Uist Main Grading Results

May 2019

Well done to everyone that took part in the Uist kickboxing grading this weekend. Below is a list of all the students that passed. Instructors Ken and Kelly will present new Belt, certificates and feedback sheets in class in the next 14 days or so.

1James CampbellWhiteKelly Dennington-HoldrickPass
2Imogen CroweWhiteKelly Dennington-HoldrickPass
3John MorrisonWhiteKen Dennington-HoldrickPass
4Jean-Pierre BrienWhiteKen Dennington-HoldrickPass
5Blair MackenzieWhiteKelly Dennington-HoldrickPass
6Peter MacBethWhiteKen Dennington-HoldrickPass
7Louie LinichBlueKelly Dennington-HoldrickPass
8Emma SaxtonBlueKelly Dennington-HoldrickPass
9Ben CowanBlueKelly Dennington-HoldrickPass
10Joe ColdwellBlueKelly Dennington-HoldrickPass
11Finlay MorrisonBlueKelly Dennington-HoldrickPass
12Danny ColdwellBlueKelly Dennington-HoldrickPass
13Zara WilkieBlueKelly Dennington-HoldrickPass
14Rose McWilliamsBlueKen Dennington-HoldrickPass
15Finlay DuffieldBlueKelly Dennington-HoldrickPass
16Anna MacDonaldBlueKelly Dennington-HoldrickPass
17Rhys LinichBlueKen Dennington-HoldrickPass
18Lucy MorrisonBlueKen Dennington-HoldrickPass
19Robbie MacDonaldBlueKen Dennington-HoldrickPass
20Declan MaclellanBlueKen Dennington-HoldrickPass
21Andy RobertsBlueKen Dennington-HoldrickPass
22Jack McilwraithBlueKen Dennington-HoldrickPass
23Mairi MacIainBlueKen Dennington-HoldrickPass
24John MacleanBlueKen Dennington-HoldrickPass
25Moira MaciverBlueKen Dennington-HoldrickPass
26Gerry WheelerBlueKen Dennington-HoldrickPass
27Donald MacAulayBlueKen Dennington-HoldrickPass
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