Genesis Main Grading Results February 2019

Well done to everyone that took part in the main kickboxing grading today. Below is a list of all the students that passed. Your instructor will present you with you new Belt, certificates and feedback sheets in class in the next 14 days or so.

1Rafael SmithWhiteCorey CainPass
2James RandlesWhiteJoel HoytePass
3Ayub RehmanWhiteCorey CainPass
4Alfie  CoxWhiteJoel HoytePass
5Kate DohertyWhiteCorey CainPass
6Yusef ShahWhiteJoel HoytePass
7Ahtisham ShahzadWhiteCorey CainPass
8Omar ShahzadWhiteCorey CainPass
9Harrison ClarkeWhiteMatthew JacksonPass
10Jasmine SidhuWhiteMatthew JacksonPass
11Abigail BurrowsWhiteCorey CainPass
12Daria GalicaWhiteFitzroy ConnorPass
13Mohammed salahudeen Asad mirzaWhiteJoel HoytePass
14Hafsa asad  Nazir mirzaWhiteJoel HoytePass
15Aleks SokolWhiteMatthew JacksonPass
16Vonzel CerialesWhiteTrevor JohnPass
17Abigail RobinsonWhiteCorey CainPass
18Alfie SkipperWhiteCorey CainPass
19Daniel IngramWhiteMatthew JacksonPass
20Riishon GunadharshanWhiteCorey CainPass
21Wania MalikWhiteCorey CainPass
22Muhammad AhmedWhiteTrevor JohnPass
23Stephanie HeyworthWhiteMatthew JacksonPass
24Ania KozlowskaWhiteGary ThornePass
25Ricky SidhuWhiteMatthew JacksonPass
26Mariam AhmedWhiteTrevor JohnPass
27Amarita ChahalWhiteFitzroy ConnorPass
28Ceri-jane HacklingWhiteCorey CainPass
29Amman Kaur sandhuWhiteMatthew JacksonPass
30Varinder KudhailWhiteMatthew JacksonPass
31David YoungWhiteMatthew JacksonPass
32James GalvinWhiteMatthew JacksonPass
33Xavier PriestBlueJoel HoytePass
34Daisy PriestBlueJoel HoytePass
35Rajanae DerbyBlueCorey CainPass
36Stanley CastleBlueJoel HoytePass
37Jack  VartiainenBlueJoel HoytePass
38Adam SamiriBlueTrevor JohnPass
39Akhila KotiBlueCorey CainPass
40Jacob GibbsBlueMatthew JacksonPass
41Esha BenawraBlueFitzroy ConnorPass
42Joshua Dann_smithBlueJoel HoytePass
43Alexis HuBlueMatthew JacksonPass
44Nabil NoorBlueCorey CainPass
45Ben RandlesBlueCorey CainPass
46Alana ClarkBlueMatthew JacksonPass
47James JohnsonBlueGary ThornePass
48Louis WrightBlueCorey CainPass
49Hali BaylissOrangeJoel HoytePass
50Jayden FraserOrangeMatthew JacksonPass
51Ellie LothianOrangeMatthew JacksonPass
52Ari VartianenOrangeJoel HoytePass

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