Beserker Brawl VII MMA Show updates


  • Mike Maroudas out due to broken hand!
  • Trevor ‘The Hammer’ Hopkins in!
  • Craig Dunn now competing in MMA!


Saturday December 7th will see Genesis MMA Team in action, at the Beserker Brawl VII show in Reading.

This is a ‘friendly’ interclub matchup between Genesis Martial Arts, Phil Else’s Gods of War (Reading), and UFC veteran Leigh Remedios’s team from VT Jiu Jitsu (Chippenham).

All fights will take place in the cage, with fighters needing to make weight either the day before, or on the morning. Supports and guests are more than welcome, the more support the better!

Spectators Tickets £7 on the day.

Location: Gods of War Gym. Unit S002, Key House, Cow Lane, Reading, West Berkshire RG1 8NA

Times: Saturday December 7th. Weigh Ins 9.30am. Rules 10:00am. Doors open to public 10.30am. 1st fight at 11:00am

Confirmed matches and entries from Genesis Martial Arts:


Grappling only rules and expected weight:

  • Craig Dunn. 63kg.
  • Richard Townsend. 105kg
  • Matthew Helling. 80kg
  • Alec Crossland. 82kg.
  • David Knight. 91.5kg

MMA Fights (confirmed):

  • Garry Cook (Genesis) Vs. Adam Smith (GOW). 70kg
  • Tom Ramsell (Genesis) Vs. Andy Rowe (GOW). 81kg
  • Kirk Dixon (Genesis) Vs. Tom Morgan (GOW). 77kg
  • Trevor Hopkins (Genesis) Vs. Jay Taylor (GOW). 80kg
  • Craig Dunn (Genesis) Vs. UNKNOWN (VTJJ). 63kg



Don’t forget that also on December 7th, we have our annual ‘End of Year’ training event for all under 18’s at Wycombe Sports centre, which will also feature our Annual Awards to all under 18yrs students!! All students under 18 are to attend! On the evening of December 7th, we have our adults annual awards and Christmas party (over 18’s only)! More info to come! Book the day free NOW, it’s going to be BIG!

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