Brown Belt & White Stripe Grading

On Sunday 24th our annual grading for brown belt &white stripe took place at Genesis Gym in Marlow. This grading is a very important milestone for all Genesis students as it is only one belt away from the well sort after black belt grade. A great effort from all who passed and congratulations to Emma Harper who pipped Peter Clothier to the post with the highest mark of the day.

Please come and support these students when they collectr their grading awards at our presentation on 7th December.

Results are as follows:

Brown Stripe. Pass mark 80%

Aurianne Jobbagy: 80.8%

Pravesh Patel: 82.3%

Shannon O’Hara: 82.6%

Milan Rissell: 81.6%

Archie Thompson: 85.5%

Kieran Small: 83.1%

Jamal Lewis: NO SHOW

Peter Clothier: 85.6%

Emma Harper: 85.8%

Helene Weaver: 83.8%

Darren Irish: 82.5%

Adeel Khan: 82.2%

Mike Suttie: 84.2%

Kyle Theobald: 83%


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