Sunday 13th December marked a very special day for Genesis Martial Arts students who were taking their brown white stripe & black belt 1st Dan grading tests. I’m sure this a day that all black belt students will not forget in a hurry and hopefully successful brown white stripe students will get to experience in the not too distant future.

Awards for all black belt gradings will take place at our end of year ‘Gener8te’ event.

 Well done to all who participated, results are as follows:Black Brown White Stripe Grade Martial Arts


Brown / White Stripe belt: Duration 2 hours

Average Mark = 83%

Pass Mark = 80%


Paul Thomas: 84.7%

Tania Preece: 84.8%

Cyrous Birgani: 81.8%

Arniel Perez: 83.3%

Dylan Timms: 84.5%

Joycee Aleligay: 80.8%

Kelly Dennington Holdrick: 81.7%

Ken Dennington Holdrick: 84.5%

Junior Black Belt 1st Dan: Duration 3hrs

Average Mark = 88%

Pass Mark = 85%

 Alex Connolly: 85.5%

Charlie Mullins: 87.7%

Black Belt 1st Dan: Duration 4.5hrs

Average Mark = 88% (83% 45yrs+)

Pass Mark = 85% (80% 45yrs +)

Thomas Walsh: 87.7%

Andrew Vickery: 91.5%

Gary Jones: 89%

Nick Wilson: 91.2%

Mark Clancy: 85%

Vanessa Maizey: 86.3%


HG 2010 logo

Sunday 30th October was the date when all local Martial Artists eyes were on Court Garden Leisure Center in Marlow, Bucks, for Genesis Martial Art’s 2nd fight promotion of the year, UNLEASHED 2.

UNLEASHED – The Fight Show was a huge success for Genesis Martial Arts earlier in the year, attracting both local amateurs into their first contest in ‘the ring’, as well as drawing national level talent in the form of title bouts to headline the show. It was a sellout event within 7 days, and showed great promise for how Genesis could take their fight shows forward.

 After the successful first show, UNLEASHED 2 promised more of the same, but with a bigger and better venue, more seats, a vastly improved audio system, a food pre order service, and much more. With a wealth of local amateur fighters on the bill, along with 2 bona fide world champions fighting it out in the main event, it was a guaranteed sell out.  A professional film crew added to the professionalism, and come Sunday 30th October the stage was set. For anyone living in the local area with an interest in Martial Arts, they must simply have been crazy to miss this!

The Fights:


1.      Naqash Iqbal Vs. Tom Stone (W)

Naqash and Tom had the unenviable task of opening the show. This was Naqash’s first appearance in a kickboxing show. Tom also took part in UNLEASHED 1, taking a close win over Beaconsfield kick boxer Peji Kanani. From the off both fighters started very fast, using a great range of punching and kicking techniques. Both were showing great control, as this was a light contact bout, meaning knockouts and power shots would be penalized. Naqash showed some great kicking techniques, however it was Tom who was racing ahead on the score cards, with a more diverse range of punches and movement. Into the second round Tom moved ahead more, placing more pressure on Naqash and showing a great range of technical ability. A brave performance from Naqash in his first show. Tom moves to 2-0.

Result: Unanimous decision, Tom Stone.


2.      Craig Johnson (W) Vs. Stewart NicholsonEden OVAL LOGO

This proved to be the closed fight of the day! Both Craig and Stewart train together on a weekly basis, so they were both very aware of each other’s abilities. Craig is a regular at the Unleashed Squad trainings, and competes around the country on a regular basis. Stewart also took part in UNLEASHED 1, taking a convincing win over Slough kick boxer Andrew Hill.

The fight didn’t disappoint, going back and forth, with convincing punching and kicking combinations from both fighters. Craig seemed to be taking the upper hand with his attacking, however Stewart is a great counter fighter and was working his defensive punching very well. After two hard fought rounds there wasn’t much in it.

Result: Split decision, Craig Johnson


3.      Waleed Bin Akram (W) Vs. Zain Iqbal

Next up it was time for the kids to show that although smaller in size, they can produce the same level (if not better) of skill, technique, power and fitness. This fight was a rematch from UNLEASHED 1, where Zain took the win by a narrow 1 point margin. Given their ages this fight was under semi contact, Pointsfighting rules. Zain started fast out of the gates, with excellent blitzing that surprised Waleed. After a few fast points Waleed began to find his timing however, producing some excellent counter punches and kicks to Zain’s attacks. This took Waleed into the lead on points. This continued into the second round, Zain had little choice but to chase for points, and despite the speed of his blitzing this allowed Waleed to keep working his defensive techniques, taking the fight at the end by a 3 point lead.Mark Nichols Plumbing and Heating Logo

Result: Waleed Bin Akram wins by 3 points.


4.      Hubert Clarke (W) Vs. Ego Adoh

Fight number 4 now and it was time for the heavyweights! Local Fitness Instructor Hubert Clarke was up against Ego Adoh from Reading Nemesis club. Straight from the word go this was to be a crowd pleaser, with both guys showing superb levels of fitness and ability. Ego surprised everyone around (not least Hubert) with great leg flexibility, allowing him to produce fast, high and powerful kicks from almost any angle. Hubert kept his cool however, and piled on the pressure, showing great close range work and a high work rate. This continued into round 2, with Hubert continuing to pile ever increasing pressure, despite the great kicking ability from Ego. A great performance from both.

Result: Unanimous decision, Hubert Clarke.


After 4 great fights it was time for a brief intermission, with local musician Peter Hill providing the entertainment.


5.      Kyle Theobalds Vs. Kav Jones (W)

Back to the fighting, and it was time for the teenagers. Like some of the earlier bouts, Kyle and Kav have both trained together on numerous, and each was aware of the others abilities. Kyle started off quickly, using lots of energy with a full range of techniques. Kav took a more conservative approach, keeping his cool and therefore energy up. After a close first round however it was evident that Kyle was starting to tire. Into the second round and an energized Kav took his performance up a level, showing a great range of technical ability and control.

Result: Unanimous decision, Kav Jones.


6.      Charlie McDermott (W) Vs. Carl Right

Back to the adults now, with local High Wycombe kick boxer Carl Right up against Oxford’s Charlie McDermott. This was Carl’s first fight show, whereas Charlie had appeared in UNLEASHED 1, taking a clean win over Slough kick boxer / singer(!) Peter Hill. Straight into the fight and Carl was keen to show he was here to win, with powerful punching techniques. Charlie clearly had less power, and was working hard on defensive movement and clean scoring shots. A close first round. Into the second round and Carl still showing no letting up in his power, though Charlie could now see them coming a little earlier, and showed slightly more technical work with his movement and clean scoring. One of the closet fights of the day.

Result: Split Decision, Charlie McDermott.


7.      Adam Spittles (W) Vs. Peter Hill

This was a contentious one! Peter Hill was out to prove his dexterity by not only singing well but fighting well too, whereas Adam Spittles from Stockenchurch was determined to show him otherwise! A fast start from both resulted in a nose bleed for Adam and medical attention. After the medic approving, the fight continued, Adam was piling the pressure on, however Peter was showing slightly more skill by picking his shots well. Adam again was forced to stop through a continuing nose bleed. After a third stoppage the medics had to call an end to the fight. Under light contact rules, this meant we went to the scorecards to gain our result.

Result: After only one round of scoring, a narrow win for Adam Spittles. We may need a rematch on this one!


8.      Andrew Hill Vs. Antonio Quintal (W)

It was now turn for Peter’s brother Andrew to make his mark, against young Antonio Quintal. Peter had previously taken part in UNLEASHED 1, whereas this was Antonio’s first show. Both were keen to put the pressure on straight away, with powerful boxing techniques and kicking by both. A few more powerful shots from Antonio resulted in an official warning – punching too hard. Again this is a light contact fight. Into the second round and it was still close. A bloody nose for Andrew meant a medical check, and a subsequent stoppage. Off to the score cards again! A powerful showing of boxing technique by both fighters.

Result: Unanimous decision, Antonio Quintal.


9.      Jake McCarthy (W) Vs. Kieron Ayres

Back to the teenagers again, and it was Watford’s’ Jake McCarthy up against London Warrior’s Kieron Ayres. Both fighters started well, showing huge technical ability, with great movement, kicks, combinations and work rate. With Jake moving ahead slightly on clean shots, a severe nose bleed for Kieron meant a stoppage by the medic. A disappointing end to a fight which could have provided some great entertainment. The judges went to the score cards..

Result: After one round of scoring, a unanimous decision for Jake McCarthy.


After 5 entertaining fights it was time for an intermission, followed by a superb demonstration of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) from Mr. Richard Salter. Richard brought along two of his students, Phil and Chris, who provided a very entertaining and great technical demonstration of the world’s fastest growing sport.


10.  Josh Etherington (W) Vs. Hakeem Ali

After the break it was back to the kids again now with a Pointfighting matchup between Josh from Stokenchurch, and Hakeem from High Wycombe. Despite Hakeem having the size advantage it was Josh who started fast out of the gates, with plenty of fast blitzing to take Hakeem by surprise. Hakeem soon found his footing however, and started to claw back his 5 point deficit. Into the second round and Hakeem had brought the scores even, with only a few seconds to go it was anyone’s fight, and the crowd were right behind both of these young guys. A ring of the bell and a look towards to scores, showed Josh to have taken the win by 1 point!

Result: Josh Etherington wins by 1 point.

11.  John Woodley Vs. Soroush Mahdavi (W)

Back up a few weight categories and it was time for the light heavy weight (85-90kg) adult men. This was John’s first fight show, up against Soroush, a regular from the Unleashed Squad trainings, and winner in the closest bout this year in UNLEASHED 1 against Beaconsfield’s Kurt Hicks. This was a case of higher grade but less fight experience, vs. lower grade with higher fight experience. On paper it was anyone’s guess. Soroush started the fight in his typical way, piling on the pressure and keeping in close range. John doing what he could to keep Soroush away with long range techniques. After round 1 it was Soroush who was well ahead on points, with John seemingly unsure about how to deal with what was in front of him. A nose bleed for John meant a timeout for medical attention. After being unable to stop the nosebleed the medics called an end to the bout. Soroush now moves to 2-0, and has mentioned the possibility of looking towards a title bout in the near future!

Result: Unanimous decision, Soroush Mahdavi.


12.  Kurt Hicks Vs. Tom Ramsall

Unfortunately this fight abandoned pre show due to injury.

13.  Daniel Savage (W) Vs. Phil Collins

Two fights remaining, and the anticipation was high! Now we had the black belts. First up was popular and well supported local Dan Savage up against Slough’s Phil Collins, who had earlier shown his range of Martial Arts abilities with his MMA demo. A typical and fast start for Dan, piling on tons of pressure with his unstoppable fitness and fast techniques throughout all of round one. Into round 2 however, and Phil started to find the holes within Dan’s constant offence, landing more and more clean punches as the round continued. Great entertainment from both fighters!

Result: Split decision, Dan Savage.


14.  Jacey ‘2 Fast 4 U’ Cashman (W) Vs. Chris Djaelani

To say the anticipation was high for the main bout would be an understatement. This was to be possibly fight of the year for our sport, let alone being lucky enough to have it on our fight show, in our town, on an average Sunday afternoon. Facebook was rife with comments and suggestions of who would take this, with comments from across the country. Here we had two fully fledged, bona fide world champions fighting it out for the Genesis Title Belt. The challenger was first to the ring, current WAKO Pro World Champion, Jacey ‘2fast4u’ Cashman. After a crowd pleasing arrival to the Star Wars theme, it was the turn of the Champion, current WKA World Champion Chris Djaelani to enter.

Both started fast, keen to make their mark and let the other know who was boss. Jacey is a primarily a pointsfigher who rarely competes at continuous, and this was showing, with two distinct strategies emerging. Jacey was keen to keen up movement, and pick up points using clean, single shots, only moving to combinations when forced to. Chris, a current World Continuous Champion who rarely competes at pointsfighting, was working the opposite strategy, pile the pressure on, keeping combinations flowing, and not allowing Jacey to move or score single shots.

 After 3 rounds there was next to nothing in it. Both fighters showing supreme fitness, never tiring, and both sticking to their strategies. An illegal (though accidental) sweep from Chris meant a slight time out to check over Jacey’s knee, before resuming action. Great jumping spin kicks from Jacey entertained the crowd, however they rarely scored, often landing on Chris’s arms.

 The fourth and fifth rounds quickly came, and from my eyes I could just about see Jacey edging ahead, with his clean single shots scoring well on paper. Chris continued with his plan, producing superb combinations and techniques. With distance between them it was Jacey who had the upper hand, up close and personal it was Chris.

 After 5 rounds I can easily say this one of the most entertaining kickboxing bouts I have witnessed in a good while, and definitely my fight of the year so far. Both are truly world class Martial Artists, and are some of the nicest guys you will ever meet in the sport. Congratulations to both! The only loser was anyone who missed this.

Result: Split decision, Jacey ‘2fast4u’ Cashman!

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A brief word from Jacey to the audience brought an end to UNLEASHED 2. We are taking names from those interested in UNLEASHED 3. We are after all levels and abilities. Men, women, girls, boys, points fighting or light contact. Once again we will bring you an awesome fight card complete with some of the best fighters you will see in the title bouts. If you are interested in appearing in the next show, please register your interest with any Genesis instructor. Keep your eyes peeled for further news for UNLEASHED 3, coming your way in 2012.


Many, many thanks to all our instructors and volunteers who made this show possible, along with our sponsors. Without their support this show would not have happened.



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By Paul Busby

Well done to all who participated in their grading exams today. There were a total of 74 successful applicants whose results can be viewed below.


A special mention and congratulations to the following people who scored top marks in their grading group: Adrian Spittles, James Apps, Matthew Knight, Lee Hollaway, Michael Suttie,


White Belt  (Average mark is 73%, Pass mark is 60%)

Adam Spittles 80, Alison Paskins 77.8, Amy Stone 74.5, Ashley Essex 78.3, Beth Agnew 77.5, Bryony Flint 78.3, Daniel Vincett 79.7, Elliot Tester 76, Emma Trower 74.3, Harjit Dhillon 75.3,  Harry Killinger 74.5,  Jake Moyler 74.7,  Joe Desimone 78.3,  John Longhurst 78.7,  Lukasz Gryckiewicz 79.7,  Luke Tester 76.7,  Manfred McKenzie 79.3,  Matthew O’Rourke 78.3,  Rachel Battle 77,  Stephen Jones 79,  Suzana Martins 78.7,  Tim Horner 79.3,  Wing Yeung 79.2,

Blue Belt  (Average mark is 73%, Pass mark is 70%)

Ana Martinez 74.7,  Antonio Quintal 81.7,  Archie Coyne 72.7,  Ashley Howell 73.8,  Callum Douglas 72, Cameron Garden 72.5,  David Butler 78.3,  Finn O Mahony 74.7,  Harry Allen 73.8,  James Apps 90.8,  **Highest mark of the day!**, Luke Simmons 72.3,  Magnus Taylor 74.2,  Mark Newman 72.3,

Mehul Vij 72.3,  Otto Summerell 72.5,  Robert Paddock 72.5,  Sam Baker 74,  Sofia Birgani 71.7,

Stewart Nicholson 82,  Tom Clowry Cooper 78,  Tulayb Mahmood 73.7,

Orange Belt  (Average mark is 73%, Pass mark is 70%)

Ajanthan Gunasingham 75.7,  Andrew Stone 75.3,  Callum Holloway 70.3,  Carl Right 75,

Charlie McDermott 78.3,  Kavan Purewall 70.3,  Matthew Knight 79.2,  Olivia Bradley 70.8,

Robert Brignell 72.3,  Venothan Gunasingham 77.3,  Zain Iqbal 73.3,

Genesis Grading Nov 6th 2011Green Belt  (Average mark is 73%, Pass mark is 70%)

Amy Glover 79.3, Andrew Hill 81.7,  Arran Parmar 77.8,  Becky Hewlett 78.5,  David Sewell 80.2,

Lee Holloway 82.1,  Mark Battle 84,  Matthew Snudden 77.7,  Nicola Hannant 80.8,  Olivia Ellis 77.8,

Peter Hill 81.8,  Zoe Glover 80,

Purple Belt  (Average mark is 73%, Pass mark is 70%)

Josef Lindsay 76.2, Michael Suttie 83.2, Petar Stevanovic 79.5


Brown Belt  (Average mark is 73%, Pass mark is 70%)

Jim Mullins 78, Nolan Sawyer 78, Rachel Ervine 74.2,

This Sunday 30th October all roads lead to Court Garden Leisure Centre, Pound Lane, Marlow, where the long awaited follow up to the very successful UNLEASHED takes place.eliot evade

UNLEASHED 2 promises to be just as exciting with a fight card containing 14 fights ranging from Dragons bouts to a title bout between two World Champions.

One of the Dragons bouts brings us a rematch from our first show between Waleed Bin Arkram and Zain Iqbal. It was Zain who took the honors in the first time the two met, but Waleed has been training hard to even the score.

The main title bout promises to have you all on the edge of your seats, where current UNLEASHED title holder and WKA World Champion Chris Djaelani of Nemesis defends his belt against WAKO Pro Champion Jacey (2 Fast 4 U) Cashman of SKA.

With a full card of exciting bouts, a performance from singer Peter Hill and a Jutisu Demonstration by Richard Salter this promises to be a great show for all the family.

    Chris Punch     

Genesis Fight Card

1. Naqash Iqbal V Tom Stone

2. Craig Johnson V Stewart Nicholson

3.Waleed Bin Akram V Zain Iqbal

4. Hubert Clarke V Ego Adoh

Performance by Peter Hill

5. Kyle Theobalds V Kav Jones

6. Charlie McDermottt V Carl Right 80kg

7. Adam Spittles V Peter Hillzain win

8. Andrew Hill V Antonio Qunital

9. Jake McCarthy V Kieron Ayres

Demonstration by Richard Salter

10. Josh Etherington V Hakeem Ali Dragons

11. John Woodley 90kg V Soroush Mahdavi

12. Kurt Hicks V Tom Ramsall

13. Dan Savage V Philip Collins

Title Bout

14. Jacey ‘2 fast 4 U’ Cashman (SFK) V Chris Djaelani (Nemesis)



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Mark Nichols Plumbing, NDA Training & Trevor John



Genesis Martial Arts fighters prepared for the upcoming Genesis Unleashed Fight Show 2 which takes place on the 30th October by competing at the Bristol Open this past weekend.

 Being an International show top English teams including Team Sap, Watford Renegades, Maddogs, and NSKA were all in attendance along with the Best Fighter team from Italy, Kiraly team from Hungry and teams from Ireland and Wales.

 Unleashed Fight Team member Shannon Barlow led the team with the remaining 7 Squad members eager to earn their respective places as Unleashed Fight Team members.

 Shannon fought in the advanced girls under 155cm semi contact category hoping to once again face the top fighter in the category Watford Renegades Shannon Ryan in the Final. However uncharacteristic mistakes led to Shannon losing in the first round. Frustrated by her performance Shannon watched her rival dominate the category with an impressive display of kicking speed, power and movement. 48 hours later Shannon Barlow was back in training eager for her next competition.

 The youngest member of the team Kieran Johnson followed up his 2nd place from Septembers Cimac Superleague in Maidenhead with a 2nd place in the boys under 155cm beginners section. In a stacked section Kieran used movement and a sharp lead hand jab to get through 3 rounds where his was beaten in the final against a young up and coming NSKA fighter. On the back of this performance and his 3rd 2nd place in a row could Kieran be primed to take his place on the Unleashed Fight Team?

 New comer Mike Wellington is beginning to gain in confidence with his semi contact performances which was apparent in the men’s under 74kg beginners section. Although he has technical areas which he needs to address, his performance in the first round was an improvement from his last competition and is a clear sign that he is heading in the right direction. Unfortunately due to the success of the day most of the category’s were large, which resulted in Mike having to leave prior to the start of his light contact section which had not commenced when the Squad exited at 8pm.

 Gary Cook could possibly have lost 2kg to make the 74kg limit for the beginners semi contact section but instead chose to fight in the over 74kg limit, weighing just 76kg hoping his speed would be an advantage. In a thoroughly thrilling and frustrating performance Instructors Matt Jackson and Paul Busby constantly called for the use of both hands as Gary struggled to get his timing down with the use of his lead arm only. Seeing their fighter drawing with 2 seconds left on the clock his instructors implored him to let the clock run down so as to continue in over time. In typical Gary style he disregarding the coaching team and took his shot kicking the opposing fighter clean in the face and scoring 2 points with 1 second left on the clock. Absolutely jubilant for their fighter the coaches congratulated their fighter and commiserated with his vanquished opponent and coach.

 At 55kg Armid Akram frequently gives up 20kgs competing in the under 74kg beginners and Intermediate sections in semi contact. In his outing in the Beginners section Armid reached the semi final narrowly missing out on a place in the final but winning the subsequent 3rd place fight off.

 A newly focussed Helen Weaver took part in the girls under 165 beginners semi contact section and although showed great heart was unable to move beyond the first round of the competition.

Craig Johnson entered the men’s intermediate under 74kg semi contact and light continuous sections. Due to the running order the light continuous section was first and with just 2 people in the bracket it was a straight 2 times 2 minute round final. Drawing on his previous experiences Craig chose not to stand and bang with his opponent but to move in and out using his semi contact footwork combined with crisp combination kick and punching. This earned him a unanimous decision and a coveted blue Bristol Open glass Boxing  glove for his trophy cabinet. With this performance Craig like his little brother Kieran is moving closer to gaining a spot in the Unleashed Fight Team along with current members Shannon Barlow, Louise Birkett and an injured Archie Thompson.

 Arjun Dulay was back in competition action after 10 months of boxing training and a summer spent learning Muay Thai in Thailand.  Arjun had a tough first round in the men’s under 63kg mens category drawing top Hungarian fighter Richard Veres. At 16 Arjun put on a spirited display but ultimately Veres’s speed was to much for Arjun to deal with as it was for everyone in the category as Veres went on to win the section.

 In the boys over 165cm section Arjun was back in his comfort zone and working through the rounds until disaster struck. In the semi final Arjun was attempting break the point deadlock with his opponent who he was drawing with after the first round and overtime. With 1 clear point required for victory both were within site of the final and needed to stay sharp. Blitzing in for the all important point Arjun ran into a counter kick which hit him in the mouth earning his opponent the victory.

 Uncharacteristically Arjun appeared shaken exclaiming “my teeth my teeth.” Instructor Matt Jackson checked his mouth and was shocked to see that the kick had dislodged 3 of his lower front teeth. That signalled the end of the day for the remaining competitors as Arjun was taken to Frenchay Hospital to have his teeth reset. With their categories still to begin Team Mates Craig Johnson and Armid Akram pulled out to support their fighter.

 In retrospect the competition was bitter sweet with the excellent performances of all Genesis Fighter and the injury to Arjun who has now had his teeth wired into position and is recovering slowly.

First places included Gary Cook in the men’s semi contact beginners section over 74kg and Craig Johnson in the Men’s under 74 intermediate light contact section.

 Kieran Johnson was 2nd in the boys beginners section under 155cms and Armid Akram was 3rd in the Mens beginners semi contact section under 74kg. Next Stop is the Unleashed Fight Show.

 Unfortunately due to injury both Arjun Dulay and WKA World Champion Archie Thompson are both ruled out of next weeks Unleashed Fight Show 2 at Court Garden Leisure Centre Marlow on Saturday 30th October. However some excellent bouts remain with World Champions Jacey Cashman and Chris Djaelani headlining in what is gunna be a sure fire fight of the year candidate. The show is from 1 till 6pm and tickets are still available at just £10 each.

Cimac World Cup results 2011Massive congratulations to Bradley Reason on winning the advanced cadets section at the Cimac World Cup. Brad fought smart through out and really deserved his win in a category stacked with talent. This win puts Brad in prime position to enter the Unleashed Fight Team.

Unleashed Fight Team member Shannon Barlow took a hard fought 3rd place in the under 5ft advanced girls category having a back and forth battle with a fired up Shannon Ryan from Watford Free Style. Fight Team member Shannon has recently quit gym to focus on kickboxing which can only be a positive for the talented youngster.

WKA World Champion and Unleashed Fight Team Member Archie Thompson went through 4 growling rounds in the boys under 4’11 light continuous section beating a favoured heavier Liverpool Freestyle fighter with speed and movement. In the final Archie summed up and his skill and heart to chase down his fleet footed opponent however in the end he was to be denied first place by a whisker.

New comer Pej Kanani came second in the men’s under 70 light continuous section using speed, footwork and his patented side kick to keep his opponents off balance. In the final a visibly tired Pej gritted his teeth till the end but was out worked by the fresh winner.

Craig Johnson can take credit for giving Pej’s opponent an easier run having making it to the second round himself he was taken to overtime losing out as his opponent gritted his teeth to flurry on an exhausted Craig in the dying moments. What everyone failed to realize was that was his the last ounce of energy and he turned up in the semi final with nothing left in the tank which meant Pej had a fresh opponent in the final as the winner had little effort in dispatching an opponent worn out courtesy of Mr Johnson.

Having exited the semi contact boys under 4ft 11 section in the first round George Bentley had some frustrations to take out and decided to enter the boys under 4ft 11 light continuous section. To his credit 12 year old George who was notably nervous on entering reached the 2nd second round before being out worked. On a positive note George stated that he was now going to train much harder and would be better prepared for both semi and Light Continuous next time.

Notable performances also from new comer James Shinnie in Men’s beginners over 75 kgs reaching the 2nd round in his first semi contact competition.

Armid Akram also reached the 2nd round of the men’s under 75kg intermediate section.

On a positive note Genesis fielded a relatively young team in terms of their age in years and experience on competing on the circuit so although several members were unable to advance past the first round in their categories the learning experiences for them will be invaluable for their next competition.

The Next Unleashed Training session for Team members is on the 6th August at Wycombe Sports Centre 9-11am. This will be great preparation for the next competition the Squad and Unleashed Fight Team will be attending which is the Cimac Superleague Sunday 18th September Magnet Leisure Centre, St Cloud Way, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 8AW.

Genesis Martial Arts will be represented by 14 students at the Cimac World Cup on the 17th July 2011 at Windsor Leisure Centre.
Confirmed fighters representing the boys in the under 14 novice sections will be George Bentley and Kieran Johnson who put on an explosive fight in the first bout at the Genesis Fight Show on the 12 June at the Beacon Centre. The boys section will be rounded out with WKA World Champion and Genesis Fight Team Genesis Martial Arts Cimac World Cup WindsorMember Archie Thompson setting his sites on more gold in the Advanced section.
Genesis Fight Team Members Shannon Barlow and Louise Birkett look to continue their winning ways and will be unleashed in the under 14 Girls Advanced section.
Fighting in the ultra competitive cadets section Black belts Luke and Brad Reason are looking to prove that they belong in the Genesis Fighting Squad and will look to win both their section and book their place in the Team.

Adults Soroush Mahdavi, Pej Kanani, James Shinnie, Alan Brophy, Craig Johnson and Armid Akram will all be in action in semi contact and light continuous in both the beginner and intermediate sections. In what is gunna be a hectic afternoon for Genesis Coaching staff who will be waiting to see which of this bunch will break out from the pack and take a massive step towards securing their place on the Fight Team.

Rounding out the bunch international fighter Raj Chiropal will look to continue his run in semi contact and Light Continuous.

Results and Photos coming soon!!

Genesis Unleashed Fight Team

Congratulations to Genesis students Shannon Barlow, Louise Birkett and WKA World Champion Archie Thompson! They are the first 3 members to be inducted into the Genesis Unleashed Fight Team and were presented with their new Unleashed Fight Team uniforms at the last Squad Training session on the 9th July 2011.

The first Bank Holiday of Easter saw twenty martial arts enthusiasts get to Wycombe sports centre on Good Friday at 9am and put in 1 1/hr training session. Matt Holland led the session with light shadow boxing, followed by clinch work. After three rounds everybody was more than warm and ready to work combination striking and takedowns. With different experiences and abilities the class was split in two with technique being the focus for one group and the other group were more competitive sparring.

With several guys having up and coming fights the atmosphere was buzzing!! After 4 x 5 minute rounds we decided to call it a day with bbq`s and family’s to go to.  We decided to to it all again next week 9am before the royal wedding…… we hope to see some familiar faces there!

Trevor John

Thursday 17th March is the special day of senior instructor Paul Busby.Paul Busby

I’m sure he will be overwhelmed with all of your gifts and cards as he will probably be teaching on this day (So dedicated). Don’t forget to issue him with the bumps to celebrate.

From all at Genesis Martial Arts,

Paul, we hope you have a good day!