End of Year Awards & Fun Day

Many people start up martial arts practice for a variety of reasons including self defence, fitness or just to try something different. Some keep up regular attendance training weekly only to see those weeks turn into months and years. Over this period of time students can look back and see their growth both technically and physically as the fruits of their hard work begin to blossom into the development of a black belt practitioner.

There are many that begin the unknown journey but do not make the destination because on their travels they encounter numerous challenges that are either too uncomfortable for them, or maybe too time consuming and other life tasks take priority. This is normal because as humans we tend to get bored quickly we’re all inquisitive about new things and when things get tough we are hard wired to take the least path of resistance. However, there are a few people who after a period of training decide that the black belt journey is a great one that although challenging, and sometimes uncomfortable, is a worthwhile commitment that has helped develop character as well as an opportunity to learn about who they really are. Genesis would like to invite you all to attend our annual end of year presentation awards night to congratulate all of the hardworking students receive their well deserved black belt grades. We will also be recognising many other students who have shown promise in their training and have been chosen as student of the year from their club by their instructor.

Juniors awards (under 18’s) will be at Wycombe sports centre December 7th 11.30am -2.00pm tickets £2 from your instructor

Lots of activities including trampoline, Swimming, Bouncy Castle, Face Painting
Wrestling, Basketball and lots more

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Adults Awards & Presentation – December 7th @ The Pad, Wycombe Air Park, 8pm – 10pm Tickets £10 from your instructor and includes entry to the after party ‘Hot Chocolat’

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