Genesis Kickboxing Grading Exams 5th November

Congratulations to the 90+ students who successfully passed their Genesis Kickboxing Belt exams today! Belts and certificates will be presented in classes over the next few weeks.

Here are the passes:

Student Belt Exam Taken Instructor
Mac Lothian White Matthew Jackson
Joshua Ritchie White Phil Higgins
Hazel Bidmead White Gary Jones
Oscar Daley White Phil Higgins
Jacob Gibbs White Phil Higgins
Sabriel Achong White Fitzroy Conner
Anthony Ekundayo White Joel Hoyte
Mohammed Farid White Corey Cain
Saihaj Gill White Matthew Jackson
Harris Nuijjer White Matthew Jackson
Zain Azhar White Corey Cain
Arthur Hayward White Phil Higgins
Phoebe Gardner White Gary Thorne
Kam Kooner White Fitzroy Conner
Shaquille Mccalmon White Gary Thorne
Kamran Ali White Richard Salter
Samantha Luff White Paul Busby
Miles Hunt White Phil Higgins
Nicholas Richardson White Matthew Jackson
Steven Hutler White Matthew Jackson
Usman Mehdi White Corey Cain
Aya Yuasa White Phil Higgins
Rayan Dar White Phil Higgins
Zac Khan White Phil Higgins
Brandon Shead Blue Phil Higgins
Dominic McManus Blue Phil Higgins
Lydia Adams Blue Phil Higgins
Monty Fox Blue Gary Jones
Kieran O’Donnell Blue Phil Higgins
Jameson Gaskin Blue Phil Higgins
Issac John Blue Phil Higgins
Anna Dumdum Blue Trevor John
Aaliyah Cain Blue Corey Cain
Gracie Holdcroft Blue Joel Hoyte
Eesa Shah Blue Joel Hoyte
Tyrese Yearwood Blue Mark Nichols
Lewis Kelley Blue Matthew Jackson
Kevin Cydzik Blue Matthew Jackson
Calum O’Neill Blue Phil Higgins
Joe Holloway Blue Richard Salter
Sian McManus Blue Phil Higgins
Andrzej Skocz Blue Fitzroy Conner
Dominic Roach Blue Gary Thorne
Mohammed Liaqat Blue Joel Hoyte
Angelina Goff Blue Mark Nichols
Connor Kennedy Blue Corey Cain
Olivia Jackson Blue Paul Busby
Nick Robinson Blue Gary Thorne
Chris Morris Blue Matthew Jackson
Danny Farley Orange Phil Higgins
Jack Stallwood Orange Phil Higgins
Pirisanna Balachandran Orange Corey Cain
Tyreese Browne Orange Joel Hoyte
Will Martin Orange Matthew Jackson
Musa Ashraf Orange Matthew Jackson
Olivia Nothman Orange Matthew Jackson
Trita Panda Orange Gary Jones
Liam Butters Orange Gary Jones
Sorrin Ruffell Orange Gary Thorne
Prian Soni Orange Corey Cain
Hannah Camden Orange Paul Busby
James Griffiths Orange Paul Busby
Ajan Kooner Green Fitzroy Conner
Lilly Emptage Green Gary Thorne
Aadam Hussain Green Joel Hoyte
Haashim Ahmed Green Joel Hoyte
Maxwell Heavens Green Phil Higgins
Kamran Kooner Green Fitzroy Conner
Annabel Tillyer Green Joel Hoyte
Aidan Newell Green Joel Hoyte
William Chapman Green Corey Cain
Naquash Iqbal Green Corey Cain
Ellie Milliard Roberts Green Phil Higgins
Suzie McPherson Green Phil Higgins
Pete O’Neil Green Phil Higgins
Sahil Sakender Green Joel Hoyte
Sophie Midwinter Purple Phil Higgins
Maggie Jones Purple Joel Hoyte
James Murray Purple Matthew Jackson
Edward Thomas Purple Matthew Jackson
Usman Khan Purple Trevor John
Jack Smith Purple Trevor John
Matthew Ward Purple Joel Hoyte
Becky Hewlett Purple Joel Hoyte
Jason Stone Purple Richard Salter
William Farrugia Brown Joel Hoyte
Charlese Briggs Brown Joel Hoyte
Kavan Purewal Brown Matthew Jackson
Roma Sethi Brown Gary Jones
Adsharan Sriramanan Brown Gary Jones
Hanisha Soni Brown Corey Cain
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