Well done to everyone that took part in the main kickboxing grading today.  Also, thank you so much to the helpers and instructors that gave up their time to aid us run it.  Below is a list of all the students that passed.  Your instructor will present you with you new belt and certificate this coming week and feedback will be emailed directly to you.





1 Abdul Rahman Orange Corey Cain Pass
2 Abigail Smith Green Corey Cain Pass
3 Amunet Hogan-Hackshaw Orange Corey Cain Pass
4 Andrea Cristinziano White Joel Hoyte Pass
5 Ari Vartiainen Brown Joel Hoyte Pass
6 Arjun Chotai White Matthew Jackson Pass
7 Arthur Salamov Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
8 Ayrton Miller Blue Corey Cain Pass
9 Barney Ko Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
10 Ben Caldow Blue Corey Cain Pass
11 Bilal HUSSAIN Green Corey Cain Pass
12 Blake Sylvester Purple Corey Cain Pass
13 Caleb Khalil Elias Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
14 Ceri-Jane Hackling Green Corey Cain Pass
15 Charlotte Batchford White Matthew Jackson Pass
16 Cheryl Laidlaw White Corey Cain Pass
17 Chris Morris Brown Corey Cain Pass
18 Dafydd Belshaw Green Corey Cain Pass
19 Demmi Kothari Green Fitzroy Connor Pass
20 Dilraj Johal White Matthew Jackson Pass
21 Finlay Leach White Corey Cain Pass
22 Freya Mudhar White Corey Cain Pass
23 Grace Alexander Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
24 Isabel Nicholls White Matthew Jackson Pass
25 Isabella Sylvester White Corey Cain Pass
26 Jack Vartiainen Purple Joel Hoyte Pass
27 James Khoury Blue Corey Cain Pass
28 Jeona Kalley Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
29 Joe Johnston Brown Stripe Matthew Jackson Pass
30 Joseph Gray White Corey Cain Pass
31 Joshua Dann-Smith Purple Joel Hoyte Pass
32 K’an Thomas White Matthew Jackson Pass
33 Kara Cullen Blue Fitzroy Connor Pass
34 Laasya Aavula Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
35 Lora Thomas Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
36 Lucca Belshaw Purple Corey Cain Pass
37 Michael Pryor Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
38 Minahil Zeeshan White Corey Cain Pass
39 Moses Kamara Blue Corey Cain Pass
40 Muhammad-Ali Ghafar Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
41 Neve Cullen Blue Fitzroy Connor Pass
42 Olivia Peoples White Matthew Jackson Pass
43 Omari Edwards Purple Fitzroy Connor Pass
44 Osman Umari Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
45 Pirasanna Balachandran Purple Corey Cain Pass
46 Pooja Swarna White Corey Cain Pass
47 Pragna Aavula Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
48 Ra-el Reece Green Corey Cain Pass
49 Rishika yana Bithal White Fitzroy Connor Pass
50 Rithika Yerroju White Corey Cain Pass
51 Rohan Fakey Blue Jett Westwood Pass
52 Shireen Kamara Orange Corey Cain Pass
53 Summer Dudman Blue Jett Westwood Pass
54 Taylor Williams Orange Corey Cain Pass
55 Umar Farooq Abbasi White Corey Cain Pass
56 Urooj Manee Purple Corey Cain Pass
57 Veer Benawra Blue Fitzroy Connor Pass
58 Yusuf Shiraz White Corey Cain Pass