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November 5th was the last Unleashed Squad Training session of the year for Genesis Martial Arts. This year has seen Archie Thompson, Louise Birkett and Shannon Barlow as the first 3 inductees into the Unleashed Fight Team on the basis of their commitment to training, competition and competition results.

On the Fighting Circuits both the Fight Team members and the Unleashed Squad members have grown in confidence in the kids and adults sections.

The year in retrospect began with the new Genesis Brand being unveiled at the Watford Open in January and students Armid Akram, Craig Johnson and Shannon Barlow all taking first place honors.

The second Team outing was in February to the Windsor and the Cimac Superleague. Building on the success of the Watford Open Armid Akram won the men’s beginners semi contact section and new comer to the circuit and Kieran Johnson younger brother to Craig also placed first.

June saw Genesis produce our first very first Unleashed Fight Show at the Beacon Centre in Beaconsfield. The show produced some epic bouts with Squad members Soroush Mahdani, Matt Vladar, Gary Cook, George Bentley and new coming Tom Stone all securing wins

July saw the Team Unleashed once again in Windsor this time at the Cimac World Cup. The entire blog report for this event is on the blog page but Bradley Reeson won his section against a stacked field after years of competiion. Unleashed Fight Team member Archie Thompson and Pej Kanani secured second places in their categories with Fight Team member Shannon Barlow winning a bronze. The remaining team members many of whom were at their first competition performing well and getting much needed experience under their belt.

Young Kieran Johnson won his second category of the year with victory in the beginners semi contact section at Septembers Maidenhead Superleague. Shannon Barlow placed second in the Final against Shannon Ryan from Watford Renegades.        

October had two events the Bristol Open and the Unleashed Fight Show 2. Craig Johnson won his Light continuous section in Bristol and his match up at the Unleashed Fight Show. Younger brother Kieran produced again, winning second place in a large boys beginners section field. Newcomer to the fighting circuit Gary Cook won the men’s semi contact beginners section over 75kg with Armid Akram taking 3rd place in the under 75kg category. Blogs for both give a more in depth account of the events.

In retrospect only the Fight Team members have the wealth of experience to perform consistently, however the fledgling Unleashed Squad performed well in 2011 especially with their limited experience fighting on the competition circuit.

Genesis Instructors have specific requirements for students aiming to secure their place along side Louise Birkett, Sahnnon Barlow and Archie Thompson on the Unleashed Fight Team. The requirements are as follows:

Members are required to attend all Squad Training sessions and represent Genesis Martial Arts positively.                                                                                             

Promote Genesis Martial Arts Fight Team by wearing the Unleashed Squad Suit at all competitions and Squad Training Session.                                                                   

Attend all Genesis social Events where possible                                                 

Attend all competitions attended by the Fight Team and support your team mates. 

Demonstrate consistent improvement and competition activity. And to, Share knowledge, strategies, ideas and techniques with team mates.

Unleashed Squad team members Arjun Dulay, Craig Johnson, Kieran Johnson, Armid Akram and Bradley Reeson are all on the cusp of securing their places on the Unleashed Team. Provided they can maintain their performance and follow the above requirements 2012 can see them and other students taking their place.

First step on their journey is the Watford Open on the 29th January 2012. Genesis Unleashed Fight Team members and fighting squad will look to build on the foundation set this this year.

Any students wishing to attend Squad training sessions and potentially secure a place on the fight team should discuss their goals with their instructor and how to achieve them and how to gain an invitation to Squad Training.

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