Genesis Main Grading Results Nov 2019

Well done to everyone that took part in the main kickboxing grading today. Below is a list of all the students that passed. Your instructor will present you with you new Belt, certificates and feedback sheets in class in the next 14 days or so.



Student Belt Instructor Pass
1 Beyren Mccalla White Matthew Jackson Pass
2 Amirah Erraiss White Trevor John Pass
3 Samay Chawla White Fitzroy Connor Pass
4 Oliver Porter White Fitzroy Connor Pass
5 Amaala Millwood White Joel Hoyte Pass
6 Noa Cosentino White Matthew Jackson Pass
7 Venetia Hawkes White Matthew Jackson Pass
8 Leo Hellewell White Matthew Jackson Pass
9 India Harris White Corey Cain Pass
10 Cate Minshall White Matthew Jackson Pass
11 Leo Cobb White Matthew Jackson Pass
12 Matthew Taylor White Joel Hoyte Pass
13 Anastasia Conway White Matthew Jackson Pass
14 Hannah Adam White Matthew Jackson Pass
15 Sam Murray White Matthew Jackson Pass
16 Denva Vincent White Corey Cain Pass
17 Kirsty Norris White Gary Thorne Pass
18 Ionut Onea White Gary Thorne Pass
19 Daisy Patton White Trevor John Pass
20 Kierran Stevenson White Trevor John Pass
21 Lasantha Jayasekera White Matthew Jackson Pass
22 Bede Johnston White Matthew Jackson Pass
23 Sebastian Read White Matthew Jackson Pass
24 Ethan Turner White Trevor John Pass
25 Daniel Hignell White Gary Thorne Pass
26 Adarsh Koti Blue Corey Cain Pass
27 James Randles Blue Corey Cain Pass
28 Sam Hellewell Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
29 James Heaven Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
30 Jake Samuel Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
31 Peggy Belshaw Blue Corey Cain Pass
32 Mary Zalamea Blue Trevor John Pass
33 Daniel Ingham Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
34 Sin Heng Chan Blue Corey Cain Pass
35 Hafsa Mirza Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
36 Urooj Manee Blue Corey Cain Pass
37 Zara Dibor Blue Corey Cain Pass
38 Jeffrey Dunbar Blue Trevor John Pass
39 Grice Toby Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
40 Ania Kozlowska Blue Gary Thorne Pass
41 Ceri-Jane Hackling Blue Corey Cain Pass
42 David Young Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
43 Robert Grice Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
44 Chris Loble Blue Corey Cain Pass
45 Xavi Priest Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
46 Jake Hollis Orange Fitzroy Connor Pass
47 Daisy Priest Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
48 Rafael Smith Orange Corey Cain Pass
49 Oscar Davies Orange Corey Cain Pass
50 Kate Doherty Orange Corey Cain Pass
51 Jack Vartiainen Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
52 Joel Cheshire Orange Corey Cain Pass
53 Stanley Castle Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
54 Yuvraj Wilkhu Orange Corey Cain Pass
55 Mac Lothian Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
56 Adam Samiri Orange Trevor John Pass
57 Poppy Priest Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
58 Rajveer Wilkhu Orange Corey Cain Pass
59 Esha Benawra Orange Fitzroy Connor Pass
60 Joshua Dann-Smith Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
61 Abigail Robinson Orange Corey Cain Pass
62 Alfie Skipper Orange Corey Cain Pass
63 Michelle Loble Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
64 Rhea Benawra Orange Fitzroy Connor Pass
65 Alexandra Vocht Orange Corey Cain Pass
66 Dominic Roche Orange Gary Thorne Pass
67 Adam Maaref Green Corey Cain Pass
68 Mayang Adnin Green Corey Cain Pass
69 Edward Dornin Green Matthew Jackson Pass
70 Sophie Elwahsh Green Trevor John Pass
71 Ibraheem Abbas Green Corey Cain Pass
72 Rashaad-Malique Derby Green Corey Cain Pass
73 Gracie Holdcroft Green Joel Hoyte Pass
74 Sydony Greenwood Green Matthew Jackson Pass
75 Musa Ashraf Green Matthew Jackson Pass
76 Callum Grierson Purple Joel Hoyte Pass
77 Arjan Kooner Purple Fitzroy Connor Pass
78 Sahil Sakender Purple Joel Hoyte Pass
79 Reema Sherie Akram Purple Matthew Jackson Pass
80 Zahara Akram Purple Matthew Jackson Pass
81 Haashim Ahmed Purple Joel Hoyte Pass
82 Noor Guerchali Elbou Purple Trevor John Pass
83 Mark Antony Rasanayagam Purple Trevor John Pass
84 Annabel Tillyer Purple Joel Hoyte Pass
85 Andrzej Skocz Purple Fitzroy Connor Pass
86 Nicholas Robinson Purple Gary Thorne Pass
87 Shaquille Mccalmon Purple Gary Thorne Pass
88 Kamran Kooner Purple Fitzroy Connor Pass
89 Aadam Hussain Purple Joel Hoyte Pass
90 Fizzah Hussain Purple Joel Hoyte Pass
91 Max Marsh Brown Matthew Jackson Pass
92 Joe Johnston Brown Matthew Jackson Pass
93 James Murray Brown Matthew Jackson Pass
94 Ryan Gallagher Brown Matthew Jackson Pass
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