Kickboxing Grading Results. 1st March 2015

Please find below the complete set of marks from our Kickboxing grade exams today.

We are very pleased to announce that we had a 100% pass rate today! Congratulations to Hanisha Soni who received the highest pass mark of the day!


WHITE BELT EXAM. 60% Pass Mark.

Faisal   Younis 84.0
Stephanie   Sutton 82.5
James Miller 80.3
Muhammad Iqbal 80.3
Tim Gardiner 78.7
Alessia Cinque 78.0
Jake Mantica 78.0
Charles   Saunders 77.3
Adam Williams 77.2
Tia Jones 77.0
Abu-Bakr Khan 76.8
Zaynab Latif 76.8
Moya Saunders 76.0
Sahib Kaur 74.8
Dhuvaracian   Sivakumar 74.8
Miroslaw   Zebracki 74.2
Mariam Ali 74.0
Alicia Wengler 73.0
Ibrahim Iqbal 72.7
Zeeshan Akhtar 72.3
Fynn Jones 70.0

BLUE BELT EXAM. 70% Pass Mark.

Hanisha   Soni 84.7
William   Britton 77.7
Ibraheim Latif 74.5
Anand Kaur 74.0
Ibraheem Abbas 73.7
Oscar Calvete 73.3
Akaal Kaur 73.0
Mohammad Latif 72.7
Aiden Newell 71.5

ORANGE BELT EXAM. 70% Pass Mark.

Lee   Whicker 74.7
Mason Jones 73.5
Sophie   Midwinter 72.3
Cory Adams 72.2

GREEN BELT EXAM. 70% Pass Mark.

Harry   Hester 72.8
Christopher   Fleming 72.0
Oscar Raymond 71.3

PURPLE BELT EXAM. 70% Pass Mark.

Zak   Sylvester 78.0
Hallum Kirlew 77.7
Clive Cheshire 74.3
Martin Taylor 74.0
Darren Sawala 73.7
Jamie Jones 73.3
Suzana   Martins-Smith 73.3
Patrick Power 73.2
Sam Ling 73.0

BROWN BELT EXAM. 70% Pass Mark.

Luke   Simmons 75.0


The next Kickboxing grading dates for 2015 are:

10th May: Black Belt 2nd Dan Course 2

7th June: Black Belt 1st Dan Tag Course 2

21st June: White Belt – Brown Belt EXAMS

5th July: Black Belt 2nd Dan Course 3

5th July: Brown Stripe Tag Course 2

13th September: Brown Stripe Tag Course 3

27th September: Black Belt 1st Dan Tag Course 3

11th October: Brown Stripe Tag Course 4

25th October: Black Belt 2nd Dan EXAM

1st November: White Belt – Brown Belt EXAMS

22nd November: Brown Stripe Belt EXAM, Black Belt 1st Dan EXAM


For all further dates, please see our online diary:


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