Fun Games at E.Y.T. SPEED CHESS

One of the games that will be played at  End of Year Training Awards is Kickboxing Speed Chess. Many students have been asking how to play it, so here are the rules and what to expect. Some of the instructors may be playing it in your class over the next couple of days. Sparring equipment is neded to take part in this game

Speed Chess


Fun, encourage team work and strategy, improve sparring skills, to encourage sparring attacking.

2 helpers, 2 whistle 1 timer 2 soft batons/blockers

small area maximum half badminton court

Players full sparring equipment (see below)

3-5 players per team

1 king/queen (best technical player)

2 pawns (punch only no kickers worn)

2 Rooks (punch & kick full equipment)

(Click HERE for E.Y.T. tickets)

(pawns are useful if there are students without full equipment but may have gloves can borrow head guard, they will need their own gum shield!)

Game time kids 2 mins Adults 3 mins

Time stops every time the whistle is blown to signify a score (‘taken players’) and or knighting ceremony.

  • To win you must hit the king on opposing team above the waist in scoring area. If at the end of game time both kings/queens are in the game, the team with the most players wins. If the same amount of players are left in the game, the team with the highest valued players wins. (I.e. 1 knight & 1 rook beats 2 rooks.)
  • If you hit a pawn or rook that player is out of the game
  • Any player that is out gets taken. Taken means they stand behind the scoring team in horse riding stance for the remaining time of the game
  • Weapon bonus To encourage the king to fight (rather than sit on their throne and be protected) for the every team member they eliminate, they have opportunity turn one of their 2 rooks into a knight. The referee will then give the selected rook (knighting ceremony) the baton, known as The Blam Stick or ‘Blamma’. The knight may then have feet for kicking, 1 glove for punching and the Blam stick for blamming.

Please note

  • Only one ‘Blam Stick’ per team per game
  • If the knight gets eliminated the weapon is returned to the referee and is dead for the game

Players will get taken by default for the following reasons:

Failure to stop when whistle is blownGenesis MA - Corey Cain

Excessive contact

Leaving the chess playing area.

(Click HERE for E.Y.T. tickets)

Disqualifications will occur for the following reasons:

Arguing with the referee

Loss of temper


Demonstration of un sportsmanlike behaviour

If time runs out winning team is the team with most players

Losing team 1 token winning team 2 tokens

Tokens can be exchanged for treats & sweets throughout the day!

(Click HERE for E.Y.T. tickets)





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