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Congratulations to all the Genesis Martial Arts students that took part in the final Cimac Superleague of the year yesterday.

The Cimac Superleague is a series of competitions which runs throughout the year.  Last year there were 6 events (5 at Wycombe Leisure Centre and one in Dorking Leisure Centre).

Competitors are awarded 10 points for winning their category, 9 points for second place and 8 points for third place.  Categories are based on weight and experience to make them a competitive as possible.


At the end of each year a Grand Champion is crowned for each category having achieved the most points.

This year Genesis Martial Arts Assistant Coaches Jett Westwood and Ryan Gallagher both took home double grand slam times.  Jett won both the under 75kg and under 80kg light contact sections at black belt.  And Ryan won the Black Belt over 80kg section and the over 75kg intermediate section in light contact.

There were also excellent results for David Young who was competing in his very first competition. He came second in the Intermediate light contact section over 75kg to team mate and training partner Ryan.

Saihaj Gill also performed excellently.  He got a silver medal after getting edged out narrowly in the final of the novice boys point section over 47kg.

The Cimac Superleague series is back again in 2020.  Genesis Martial Arts currently runs competition training every Saturday at the Beacon Centre from 14:30 – 15:30.  If your goal is to compete you really should be in attendance.  Places are invite only, so students who are serious about competing should speak to their instructor for consideration.

Well done to everyone that took part in the main kickboxing grading today a great effort from all and some well earned new belts. Below is a list of all the students that passed. Your instructor will present you with you new Belt, certificates and feedback sheets in class in the next 14 days or so.


Student Belt Instructor Pass
1 Jessica Budd White Trevor John Pass
2 Adarsh Koti White Corey Cain Pass
3 Dylan Hopkins White Joel Hoyte Pass
4 Rohan Kirby Tanales White Trevor John Pass
5 Ellie Southall White Fitzroy Connor Pass
6 Ethan Brooks White Matthew Jackson Pass
7 Zoe Barrow White Corey Cain Pass
8 Ariana Janelle Aruta White Trevor John Pass
9 Mya Kudhail White Matthew Jackson Pass
10 Charlie Budd White Trevor John Pass
11 Amna Muzzammil White Joel Hoyte Pass
12 Mary Zalamea White Trevor John Pass
13 Tasneem Jiwanji White Fitzroy Connor Pass
14 Aidan Achong Chang Fong White Fitzroy Connor Pass
15 James Zalamea White Trevor John Pass
16 Jessie Chahal White Fitzroy Connor Pass
17 Zara Dibor White Corey Cain Pass
18 Joseph Noah Aruta White Trevor John Pass
19 Lucas Moore White Matthew Jackson Pass
20 Shireen Kamara White Corey Cain Pass
21 Prabh Manni White Fitzroy Connor Pass
22 Talha Zaib White Corey Cain Pass
23 Shay Gill White Fitzroy Connor Pass
24 Rahaf Mohamed White Matthew Jackson Pass
25 Toby Grice White Matthew Jackson Pass
26 Nathaniel Bartlett White Fitzroy Connor Pass
27 Sienna Moore White Matthew Jackson Pass
28 Robert Grice White Matthew Jackson Pass
29 Chris Loble White Corey Cain Pass
30 Dylan Springsguth Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
31 Inka Wlodarczyk Blue Corey Cain Pass
32 Kate Doherty Blue Corey Cain Pass
33 Yuvraj Wilkhu Blue Corey Cain Pass
34 Joel Cheshire Blue Corey Cain Pass
35 Oscar Davies Blue Corey Cain Pass
36 Ellie Gowers Blue Corey Cain Pass
37 Rajveer Wilkhu Blue Corey Cain Pass
38 Vonzel Ceriales Blue Trevor John Pass
39 Abigail Robinson Blue Corey Cain Pass
40 Alfie Skipper Blue Corey Cain Pass
41 Wania Malik Blue Corey Cain Pass
42 Riishon Gunadharshan Blue Corey Cain Pass
43 Stephanie Heyworth Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
44 Michelle Loble Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
45 Thomas King Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
46 Amman Kaur Sandhu Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
47 Varinder Kudhail Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
48 Fin Warren Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
49 Rafael Smith Blue Corey Cain Pass
50 Arkadiusz Matynia Blue Corey Cain Pass
51 Erin Newell Orange Corey Cain Pass
52 Adam Maaref Orange Corey Cain Pass
53 Ishaan Barthakur Orange Corey Cain Pass
54 Sophie Elwahsh Orange Trevor John Pass
55 Akhila Koti Orange Corey Cain Pass
56 Rajanaé Derby Orange Corey Cain Pass
57 Rashaad-Malique Derby Orange Corey Cain Pass
58 Alexis Hu Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
59 Harrison Thomas Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
60 Alana Clark Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
61 Saihaj Gill Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
62 Jacob Gibbs Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
63 Louis Wright Orange Corey Cain Pass
64 Nicholas Richardson Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
65 Ridley Charles Green Matthew Jackson Pass
66 Jayden Fraser Green Matthew Jackson Pass
67 Dan Kelley Green Matthew Jackson Pass
68 Noor Guerchali El Bou Green Trevor John Pass
69 Lewis Kelley Green Matthew Jackson Pass
70 Shaquille Mccalmon Green Gary Thorne Pass
71 Chris Morris Green Corey Cain Pass
72 Harry Windsor Purple Matthew Jackson Pass
73 William Chapman Purple Corey Cain Pass
74 Joe Payne Purple Gary Thorne Pass
75 Naqash Iqbal Brown Corey Cain Pass



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Well done to Genesis Martial Arts students Hanisha Soni, Toby Hanscott and Ryan Gallagher for competing in yesterday’s Cimac Superleague. 

Cimac Superleague

Toby, Hanisha and Ryan 16th September 2017

For both Hanisha and Toby it was their first competition with Ryan only having competed in 2 other competitons before.  So this was a very inexperienced team and yound team with Ryan 16 and Toby 17 competing in adult categories.

Cimac Superleague 16th September 2017

Hanisha Cimac Superleague 16th September 2017

Hanisha competed in the under 60kg section of the ladies novice points and the light continuous section which is open to all grades.  In her points section Hanisha had a single fight losing in a back and forth bout losing by a single point in sudden death.

Cimac Superleague 16th September 2017

Hanisha 2nd place light continuous 

In light continuous Hanisha won her first round losing by a narrow margin in the final.  But this meant she received a bronze medal in points and silver medal in light continuous for all her hard work.  She vows to return.

Cimac Superleague 16th September 2017

Toby 3rd place Ryan 1st place

Toby competed in the Men’s junior and intermediate light continuous section over 75kg.  He won his first and second rounds and was narrowly beaten in the third round.  On a positive note this meant Toby placed 3rd in section and didn’t need to compete against team mate Ryan who won the entire section.

If you are interested in competing in a competition yourself and you are under 18 the Handycross Invitation Tournament is this Saturday at Wycombe Sports Centre.  We are still taking up to Wednesday.

If you can’t make that date the next Cimac Superleague is in Dorking on Sunday 1st October 2017.  This competition is open to juniors and adults.  If you would like to attend check with your instructor to make sure you are ready.  Then advise Instructor Matt Jackson and he would be happy to coach you.




Hi Everyone,


Due to the success of our previous Inter Club Competition’s Genesis Wycombe Instructors Gary Jones, Trevor John and Joel Hoyte are hosting a competition on the 23rd September at Wycombe Leisure Centre.  This competition is open to all Genesis Martial Arts student’s under 18 years old and has categories for all.  Doors open at 10:00am with fighting scheduled to start at 11am and finish by 3pm.


This competition will be supported by Genesis Clubs in Beaconsfield and High Wycombe, however  as a result there will be no classes in Beaconsfield or High Wycombe on Saturday 23rd September.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


All students with full sparring equipment are invited to take part and experience the thrill of the competition.  Whether student’s win or lose we guarantee that they will learn.  Competition is the best way for student’s to improve their sparring skills and overall understanding or martial arts.


Entry is just £5 and is solely online.  The deadline for entry is Sunday 17th September.

Hi All,

Genesis Martial Arts are proud to introduce you all to the Genesis clothing and products catalogue 2013. All items are made to order although we do have some items in stock, so to avoid disappointment please order them early.

We have chosen the best possible products for you at the best possible price and welcome your feedback on all. We have your stock training clothing along with fashion items and essential training items.

Please be aware that clothing is made to order and may take up to 10 days to be delivery however all products are well worth the wait. The last day to ensure orders are received before Christmas is the 9th December 2013.

To place your order either:
Complete the form save it and e-mail it to your instructor, and arrange payment.
Complete this form and print it out and hand it to your instructor along with payment.
Print out the order form and complete it by hand and hand it to your instructor along with payment.

We hope you like it!!!!

Click to view – Genesis 2013 Catalogue

Louise Birkett, Trevor John, Archie Thompson, Kieran Johnson and Armid Akram

As some as you may know Genesis students have just returned competing at the World Pan Amateur Kickboxing Association (WPKA) World Championships which ran from the 29th May to the 2nd June.
In 2012 we “Genesis Martial Arts kickboxing Instructors Matt Jackson and Trevor John” set a goal for a handful of their students to attend a kickboxing World Championship based on their successes competing at National level. Fortunately at the beginning of the year the opportunity arose which allowed 5 team members to attend the WPKA World Championships in Athens. Having worked their way up the ranks on the national circuit the team consisted of Archie Thompson (14), Armid Akram (21), Kieran Johnson (15), Louise Burkett (16) and Veteran Instructor Trevor John.
Archie Thompson was the youngest competitor in his category at 14 but was still able to win in the boys 15 to 17 year old categories under 55kg in light contact and is now the WPKA Wold Champion. Archie added a bronze medal in points fighting to go with his gold.

Kieran Johnson finished outside the medals in his points fighting section but fought his heart out to win a bronze in the boys 15-17 under 60kgs light contact section to win his first medal at World level.

Louise Birkett also celebrated victory in the girls 15-17 over 65kg semi contact section, and a silver medal in the ladies plus 65kg in light contact section. Her victory was slightly overshadowed as WPKA legislation only recognises section winners as World Champions where there is a minimum of 4 different Nationalities in a category. Unfortunately there were just 2 and 3 females in her sections respectively but this marks her biggest win to date and she was still very happy.

Armid Akram competed in the men’s under 65kg semi contact and won a well deserved bronze medal with just 3 years experience.

At the other end of the spectrum Instructor Trevor John fought in his first World Championships in 1993. He proved that age really doesn’t matter by winning a gold medal and his first World Championship title in the veterans heavy weight semi contact division and a bronze in the men’s light contact division.

Instructor Matt Jackson who accompanied the team would like to thank Instron, Jamie Jones and everyone at Genesis Martial Arts for sponsoring the team and a special thanks to parents Steve Birkett and Stewart Thompson who also attended and helped with chaperoning.

Written by Matt Jackson