Gener8te Health Fun & Fitness day 2012

Gener8te 2012 began with a brief introduction to all the guest instructors, these instructors were chosen for their expertise and professionalism in their chosen field: Zumba, Boxing, Spinning, Dance and wrestling were represented as well as Street Dance, Boxing, Spinning and kids self defence which kicked off the day:

Street Dance

A mix of boys and girls started street dance going through their very co-ordinated dance moves by the end of the session looked good enough to dance on the latest hip hop video.

Kids Bootcamp

32 young recruits age between 4 and 12 participated in the hour long Bootcamp session run by senior Drill Sargent Paul Busby. A brief group warm up which included plenty of commando crawling along the floor, it was time for the circuit. All the recruits gave it everything, from pulling ropes, to jumping in and out of tyres, to even wrestling on big crash mats. it was very hard work but great fun for all!
After 30 exhausting minutes it was onto the giant tug of war championships, finishing off with a good old fashioned army bleep test – except they had to crawl along the floor instead of run! Recruit Jake Glanville was the eventual winner, taking home bragging rights over his peers. All the kids had a huge amount of fun, and went on to their next activity suitably shattered!


Amazing turn out for boxing 40 eager adults wanting to know the secrets of High Wycombe boxing club who are being noticed around the country for training highly technical boxers. An absorbing technical session where hopefully everybody took something from it and can apply in their future training.


Dione & Mel took their mixed class of male & females through their paces with an energetic, fun, calorie burning serving of the still popular Zumba. It was great to see so many different types of people giving it a go whilst the 2 Zumba professionals turned up the heat.


A dozen inquisitive souls tried spinning, a cycling workout designed to really get your fitness up and beyond, Most said they would be going back to do classes as this was such an enjoyable experience.

Adults Bootcamp

Several of the Senior Genesis Martial Arts instructors also happen to be professional Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers. One of these is Paul Busby, who was this year drafted in to run the adults bootcamp. Paul is no stranger to running these sorts of events as he teaches a weekly ‘MMA Circuit’ for our members every Monday night in Genesis Gym.

This year we had 21 adults tackle the bootcamp section, which was in the 3rd time slot of the day. After a short sharp warm up the group moved onto the main circuit.

This consisted of 7x 2minute stations, with only 30seconds of rest between. Stations included Car Tyre slamming, tug of war, long rope snaking, crash mat wrestling, high hurdle jumps, bear crawls and more! After 30 rest free exhausting minutes it was onto the giant tug of war championship, won by local Fitness Instructor Kim Travers team.

The finale was a bleep test with a twist, in that instead of running, everyone had to bear crawl from end to end.
The men all crashed out early leaving 4 women battling it out. It eventually came down to a contest between Kim Travers and Rachael Busby. Despite plenty of encouragement Kim’s tug of war efforts had clearly taken their toll, and Rachael took the win.

Adults Wrestling

Genesis own Wrestling Coach Chad Edwards has been coaching top level American Wrestling for over 20 years, including to several well known UFC Fighters. This is the first time we have run a Wrestling station at Gener8te, giving people a unique class to try out! Over 20 adults converged on the mats, practicing wrestling basics such as the double leg shot, single leg shots, up and under pop’s, boot scoot’s and lots of other American sounding names! Chad was joined by Genesis Wrestling student Kirk Dixon as an assistant coach. Those who attend the regular MMA and Wrestling classes had a few opportunities to showcase their skills here, whilst those new to it got some fantastic new MMA and self defence skills to take home! Chad is not only a fantastic coach, but hugely entertaining and funny too, making this a very fun station for everyone. Chad’s Wrestling classes are held every Tuesday evening, at Genesis Gym!

Adult Kickboxing

The last block saw Instructor Mark Nichols and assistant Instructor Gary Jones try to muster what little energy the students had left.

After a long day of grueling exercise and techniques it was decided to take the pace down slightly, and run through a more technical set of padwork drills.

With a few familiar experienced faces in attendance the drills were grasped and executed with ease, and after a short amount of practice the first timers also began to get the techniques flowing. Well done all.


Following on from our recent 1st ever MMA grading it was no surprise to see our Mixed Martial Arts matted area full of eager people.

Instructor Gary Thorne with the assistance of Genesis’ own cage veteran Matt Holland ran through a variety of basic grappling techniques including sweeps, take downs and arm bars and was concluded with a few rounds of light grappling sparring.

Kids Wrestling

Just going by the name alone we knew this would be popular, and it was! Genesis own Wrestling coach Chad Edwards was again in action, this time letting the kids age 4-10 have a go. After a warm up including cannon ball forward rolls and cartwheels, it was time to partner up and learn how to take each other down to the ground swiftly and effectively, by learning the basics of a double leg shot. Chad then made it more competitive, seeing if partners could manage to take each other down more aggressively, then manage to ‘pin’ their partner to the floor, or hold them on the ground long enough before the buzzer ran out. All the kids involved had an amazing time on this station, many going home saying it was the highlight of their day. Chad is a hugely fun character to be with and this showed, with everyone on this station having a great time.

Adult Self Defence

This year Fitzroy Connor wanted to bring something different to the Gener8te event so he instructed one of the many varied weapons used in Martial Arts… Eskrima was the weapon of choice for this event and by the look at some of the face of the students at this station it was a great surprise.
With the help of fellow instructor Gary Thorne, basic strikes were taught using a partner for a target then moving onto 3 basic attacks and defence locks.

It was surprising to see how some students with a great fighting ability found technical movements with a weapon quite challenging. This was a great station and It was definitely evident to see that everyone took at least one thing they liked away with them.

Bouncy and kids play area

A fun area where all the kids got to use bungees on the bouncy castle, Pugil sticks, play dodge ball, crab football and bash the piñata to name a few. They were also treated free tattoos and face painting leaving them looking happier than ever all day.


The long awaited presentation where all the hard work from the higher grade students were rewarded with their brown white stripe belts and the coveted black belts. Only three made it through the tag grading and black belt grading this year as the going was tough. Well done!

Fighter of the Year Award was awarded to Archie Thompson for his consistency in fighting throughout the year and representing Genesis Martial Arts at the highest level. What an outstanding season he has had achieving many titles including European Champion, Cimac super league grand champion and Genesis fight Show champion.

Student of the year is an award that given to students that have shown continued improvement and commitment, a hard decision for Instructors and not taken lightly.

Oxford Junior Hannah Garcia
Aylesbury Dragons Sophie
Prestwood Dragons Ameily brindle
Pitstone Juniors James kendrick
Princes RisSnr Jim Mullins
StokenchurchSnr Adam Spittles
Oakley Halls Senior Peter Clothier
Handy X Snr (weds) Tania Preece
HighcrestJuniors Liam Blandford
Disraeli Juniors Noah Street
WSC jnr (Sat) Callum Cloither Casey
Langley Dragon/Juniors Shannon O’hara
Langley Jnr/Snr Wednesday Thomas Lawrence
Beaconsfield Dragons Josh Mahoney
Beaconsfield Snr Armid Akram
Genesis Gym MMA Matthew Helling
Oxford Senior Charlie McDermott
Aylesbury Senior club Arneil Prez
Prestwood Juniors Ethan Clark
Princes Ris Jnr Josh Etheringham
Stokenchurch Jnr Ellis Tonna Henry
Oakley Halls Jnr Kav jones
Handy X jnr (weds) Zain Iqbal
Highcrest Dragons Bradley Whicker
Highcrest Adults Soroush Mahdavi
WSC (sat) dragons AmeliaChamerlain
WSC senior (sat) Andrew Stone
Langley Senior Monday Aaron Dance
Stoke Poges Dragons Will McKnight
Beaconsfield Jnr Finn O Mahoney
Beaconsfield Sat Elliot Tester
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