CIMAC Superleague November 11th 2012

Cimac  Superleague Maidenhead 11th November 2012

 Cimac 2012 Grand Champions Raj Chiropal, Kieran Johnson, Louise Birkett, Archie Thompson and Waleed Bin Akram with Coaches Trevor John and Matt Jackson

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Having competed in 7 Cimac Superleague competitions in 2012 the Genesis Unleashed Fight Team have travelled to Windsor 3 times, Birmingham twice, Stoke, and Dorking racking up points racking up wins towards the Cimac Superleague Grand Championship with the final event taking place in Maidenhead. 

In attendance were Archie Thompson and Kieran Johnson who have already secured their Cimac Grand Championship titles with insurmountable 25 point and 12 point leads in their respective categories.

Also in with the chance of taking home the Cimac Grand Championships titles are Waleed Bin Akram who entered the day with a 3 point lead in his category, Louise Birkett who had a 1 point lead and Armid Akram who was a single point behind the leader in his category.

Unable to fight due to injury fight team members Archie Thompson and Shannon Barlow supported their Team Mates with their attendance. Backing up the Unleashed Fight Team were Squad members Liam Blandford, Adam Spittles and Brothers Ven and AJ Gunasingham.

Having competed in the boys under 4ft 2 novice section all year Waleed Bin Akram led the Genesis Unleashed Team out to his sixth win of the year which resulting in him being crowned the 2012 Cimac Superleague Grand Champion in the Novice Boys under 4ft 2 semi contact section. 


Waleed also competed in the boys advanced semi contact section under 4ft 2 which had just 3 participants, meaning Waleed was guarenteed a bronze medal. In the opening round Waleed held his own but was unable to overcome his more experienced opponent losing by several points whilst gaining an important lesson that he needs to improve and that there are stronger fighters out there to challenge next year. After a tiring set of fights Waleed was still happy with his days work and his bronze medal.

Next up in the boys under 4ft 9 novice semi contact section were Liam Blandford and Ven Gunasingham, both students were in only their 2nd competition of the year. With both winning their first round matches they were set to meet in the second round. In a close match neither classmate wanted to lose with Liam adopting an attacking strategy with Ven sitting back looking to counter. In the close match the scores were tied as time had expired in the first frame. At the end of an extended 30 second period which was back and fourth both continued to be deadlocked on points and the match went to sudden death. With both fighters looking to take the advantage it was Venathon who scored the all important point to secure the victory. 

In the next round Ven unfortunately received a kick to the shoulder which left him unable to continue in the competition. Neither he or Liam are Fight Team members but they certainly haven’t hurt their chances of potentially being inducted the team in 2013 with their promising performances. 

Showing true Genesis grit and looking to get more mat time and experience Liam also entered himself in the boys advanced under 4ft 9 section. In the opening round Liam was unable to execute his game plan due to the skill level of his opponent but his put on a good fight and continued to press his opponent through out.

Big brother of Ven, AJ fought in the young men’s under 60kg light contact section. Facing larger more experienced opponent a visibly nervous AJ imposed his game on his opponent in parts and looked to be getting into the fight as time progressed. As time expired the judges gave a unanimous decision to his opponent but it was a positive outing for AJ who said he really enjoyed it and wanted to know when the next competition was. With more competition experience AJ will be a force and will be a welcome member to the Genesis Stable of up and coming fighters.

Having grown 3 inches in 2012 Kieran Johnson now stands 5ft 4 inches and has outgrown the boys under 5ft 2 section which he secured the Cimac Grand Champion 2012 in. So what to do now? Test him for 2013. Kieran was entered into both semi and light contact advanced sections under 5ft 5. As with Kieran in the 5ft 2 section several of the fighters in the 5ft 5 section had outgrown it but were eligible to fight in at as they started the year in the section despite being taller than the 5ft 8 referee. Kieran has come a long way in the last year and this test showed just how far he has come. Kieran won the boys semi contact section and secured third place in the boys light continuous sections which is promising and shows his new found maturity. 

At this point of the day it is usually time for Fight Team members Shannon Barlow and Archie Thompson to compete in their sections. Unfortunately both are out with injury at present so could not fight on the day. Fortunately for Archie he has secured boys Grand Champion under 5ft 2 section at light continuous before hand. Shannons injury at Cimac Dorking meant that her challenge for the title has now evaporated but she resulted in a runner up overall which is certainly not to be sniffed at. 

Archie and Shannon being put to good use

Fighting is an individual sport but to be successful you need your team behind you. They drive you, support you and to share in your success and both Shannon and Archie know this and this is why it was so important for them to attend to support their Team Mates. Its not just their fighting that got them onto the Unleashed Fight Team. Its their support of the team which they demonstrated with their attendance, its their determination they show when they fight and its their work ethic in training which makes them so successful.

Next up fight Team member Louise Birkett looked to extend her narrow one point lead in the girls over 5ft 2 section. As has now become a Genesis trait all the students surrounded the Louise’s area on mass and cheered her on to win the section and to secure the girls over 5ft 2 light contact Cimac Grand Champion 2012.

In the men’s intermediate under 75kg section Armid Akram looked to beat rival Anthony Yearwood who sat 1 point above him on the Grand Championship leader-board. The draw sheet was set up so that provided both won they would meet in the final, and for once the stars were aligned and they met in the final. 


Instructor Mat Jackson paced nervously behind Armid knowing that should he win in this fight both fighters would be level on point and would need to fight off again later in the day to crown an eventual winner.

Both fighters have been well matched all year so victory for either would be hard fought. This match up was no exception with Armid scoring first and Anthony went 3-1 up then Armid scored a head kick taking it to a tie with time expired. With faking and movement backwards and forwards both fighters tested the others nerve knowing a single point could secure victory. Armid attacked and missed, assuming the referee had called a halt to proceedings he showed his inexperience and absent mindedly spun out into the path of his preying opponent who scored the most important point of the year to secure the victory and the Cimac Grand Championship for 2012. Although visibly disappointed Armid has had a wonderful year and to finish second in the leader-board having missed an event is no mean feat and he can be proud of his achievements.



The final fighter to take to the mat was Adam Spittles in the men’s over 75kg semi contact novice category. Coached by Trevor John, Adam show improved confidence and poise from his last outing at the Cimac Superleague in Dorking and secured victory of the entire section.


Former Genesis Martial Arts student Raj Chiropal also picked up a 2012 Grand Championship title and is settling in well at his adopted TEK Nottingham home where is studying at university. Congratulations also go out to Avinder Panesar the TEK coach who won the award for the 2012 Coach of the year.

2013 looks to be a challenging year for many of the Genesis Squad in particular the kids and teenagers as all the category’s will be by weight and may result in several fighters giving up a few kilos. The change in categories will be difficult but will also assist as Genesis intends to send several of its young students to a World Championship level competition next year which would also be in weight rather than height categories.

The next outing for the Genesis Unleashed Fight Team and Fighting Squad is the Kwon England Grand Slam 2013 on Sunday 13th January 2013 in Birmingham. For the first competition of the year Genesis aim to build on the success of 2012 which has resulted in a total haul of 97 medals in total this year. That includes, 4 Cimac Grand Championsjip Awards 2012, 10 golds in team events, 38 individual gold medals, 22 Silver medals and 23 bronze models and amazing year which has seen Genesis Students succeed in fight shows and competitions. 

Top Winners

Top winners are Unleashed Fight Team members

1st Archie Thompson with 10 golds 4 silvers and a single bronze medal.

2nd Waleed Bin Akram with 7 Golds and 2 bronzes

3rd Shannon Barlow with 5 Gold Medals 4 Silver Medals and 3 Bronzes.

As is customary special thanks to parents Steve, Stewart, Mohammed, Sharon and Dave.

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