about 3 years, when I returned to training most of the people I had trained with had become Black Belts and this got me thinking. The main reason I took my Black Belt was a guy called Mark Kukla who helped me get back into my training and said if he taking his Black Belt then so must I.


What motivates you to carry on instructing?

FC: I love teaching and passing on the knowledge I have gained. See a student progress in all areas of their training gives me great satisfaction


What martial art are you most interested in learning more about?

FC: All martial arts interest me because they all have something I can take away and use in class.


What traits inspire you the most in a sportsman?

FC: The person that gives up their family and life style to become the best they can in their chosen sport.


What inspires you in your fellow instructors?

FC: All the instructors have things that can teach me and look for new ways to make things better for their students.


What inspiration do you draw from your students?

FC: I try and work of the energy and this drives me to become and better instructor.




What aspect of martial arts training do you enjoy the most?

FC: It has to be teaching without a doubt.


What would you say is your greatest personal strength?

FC: Being able to work with students and build their confidence.


What would you like to be remembered for?

FC: Leaving students at Black Belt level that can pass on what I have taught them.


How would you hope your students would describe you?

FC: Strict but fare, approachable and have their needs in mind to help them develop as a martial artist.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not training?

FC: Spending quality time with the wife as I teach 3 days a weeks.


If you could impart one lesson to your students what would it be?

FC: Be the best you can be and work on your weaknesses.


How do you construct and sequence training sessions throughout the year?

FC: I start the year trying to set goals with my students of what they want to achieve and then through the year check that I am helping them meet their goals.


What advice would you give a student training for a higher grade?

FC: Get back to basics – make sure the basic techniques are sound. Move around to different classes and gain different hints and tips for all the Genesis Instructor team


What advice would you give a student who had just achieved a black belt and was wondering where to go next?

FC: I would say take the first year to develop any area they feel they could improve on and then maybe start learning another discipline to increase their knowledge of Martial Arts.



What advice would you give a student struggling to push themselves and commit to training?

FC: Depending on the person I would say take a break and then when you feel that you have the drive back to train comeback doing 1 class then increasing it once you have the love back.


What kind of fitness training have you personally found to be the most effective?

FC: Just martial arts training really it cover most areas in the fitness arena.


What fitness training do you think the majority of your students would benefit from?

FC: I feel the students would benefit from working on strengthening fitness this will enable them to do more explosive types of techniques for longer periods.


What aspect of fitness are you interested in learning more about?

FC: I like all aspects of fitness and this helps me when teaching my students.


If you want to train with Fitzroy then his classes are listed below.

Expect to get an honest work-out and to be challenged to give your best…



1800 to 1900 – Dragons & Kids Kickboxing – Langley Academy School, Langley Road, Slough

1900 to 2030 – Kickboxing 16+ years – Langley Academy School, Langley Road, Slough



1730 to 1830 – Dragons – Stoke Poges Village Hall, Rogers Lane, Stoke Poges

1900 to 2030 – Kickboxing 16+ years – Langley Academy School, Langley Road, Slough



1800 to 1900 –Junior Kickboxing 10-16yrs – Stoke Poges Village Hall, Rogers Lane, Stoke Poges

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