Kickboxing Classes with Genesis Martial Arts

What is Kickboxing?

Genesis Martial Arts Instructors predominantly teach kickboxing which is a sport version of Karate.   Similar to Karate, Kickboxing uses kicks above the waist to the body and head and punches.  Unlike Karate which uses very straight rigid punches, Kickboxing incorporates hook punches and upper cuts and a high guard making it more fluid and effective in competition more akin to boxing.

The other main difference is that our grading syllabus does not include katas.  At Genesis students do not start with a beginners belt, it must be earned.  The first belt is a white belt and students are required to take a belt test which we call a grading.  In gradings students demonstrate what they have learned in class which consist of  set kicking, punching and blocking techniques as set out in the syllabus along with other physical activities including bodyweight exercises, skipping and shadow sparring.  Once students pass their white belt, gradings become gradually more challenging and include sparring, focus pad work, kick and punch blocks and self defence.

Kickboxing for Kids

Genesis Dragons

Genesis Dragons classes are designed specifically for 4–8 year olds to develop your child’s concentration, discipline and confidence.  We teach essential Martial Arts skills including kicking, punching, blocking and movement through fun, structured drills, games and instruction.  Other benefits include improved coordination, balance, strength, flexibility and overall fitness.  Our tried and tested approach produces respectful and well behaved children.

Parents are required to stay with their child during class and are asked to support the instructor in teaching the class.  We ask that parents support instructors’ decision and do not interrupt classes by talking to directly to their child in class unless it is for a health and safety matter.  Once your child has completed the Dragons Syllabus, they will be prepared to move up to the Juniors Classes.

Junior Kickboxing

Genesis Juniors

Our Genesis Juniors Classes are for students aged 9 years old and over.  Juniors classes are more intense than Dragons classes as students are stronger with greater stamina and concentration at this age.  We build on the foundation we established with Dragons and teach beginners the fundamentals of martial arts at their pace.

Juniors classes can consist of all age groups, abilities and grades, so students get to expand their martial arts knowledge and skills set rapidly.   We add more physically challenging techniques and exercises in Juniors classes and the foundation of those classes in found in the Syllabus.   Classes include sparring, self defence, stretching and physical conditioning.  Over the years we have produced some excellent students who have gone onto become World Champions and later on after moving to the seniors classes blackbelts.

Kickboxing Classes for Teens and Adults

Teen and Adults classes

Have you always wanted to try martial arts?

But were worried about:

  • Going alone?
  • That you won’t be fit enough?
  • That you will be the worst one in the class?
  • That you are to old?
  • Too overweight?

Don’t worry we’ve all been there.  But don’t wait for a friend to come along with you, until you get fitter or you lose that weight.  Join our waiting list and get involved. So it is never to late to start.

Our teens and adults’ are for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.  Classes are structured for students’ ability and are adapted accordingly.   Beginners often work with beginners so that higher grade students can work on more advance techniques.  Class structure varies and can include bodyweight training, skipping, focus pad work, strike shield work, self-defence, line work and supervised light continuous or points sparring.