Genesis Grading Exams 6th November 2016

112 Genesis Students aged 8 upwards took their Belt exams today, for White Belt to Brown Belt.  Congratulations to all who passed!

Special well done to Aaliyah Cain who passed with the highest mark of the day. Feedback sheets with a full breakdown of your marks will be available from your instructor shortly. Belts and Certificates will be handed out in class with 14 days.

The Pass Mark for White Belt is 60%, for all other exams up to Brown it’s 70%.  We will be launching a new, greater and easier to understand Grading system for 2017!!


White Belt: Pass Mark 60%

Name Score Belt
Aaliyah Cain 82.3 White
Aaron Adamson 73.3 White
Alexandra Vocht 73.0 White
Angelina Goff 73.0 White
Christian Wright 73.2 White
Daniel Hamm 74.8 White
Daniel Paice 72.3 White
Devan McEwan 72.3 White
Emily Spooner 75.0 White
Eric Sharma 73.8 White
Finlay Warren 77.3 White
Gracie Holdcroft 78.3 White
Helen Martens 71.7 White
Ian Ward 71.3 White
Isabella Hester 73.7 White
Joe Payne 73.3 White
Joe Wilson 73.8 White
Joseph Charlett 72.8 White
Kevin Cydzik 74.3 White
Leah Pawley 74.3 White
M.Zahab Jahangil 72.3 White
Max Percy 72.0 White
Nick Woods 74.7 White
Peter O’Neill 74.7 White
Priam Soni 74.8 White
Sameer Khan 71.0 White
Suzanne McPherson 75.7 White
Sydony Greenwood 74.3 White
Toby Hanscott 72.5 White
Triti Panda 72.2 White
Tyler Culbert 73.0 White
Tyrese Browne 78.5 White
Umeer Hamid 74.0 White


Blue Belt:

Annabel Tillyer 72.0 Blue
Areeb Hanif 74.0 Blue
Arjun Samra 75.0 Blue
Charles Saunders 73.3 Blue
Daniel Sendroiu 75.7 Blue
Dhuvaragan Sivakumar 71.0 Blue
Edward Dornin 72.3 Blue
Gurnnet Brar 73.3 Blue
Iain Botting 73.3 Blue
Jake Walsh 70.3 Blue
Jamie Dobson 72.0 Blue
Joe Barry 71.7 Blue
Lilly Emptage 72.7 Blue
Lily Gvero 72.0 Blue
Mac Hanford 72.3 Blue
Nicholas Sambucci 73.3 Blue
Olivia Nothman 72.7 Blue
Pirasana Balachandran 71.3 Blue
Richard Cadle 76.3 Blue
Slavko Gvero 76.0 Blue
Theodora De Winter 72.7 Blue
Tyler Christian 75.3 Blue
Will Martin 72.0 Blue
William Stallwood 79.0 Blue
Youhanna Latif 76.0 Blue
Orange Belt:
Aiden Griffiths-Coombs 70.0 Orange
Andrew Hawes 81.3 Orange
Bibi Sutton Clarke 72.7 Orange
Connie Priest 70.3 Orange
Daniel Becque 76.3 Orange
Ellie Millward-Roberts 72.7 Orange
Harvey Bell 76.7 Orange
Helen Coles 75.7 Orange
Joe Johnston 72.3 Orange
Lewis Ball 70.0 Orange
Lewis Walls 72.3 Orange
Max Marsh 71.3 Orange
Mika Turner 73.0 Orange
Ryan Gallagher 79.0 Orange
Stephanie Sutton 81.0 Orange
William Chapman 76.7 Orange
Zeeshan Akhtar 73.7 Orange
Green Belt:
Arun Morley 78.2 Green
Dylna Ramnath 77.7 Green
Edward Thomas 73.2 Green
Katalina Thoms 74.3 Green
Pascal Pisarski 73.3 Green
Rebecca Rodie 75.0 Green
Reema Akram 72.5 Green
Sophie Midwinter 74.3 Green
Tennyson Jones 73.0 Green
Zahara Akram 71.8 Green
Purple Belt:
Charlese Briggs 72.3 Purple
Cory Adams 71.3 Purple
Danyaal Ishaq 72.0 Purple
Falco Caldeira Steadman 72.7 Purple
Hannah Inglot 71.3 Purple
Jack Birgani 71.3 Purple
Mala Bhogal 75.0 Purple
Michael Hill 73.3 Purple
Roma Sethi 73.0 Purple
Sankeeran Sriramanan 71.0 Purple
William Farrugia 72.3 Purple
Brown Belt:
Caden McEwan 72.3 Brown
David Sewell 73.8 Brown
Greg Wilkinson 72.7 Brown
Jamie Wilkinson 71.5 Brown
Joe Bayliss 73.2 Brown
Max Rose 74.8 Brown
Suzana Martins Smith 71.7 Brown
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