Genesis Grading Exam 2nd July 2017

103 Genesis students took their kickboxing grading exam for white belt to brown belt.

A huge congratulations to all those that passed.

Score sheets, feedback and certificates will be available from your instructor in class within the next 14 days.

Student Belt Instructor Pass
1 Ishaan Barthakur White Corey Cain Pass
2 Hayden Lea White Fitzroy Conner Pass
3 Kamran Khan White Joel Hoyte Pass
4 Poppy Rudak White Matthew Jackson Pass
5 Rocco Picciano White Paul Busby Pass
6 James McDermott White Paul Busby Pass
7 Finlay Dees White Paul Busby Pass
8 Amelia Bridges White Paul Busby Pass
9 Harry Bridges White Paul Busby Pass
10 Connor Kennedy White Corey Cain Pass
11 Tyrese Yearwood White Mark Nichols Pass
12 Trevor Mayne White Paul Busby Pass
13 Andrzej Skocz White Fitzroy Conner Pass
14 Dominic Roche White Gary Thorne Pass
15 Nick Robinson White Gary Thorne Pass
16 Mohammed Liaqat White Joel Hoyte Pass
17 Melanie Davis White Matthew Jackson Pass
18 Olivia Jackson White Paul Busby Pass
19 Joe Holloway White Paul Busby Pass
20 Kieran James White Paul Busby Pass
21 Jen Cole White Paul Busby Pass
22 Nicole Faers White Paul Busby Pass
23 Chris Morris White Corey Cain Pass
24 Sam Reynolds White Matthew Jackson Pass
25 Maurice Latif Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
26 Ceira Newell Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
27 Madison Tillyer Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
28 Daniel Kelley Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
29 Isabella Hester Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
30 Alex Dornin Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
31 Danny Farley Blue Paul Busby Pass
32 Adrija Jasiunas Blue Paul Busby Pass
33 Jack Stallwood Blue Paul Busby Pass
34 Emily Spooner Blue Paul Busby Pass
35 George McDonald Blue Paul Busby Pass
36 Tyrese Browne Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
37 Muhammed Zahab Jahangir Blue Mark Nichols Pass
38 Joseph Wilson Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
39 Daniel Paice Blue Paul Busby Pass
40 Liam Butters Blue Paul Busby Pass
41 Aaron Adamson Blue Paul Busby Pass
42 Eric Sharma Blue Paul Busby Pass
43 Triti Panda Blue Paul Busby Pass
44 Sorrin Ruffell Blue Gary Thorne Pass
45 Michael Culkin Blue Gary Thorne Pass
46 Nicholas Woods Blue Mark Nichols Pass
47 Peter Wallace Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
48 Sydony Greenwood Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
49 Patrick Rudden Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
50 Hannah Camden Blue Paul Busby Pass
51 Kornelijus Jasiunas Blue Paul Busby Pass
52 Toby Hanscott Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
53 Seb Zywczynski Blue Paul Busby Pass
54 James Griffiths Blue Paul Busby Pass
55 Simon Verschuren Blue Paul Busby Pass
56 Naqash Iqbal Orange Corey Cain Pass
57 Dhuvaragan Sivakumar Orange Corey Cain Pass
58 Youhanna Latif Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
59 Paige Lambourne Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
60 Oliver Killbourne Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
61 Harry Windsor Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
62 Annabel Tillyer Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
63 Lily Gvero Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
64 Jamie Dobson Orange Paul Busby Pass
65 Joe Barry Orange Paul Busby Pass
66 Gurneet Brar Orange Fitzroy Conner Pass
67 Joe Payne Orange Gary Thorne Pass
68 Slav Gvero Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
69 William Stallwood Orange Paul Busby Pass
70 Suzie McPherson Orange Paul Busby Pass
71 Peter O’Neil Orange Paul Busby Pass
72 Iain Botting Orange Paul Busby Pass
73 Joseph Johnston Green Matthew Jackson Pass
74 Max Marsh Green Matthew Jackson Pass
75 Phoebe Rhodes Green Paul Busby Pass
76 Connie Priest Green Paul Busby Pass
77 Mika Turner Green Paul Busby Pass
78 Fizzah Hussain Green Joel Hoyte Pass
79 Zeeshan Akhtar Green Paul Busby Pass
80 Lewis Walls Green Paul Busby Pass
81 Areeb Hanif Green Paul Busby Pass
82 Harvey Bell Green Paul Busby Pass
83 Daniel Becque Green Matthew Jackson Pass
84 Mat Siemaszko Green Paul Busby Pass
85 Caine Northway Green Paul Busby Pass
86 Conor  McCarthy Green Corey Cain Pass
87 Ryan Gallagher Green Matthew Jackson Pass
88 William Britton Green Paul Busby Pass
89 Dean Northway Green Paul Busby Pass
90 Katalina Thoms Purple Corey Cain Pass
91 Hanisha Soni Purple Corey Cain Pass
92 Finn Cormican Purple Paul Busby Pass
93 Jay Jeans Brown Matthew Jackson Pass
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