Kickboxing Grade Exams. 22nd June 2014. White Belt – Brown Belt results

Congratulations to all of those who passed their Kickboxing grading exams today!

A special mention to Matt Catlin, who achieved the highest pass mark of the day!

Belts, certificates and feedback sheets will be handed out by your instructor within the next 2 weeks in class.



White Belt: 60%

Blue, Orange, Green, Purple & Brown Belts: 70%

Aaron Smith Trevor John White 73.3
Aidan Newell Joel Hoyte White 73.3
Akaal Laur Corey Cain White 73.0
Anand Laur Corey Cain White 72.8
Ashley Jones Gary Thorne White 75.3
Charlese Briggs Joel Hoyte White 73.8
Charlie Ward Gary Thorne White 75.3
Chloe Offer Gary Thorne White 74.5
Courtney Quibell Joel Hoyte White 72.2
Dion Nagra Matthew Jackson White 72.8
Elisabeth Thomas Paul Busby White 72.5
Emma Taylor Paul Busby White 71.0
Gabby Wilks Gary Thorne White 73.8
Hannah Reading Corey Cain White 77.2
Harry Troutt Trevor John White 74.3
Himmat Singh Corey Cain White 74.3
Jason Stone Paul Busby White 80.0
Jaya Sethi Paul Busby White 73.2
Katie White Matthew Jackson White 72.7
Kimberley Fountain Joel Hoyte White 80.5
Lee Whicker Paul Busby White 77.0
Liam Avis Bates Joel Hoyte White 72.3
Libby Nagra Matthew Jackson White 72.8
Oscar Calvete Joel Hoyte White 75.0
Sarah Topping Fitzroy Conner White 72.8
Stacey Murphy Paul Busby White 77.0
Theo Dann-Muirhead Paul Busby White 72.7
Adam Mcallen Paul Busby Blue 76.7
Bruno Razum Corey Cain Blue 77.2
Chris Grimes Matthew Jackson Blue 71.2
Conor Mccarthy Corey Cain Blue 76.5
Greg Wilkinson Matthew Jackson Blue 74.5
Janine Iaciofano Matthew Jackson Blue 72.8
Michael Owens Paul Busby Blue 76.1
Mollee Westfield Paul Busby Blue 74.3
Stefanie Cox Paul Busby Blue 74.0
Stuart Clarke Corey Cain Blue 74.3
Taylor Why Mark Nichols Blue 74.0
Alex Lanyon Paul Busby Orange 75.5
Bethany Drummond Paul Busby Orange 72.3
Cai Lin Trevor John Orange 70.5
Caine Northway Paul Busby Orange 72.5
Callum Gunn Matthew Jackson Orange 71.2
Christopher Flemming Paul Busby Orange 72.7
Ewan Northway Paul Busby Orange 71.0
Harry Hester Paul Busby Orange 72.0
Jack Birgani Matthew Jackson Orange 74.0
James Murray Matthew Jackson Orange 72.3
James Rozelaar Paul Busby Orange 72.0
Jamie Wilkinson Matthew Jackson Orange 72.7
Joe Alcock Matthew Jackson Orange 74.2
Joe Daniels Matthew Jackson Orange 74.0
Joel Kirkwood Paul Busby Orange 77.7
Leon Tyler-Tilbury Paul Busby Orange 72.5
Mahlee Lelyveld Paul Busby Orange 72.2
Mark Rasanayagam Joel Hoyte Orange 76.2
Oscar Raymond Paul Busby Orange 71.8
Rebecca Hayward Matthew Jackson Orange 76.0
Sam Murray Matthew Jackson Orange 71.3
Sankeeran Sriramanan Paul Busby Orange 71.2
William Farrugia Joel Hoyte Orange 72.0
Billy Blackwell Trevor John Green 72.8
Clive Cheshire Paul Busby Green 77.3
Connor Northway Paul Busby Green 78.5
Darren Sawala Gary Thorne Green 77.3
Finn Cormican Paul Busby Green 72.8
Hannah Inglot Paul Busby Green 72.2
Isaac Semmens Paul Busby Green 72.3
Ismaeel Ali Paul Busby Green 72.0
Jake Danies Matthew Jackson Green 73.2
Jake Moyler Paul Busby Green 73.3
Jamie Jones Paul Busby Green 78.7
Kathryn Collinson Mark Nichols Green 76.2
Matt Catlin Paul Busby Green 82.2
Michael Hill Corey Cain Green 79.7
Patrick Power Paul Busby Green 78.7
Thomas Lean Joel Hoyte Green 74.7
Bradley Whicker Paul Busby Purple 73.8
Ethan Rapsey Paul Busby Purple 76.8
Gergely Tiba Corey Cain Purple 80.0
James Lanyon Paul Busby Purple 73.8
Taylor Page Paul Busby Purple 75.2

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  1. Kaz Merchant
    Kaz Merchant says:

    Thanks to all the testers for giving up your time on a Sunday.. It was a nail biting hour and a half but very pleased with Taylor’s results and of course he is too..
    Massive thanks to Paul Busby, Matt Jackson and Corey for being such amazing instructors. Xx


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