Interclub Results

Thank you to everyone that attended today’s interclub competition. Today we ran 12 separate categories with 56 students competing.

Our goal when we run these events is to make sure students get the most out of the day, win lose or draw and experience what competition feels like. We hope that you enjoyed the round robin format. It was great to see the improvement students have made since the last competition and to see new winners coming through.

We appreciate all parents that took the time to bring their children along today. We know that there was a bit of waiting around, while we matched students as fairly as possible. By doing this, students will have the best experience.

Finally, we cannot run these events without all of our coaches, referees and helpers. A massive thank you to you all.

Please save the date. The next competition will be on the 17th December.

Photo from today’s event will be on sale from our website soon. We will send out an email when they go live.

Girls – Under 24kgs – Points
1st Place – Ila Miller
Runner up – Gabriella Forde

Girls – Under 32kgs
1st – Pragna Aavula
Runner up – Kleo Cain
3rd Place – Iselin Porter

Girls – Under 42 kgs – Points
1st Place – Aryaa Gupta
Runner Up – Alice Petre
3rd Place – Freya Mudhar

Female – Light contact
1st Place – Taylor Williams
Runner up – Katalina Thoms
3rd Place – Alexis Hu

Boys – Under 24kgs – Points
1st Place – Muhammad Yusuf Ghafar
Runner Up – Adam Nastaszyc

Boys – Points
1st Place – Theo Tufft
Runner up – Abdul-Jaleel Ilechie
3rd Place – Ayden Mudhar

Boys – Points
1st Place – Omari Edwards
Runner Up – Ayrton Miller
3rd Place – Matteo Forde

Boys Points – Medium
1st Place – Sam Hellewell
Runner Up – Michael Ekundayo
3rd Place – Ra-el Reece

Boys Points – Heavy
1st Place – Adarsh Koti
Runner Up – Dylan Springsguth
3rd Place – James Heaven

Boys Light Continuous Light
1st Place – Jayden Fraser
Runner Up – Arjan Kooner
3rd Place – Jake Samuel

Boys Light Continuous Heavy
1st Place – Max Marsh
Runner Up – Alexander Bergman
3rd Place – Ismaeel Ali

Men’s Light Continuous
First Place – Chris Morris
Runner Up – Ben Randles

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