When Kickboxing Is More Than Kicking & Punching

I would like to tell you about a young man that has joined Genesis Martial Arts, He is fourteen years of age; of slight build, has Down syndrome, communication difficulties and several other challenges in his life. You may ask yourself… Is teaching kickboxing to this young man difficult? I would say yes and no. Yes because like any other teenager sometimes there is an attitude that needs adjusting to the task at hand. No because when he is happy he smiles and laughs and when upset he cries and I know exactly where I stand with him, no in-between. 

When parents bring children to martial arts it’s for many different reasons. It can be for fitness, socializing, discipline, self esteem and many other motivational factors. But in the last few months one young man has reminded me that just by being nice and helpful, is just as important as the above. Without being asked he has shown Asharib Ahmad little things that have made the settling into the class a lot easier. I would like to thank Tyler Bushay for being nice to someone who might have found it difficult to fit in.  You have shown patience, encouragement and supported Asharib in his initial period of joining our club.

On behalf of Genesis Martial Arts and as a way of saying thank you, we would like to give you a £50 voucher to spend on any Genesis martial Arts merchandise.


Trevor John

Genesis Senior Instructor

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