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Brown Belt & White Stripe Grading

On Sunday 24th our annual grading for brown belt &white stripe took place at Genesis Gym in Marlow. This grading is a very important milestone for all Genesis students as it is only one belt away from the well sort after black belt grade. A great effort from all who passed and congratulations to Emma […]

Christmas Closing Dates & New Year Opening Dates

Please find below the closing dates and times for our Genesis student classes. For more detailed queries or for any classes not shown here please ask the class instructor. Stay tuned on our facebook group for any random get togethers and training sessions being put on during the Xmas break.        Mondays        Oakley Halls […]

End of Year Awards & Fun Day

Many people start up martial arts practice for a variety of reasons including self defence, fitness or just to try something different. Some keep up regular attendance training weekly only to see those weeks turn into months and years. Over this period of time students can look back and see their growth both technically and […]

The Champions Mindset

Reasons and excuses they don’t matter. What matters is what do you do next. Here is an interesting video post from world renowned Jadi Tention who shares his take on the champions mindset. Enjoy

The Art of Quitting

The Art of Quitting  Quitting is disease that will affect all of us at some time in our lives. I call it a disease because although for most people it makes you feel a sense of ‘dis ease’ when you finally give in to it. Quitting does not discriminate. It does not care what race […]

When Kickboxing Is More Than Kicking & Punching

I would like to tell you about a young man that has joined Genesis Martial Arts, He is fourteen years of age; of slight build, has Down syndrome, communication difficulties and several other challenges in his life. You may ask yourself… Is teaching kickboxing to this young man difficult? I would say yes and no. […]

Cain In The Cage

Matthew Jackson talks to Corey Cain about stepping into the cage for his 1st MMA fight on March 2nd 2013. MJ  So you are a former World Champion in semi-contact and light contact disciplines. As a kickboxer what set you apart from the competition? CC  The simplest answer to that is I was willing to […]