Wow what a month we have in store for you this July!

Sunday 6th July is the Brown Stripe Tag Course from 10:00 – 12:00 at Genesis Gym Unit A Fieldhouse Lane, Marlow, SL7 1LW. The course is structured specifically for those students wishing to take their Brown White Stripe Belt on 23rd November 2014, students will be required to attend 3 Tag grades. To attend please preregister with your instructor. Attendance is just £10 per course. The are 3 other course later in the year. Sunday 14th September 10:00–12:00am, Sunday 19th October 10:00–12:00 and Sunday 16th November 10:00-12:00.

Sunday 6th July is also the Cimac World Cup in Birmingham.
We have a mixed team in attendance and all participants have been training hard for the competition. If you would like to enter let us know. Follow the link for further information and categories. http://www.sportsmartialart.com/assets/pdf/WorldCup.pdf

Sunday 13th July is the UK Kids Open also in Birmingham. The is currently the only competition of its kind and focuses on the kids. Solely for 5 to 14 years olds please let know if you would like to compete. We have a relatively small kids team and are always looking for new and exciting members to join it. Details for the UK kids are http://kwonwebs.co.uk/kidsopen/

Don’t forget that everyone who is attending the above competitions should be sparring at Highcrest Academy every Tuesday 7 till 8pm in the sports hall. Arrive early (6.45pm) and get yourselves warmed up so that sparring drills can start immediately at 7pm to make the most of the time.

Sunday 20th July we have Blackbelt Training at Genesis Gym. The session is for Blackbelt student’s only and is invite only. So if you want to get involved get yourself a blackbelt.

The summer barbecue is also on the 20th July at Wycombe Rye outside the Lido building from 1pm till 5pm.
Everyone is welcome, friends and family, you do not need to be students to attend. All that we ask is that you bring your food and drink with you and that you tidy up all your litter. Games on the day will include rounder’s, football and tug of war. This is an event we all look forward to and get to know you all. Checkout the official Facebook event. https://www.facebook.com/events/1425107527756809/

There is a pay and display car park which is 80p for 4 hours. Please be advised that if you do not get a ticket or it expires you will receive a penalty notice with the automated system.

Order your new Genesis summer t-shirts are available in kids and adults styles Ringer or Kariban styles and with your classic or unleashed logo’s. We even have a choice of colours as long as it’s black. Check out the Genesis catalogue for you t-shirts and a lot more. https://www.genesis-ma.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Genesis-2014-Catalogue.pdf

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