Well done to everyone that took part in the main kickboxing grading today.  Also, thank you so much to the helpers and instructors that gave up their time to aid us run it.  Below is a list of all the students that passed.  Your instructor will present you with you new belt and certificate this coming week and feedback will be emailed directly to you.

Student Belt Instructor Pass
1 Aadil Mirza White Fitzroy Connor Pass
2 Zain Ayub White Jett Westwood Pass
3 Aset Hogan-Hackshaw White Corey Cain Pass
4 Dhriti Reddy Maddi White Corey Cain Pass
5 Raiya Vani Bithal White Fitzroy Connor Pass
6 Qaim Ayub White Jett Westwood Pass
7 Max Bayney White Jett Westwood Pass
8 Sophia Salamova White Matthew Jackson Pass
9 Yagna Guntur White Matthew Jackson Pass
10 Bradley Hallas White Matthew Jackson Pass
11 Maanav Popat White Matthew Jackson Pass
12 Yukta Guntur White Matthew Jackson Pass
13 Juliana Holmes-Riobo White Corey Cain Pass
14 Samuel Lefevre White Jett Westwood Pass
15 Alex McCracken White Matthew Jackson Pass
16 Inès Jappy White Matthew Jackson Pass
17 Phoenix Preece Blue Corey Cain Pass
18 Juyrel Hector Blue Corey Cain Pass
19 Kleo Cain Blue Corey Cain Pass
20 Emily Krupski Blue Corey Cain Pass
21 Freya Mudhar Blue Corey Cain Pass
22 Gurekam Chaggar Blue Fitzroy Connor Pass
23 Pooja Swarna Blue Corey Cain Pass
24 Rithika Yerroju Blue Corey Cain Pass
25 Annaliese Richards Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
26 Moussa Sambo Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
27 Riley Coles Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
28 Amaiya Ganatra Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
29 James Vickery Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
30 Eimear Lande Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
31 Katie White Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
32 Jack Chivers Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
33 Vibhav Agrawal Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
34 Sam Rees Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
35 Michael Ekundayo Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
36 Scarlett Hirst Green Fitzroy Connor Pass
37 Abdul-Jaleel Ilechie Green Fitzroy Connor Pass
38 Naqash Iqbal Brown Stripe Corey Cain Pass