Black Belt and Brown Stripe Belt Exam Results

What a big day for Genesis Martial Arts!

15 passes for Brown Stripe and 5 passes for Black Belt. Thank you to everyone today for your years of commitment, effort, sweat, blood and tears. It was a busy, hard working and emotional day for a lot of people. Many congratulations from all the instructors.

Detailed feedback sheets will be in with your belts and certificates. All belts and certificates will be presented at the Fun day (under 18yrs), or Night Time Awards (over 18yrs) on Saturday December 13th. Please ensure you have your ticket!


Brown Stripe Exam. Pass mark 80%

Charlie Mcdermott 85.0
David Butler 85.8
David Stroud 88.0
Ethan Casey-Clothier 81.8
Gary Cook 85.3
George Oliver 86.0
Liam Blandford 84.8
Nicola Hannant 84.0
Owen Lanyon 84.2
Petar Stevanovic 84.0
Rachael Busby 87.0
Samantha Stone 84.5
Sebastian Caithness 84.0
Thomas Lawrence 86.2
Venothan Gunasingham 84.5


Black Belt Exam.  Pass mark 85%. Pass mark for over 45yrs, 80%

Cyrous Birgani 86.5
Emma Harper 92.2
Helene Weaver 87.3
Kavanagh Jones 91.5
Rosalind Lidster 87.7


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