Genesis will be running a team at the following Spartan Race:

Sunday 5th May 2019

Spartan Sprint

5-6 km

20-23 Obstacles

The Spartan Sprint: This is our shortest distance. It is perfect for athletes of all levels; from Spartan first timers to seasoned racers. The 5-6 Km Sprint may be our shortest distance but it packs more than 20 Signature Spartan Obstacles. If you think you can’t do it, you’re wrong. Get to the starting line and show yourself what you are capable of.

For more info – go to:


To Join our team:

Step 1 – Email Instructor Gary –

Gary will add you to an invite list.

Step 2 – You will receive an email with a link to get a group discount code for 15% off.

Click the link – input your email address.

You will get an email with your voucher code.

Step 3 – You will get an email inviting you to the Spartan Race Genesis Team (from Athlinks).

Click on the link to register and follow the instructions

Gary will give you instructions on how to join the Genesis Team


If you have any questions or have any problems, please contact


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