High Wycombe Invitational Tournament

High Wycombe Invitational Tournament results


1st – Owais Sakender (Wycombe)

2nd – Ciara Boland (Aylesbury)

3rd – Haid Balmey (Stokenchurch)


Young Cadets 

1st – Sahil Sakender (Wycombe)

2nd – Ollie Kilbourn (Beaconsfield)

3rd – Charlie Newlands (Beaconsfield)



1st – Liam Butters (Marlow)

2nd – Sahil Sakender (Wycombe)

3rd – Mika Turner (Marlow)


Young Teen Boys 

1st – Jamie Wilkinson (Beaconsfield)

2nd – Corey Adams (Marlow)

3rd – Zeeshan Akhtar (Highcrest)


Teen Girls 

1st – Gracie Holdcroft (Wycombe)

2nd – Lily Gvero (Beaconsfield )

3rd – Charlese Briggs (Wycombe)


Teen Boys  

1st – Hallam Kirlew (Wycomb

2nd – Tyrese Browne (Wycombe )

3rd – Sam Ling (Wycombe)


Dragons Teams    

1st – Aylesbury

2nd – Stokenchurch

3rd – Wycombe


Junior Teams    

1st – Marlow

2nd – Wycombe B

3rd – Beaconsfield


Teen Teams. 

1st – Marlow

2nd  – Stokenchurch/Amersham/Beaconsfield

3rd – Wycombe B

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