Cimac Superleague Results November 2017

Congratulations to Genesis Martial Arts student Ryan Gallagher.  Today Ryan was awarded the Cimac Superleagues Grand championship in the Men’s Light Continuous Junior Intermediate category over 75kg and the Men’s Semi contact Junior Intermediate category over 75kg.

The series of events has taken place 6 times this year with events in Windsor in March, May, September and November and in Birmingham in July and Dorking in October.  Points are awarded for placing first, second or third in each category at each event with the Grand Champion being awarded to the competitor who accumulates the most points.

Today Ryan won the light continuous section and came second in the semi contact section which was enough for his to secure both Grand Championship titles.

Any students wishing to compete in next year’s Cimac Superleague should speak to their instructor for me information.

Has Ryan done enough to be awarded the Genesis Martial Arts Fighter of the Year Award?  Book your tickets now for the Genesis Martial Arts End of Year Training and Awards ceremony to see who is??!?!??

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