Genesis FAQs


Annual Membership Fees

Membership PackagePriceWhat’s Included?
Bronze£80Standard Membership
Silver£150Standard Membership with some essentials: boxing gloves, focus mitts and a skipping rope
Gold£190Standard Membership and sparring kit: boxing gloves, footpads, head guard, shin-guards, gum shield
Platinum£550For committed student, 12 months of classes (one off yearly payment with a £50 saving)

Monthly Membership Fees

(excluding Platinum package)

Number of PeoplePriceExplanation
One Person£50Standard monthly fee for one person
Two people£40 eachFor two or more family members, the cost is £40 per person, per month

From your second year, there is a £20 yearly renewal fee to cover mandatory insurance.

Required Kit

After your trial period, a skipping rope is useful! Essentials include boxing gloves and focus pads. For sparring you will require a head guard, footpads, Shin-guards, Gum shield. Men/Boys also require a groin guard. Also, don’t forget to bring a drink!

General Questions

This programme introduces and prepares young children between the ages of 4 to 8 for a fun and educational trip into Martial Arts. It also helps them with listening, cooperation, coordination, discipline, exercise, memory and respect. This can be achieved through fun games, drills, which all aid in improved hand and eye coordination, balance and general ffitness. Genesis Dragons focus on the more dynamic style of Kickboxing for ease of application and making greater gains more quickly. A specific syllabus is taught for each belt, which become more complex as the children develop their skills. Students will learn martial arts etiquette, blocks, stances and strikes for their specific grades. The dual education of martial arts and life skills has improved many of our Genesis Dragon’s attitudes to learning and discipline that has led to new progress in school at home. We offer a totally free trial period across all our classes, so just come along to a class and join in the fun!

There are many reasons why people wish to learn to martial art. Keeping t, boosting self confidence, self defence or just to meet new people and make new friends. We have the most cost effective classes around and a totally free trail period before deciding to join. With membership you can attend any of our venues-subject to class sizes and availability, please check with your instructor for further information. Whatever your goal is, at Genesis Martial Arts we can help you achieve it

Genesis have classes from Children to Adults. Usually these are usually divided into three classes:

  • GENESIS DRAGONS: Ages 4 until 8
  • JUNIORS: Ages 9 until 14
  • SENIORS: Ages 15 upwards

See the website for classes and times specific to your local venue. From complete beginners to persons with past experience – you are most welcome! If you are not sure, then come along for a free trial period! Click here to find a venue and a time that fits your schedule.

Our instructors have many successful years of competitive Martial Arts experience. We are proud to have several British or World Kickboxing Champion instructors. Many instructors are also fully qualified Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers. All instructors are DBS checked, have received and gained qualifications in safe martial arts practice, sports development for children and first aid. Genesis also has a child protection policy in place for the safety of all students.

Questions for Younger Members

This depends upon your ages. We will try to keep you together, it just depends how far apart your ages are. The age range of each class is as follows: Genesis Dragons: 4 to 8 years, Juniors: 9 to 14 years, then older children and adults afterwards. We are flexible and will try and keep you in the same class if possible. If you have enquiries please contact:

Our Genesis Dragons classes are especially for kids. Each class will also teach you techniques, self-defence, confidence and concentration. Yes, some activities are fun, especially for kids. We play games and other fun warm up exercises to get you going. It certainly helps if you enjoy coming to our classes. Why not give it a go?

Of course!

For our Genesis Dragons, we have special certificates for those who have done well after each class. If you reach four certificates, then you are awarded a medal for your achievement! If you get one, then wear your medal with honour, you have deserved it!

Martial arts is not all about fighting. In fact, we teach the art of self defence to get you out of a situation. Learning a Martial Art certainly helps boost your self confidence and you’ll learn new skills and techniques that will help you to defend yourself. So yes, learning a Martial Art will help you, but it’s much more than that.

No, you don’t have to. We do have competitions a couple of times a year, but if you don’t want to take part then that’s absolutely fine.

Kickboxing is not about getting hurt. During sparring, don’t worry about all the head-guards, boxing gloves, etc. The kit is for your protection so you don’t get hurt (and this is only when we do sparring – each week is different). Most of our practising is done using focus pads. Our goal is that everyone goes home happy with a sense of achievement.

Questions for Older Members

Our main discipline is Kickboxing, but as each class is different you may experience any of the following:

  • Kick boxing – Boxing and kicking and builds up to a more ‘complete variation’ of it.
  • Wrestling – Usually refers to the sports and skills where you try tackle your opponent down.
  • Grappling – An umbrella term for kinds of ‘no punches and kicks’fighting, especially ‘groundfighting’ where you try
    make a surrender using a submission hold.
  • Jiu Jitsu – A special kind grappling art which specialises in the fighting when both opponents are on the ground.

All classes start with lining up in grade order, bowing in, then a warm up exercise. After this, the content varies from week to week. This can be anything from practicing the syllabus for the belt you are working towards, boxing, pad-work, sparring drills or even Grappling on mats. In general, every class is different (no-one likes the same thing each week!)

Yes, of course! Take advantage of our free trial period. Just book via our web-site then we‘ll contact you. You will need to wear sports clothing
and bring a drink.

As we don’t have any dedicated beginners classes it might feel a bit strange atfirst, but our classes cater for complete beginners, upwards. The chances are there will be a new or recent starter in your class, as well as more experienced students.

You may attend two sessions free of charge.

Each class has a minimum and maximum age range. Generally the Genesis Dragons class is for age 4 until 8, the juniors class is 8 until 14, then older children (age 15+) and adults after this. See the website for details of each venue and class times.

The minimum age is 4, but there is no upper age limit.

If you’re happy to sign up after your trial period, even the basic membership fee includes a Genesis Gi black training Uniform.

Initially, just a drink! If you decide to stay then you will need a skipping rope and ideally your own boxing gloves and focus mitts as a minimum. To participate in all activities, a sparring kit will be required. See the first page for membership packages which can provide some of the kit you’ll need. Also see ‘kit to bring to classes’ for images. Most kit is available on our website: (then ‘shop’)

During the trial lessons, that’s ne. We may be able to lend you some essentials, but not all instructors have spare kit for you to borrow. In general, just come along and we’ll manage somehow.

The Dragons classes are between 45 minutes to an hour long. Junior classes are an hour and Senior classes (age 15 upwards) and usually between 1 hour and 1. 5 hours long.

The Genesis Dragons syllabus has been designed with young children in mind. Grading (to move to the next belt) are held in-class. For adults, the syllabus for each belt has three arm and three leg techniques, which relate directly to a tag. After you have mastered a technique, a tag is awarded. Upon completion of the three tags, you may then attend the next grading after your instructor has agreed that you are ready to take it. Gradings take place about four times per year (subject to change).

We have venues in Amersham, Beaconseld, High Wycombe, Slough and Chalfont St Peter. See the website for an up-to-date list of class locations and times. The monthly fee allows you to train at other Genesis MA venues, subject to class sizes and availability. Please check with your instructor.

The joining fee is £80 per student, then £50 per month for 1 student. The monthly fee is reduced to £40 per person for other family members (for example, 2 members is £80 per month, 3 members £120 per month, etc)

This does come to mind for a lot of new starters when they watch the abilities of others in the class. Everyone starts from somewhere and probably thought the same when they rst started! Don’t worry about learning brown belt techniques, everything comes one step at a time!

Whether you are a kid or an adult, our instructors are there to help you. Initially you will be working towards your white belt. White belt techniques are fairly simple and become more dicult as you increase your abilities, skills and progress through the belt syllabus.

Ideally, you need to be relatively t, but maybe this is your first step to getting there? Try it, come along and see for yourself and then decide.

The Belt Colour System

Everyone starts from a no-grade (no belt), but we all have to start from somewhere! Genesis Dragons have their own syllabus and belts. Grading takes place within normal class times. (up to Blue/Black stripe). The Adult Syllabus involves obtaining three tags before you can grade for your next belt, which normally occur about four times per year at a separate venue.

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