Dragons Breath Fire at D-Day

Genesis Martial Arts Dragons

In every martial artists life there comes a time when they have to ask themselves does what I’m learning actually work? The only way to answer that question is to compete, but competition isn’t for everyone only a select few ever do and far less on a long term consistent basis. To do so, an athlete needs to be physically and mentally prepared with the belief that they cannot be beaten, this takes a fighters mentality, so for a child to believe themselves ready for the challenge is rare and not to be under estimated.

On Saturday the 19 November 2011 Genesis Martial Arts was set a challenge by Watford Freestyle, their best young fighters against our best young fighters at D-Day. Now the challenge for Genesis is that we tend not to take our junior fighters to competitions as so few have competed and we tend to focus of older students.

Fortunately for us we have plenty of students to choose from but there in lies the problem. How to choose? The first hurdle was to see if we could put together a team of 3 girls and 2 boys to rise to the challenge. The students picked for the team were Fifi Birgani and Prabsharn Aujla from Beaconsfield and Zoe Glove from Wycombe along with Zain Iqbal from High Wycombe and Shaye Pearson from Beaconsfield. Of the 5 picked only Zain and Prabsharn had tasted competition before for the rest it was their first time!

The competition itself was hosted by Dave Ryan from Watford Freestyle and proved as always to be a pretty decent show, with the kids fighting first. Challenge number one! How do you get 5 kids into a ring?

No one thing everyone should know about Dave Ryan is that his team always come to fight no matter the age or size and his Lil Renegades were no exception. Matched up according to size and gender they came out looking technically superb for such youngsters. The Genesis Team struggled with the offence of the more aggressive Watford Team through out but hung in there to do themselves proud. Watford won through accumulative points over the 5 matches comfortably although the young Genesis Squad remained steadfast and close knit, but above all they all enjoyed the experience and were keen to compete again.

Genesis Martial Arts would like to that Dave Ryan and Watford Freestyle for the invite and for supporting us in our future endeavors!

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