End of Year Training & Awards F.A.Q.

One day to go before our great day arrives.

We have been showered with questions from many of you that have not attended before, so here are some answers to popular questions.

Will there be tickets available on the day?

Yes you will be able to pay on the day but not at the reduced early bird price.

Do we need to wear our uniform?

No uniform is not compulsary but you need to wear clothing that is loose & comfortable so that you can move freely and have fun. We recommend you wear your uniform trousers/tracksuit bottoms and a Genesis T shirt. If you wish to be photographed and featured in our reports please wear a Genesis uniform or Genesis T Shirt/Hoodie.

Do we need to attend all of the sessions advertised?

No you do not. All attendees are free to pick and choose which sessions they wish to take part in. However some sessions that require equipment such as weapons training maybe closed off when full. If you wish to just bounce around on the castle or just play some of the mini challenges on the day to win prizes, that’s fine.

What do we do with tokens that we receive after completing a session?

Every youth participant will be given some tokens after a session. They can save the tokens up to go to the Genesis Tuck shop and get free treats!!!

What equipment will we need to bring?Genesis MA - Junior Kickboxing

If you are coming to play speed chess in a session or on the bouncy castle you will need full sparring equipment. For Pyramid pad session you will need gloves and focus mitts. there will be a small selection of equipment and merchandise on sale for you if you wish to purchase items on the day.

Will there be anywhere to leave our kit?

There are lockers in the entrance area of the Leisure centre but you will need to bring a padlock to secure it. We will be providing a small area in the hall for people to leave their bags and kit but it will only be small and will not be securely monitored. If you have any valuables or items of high importance please do not leave then unattended.


Look forward to seeing you all, if you have any other questions please ask your instructor directly.

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