Cimac Superleague Windsor 27th May 2012 Results

Cimac Superleague Windsor 2012

Genesis Martial Arts fielded a 9 strong team at the Cimac Superleague Martial Arts Competition at the Windsor Leisure Centre on the 27th May 2012 on a day where it was a sweltering 30 degrees outside.

Cimac Superleague Organiser Neville Ray started the days proceedings with an emotional announcement following the untimely loss of his friend Tony Cashman. Neville requested everyone in attendance show their respect by holding a minutes silence for Tony. Tony was a great individual, a father, husband, grandfather and a martial artist. For many years Genesis and Genesis Instructors have been proud to call themselves friends of Tony and his son Jacey and his young family. Tony will be greatly missed and we wish his family all the best.

Genesis Unleashed Fight Team members Archie Thompson, Shannon Barlow, Kieran Johnson and Louise Birkett looked to build on their league table results for the year by picking up further points for placing first second or third in the respective events. Joined by the youngest member of the Genesis Squad Waleed Bin Akram the leader of the boys under 4ft 2 section and Armid Akram leader of the mens under 75kg intermediate leader board. They were also looking to secure victory towards the grand champion award at the end of the year and securing slots on the Genesis Unleashed Fight Team.

In the Boy’s under 4ft 2 section Waleed Bin Akram secured victory after 3 rounds of strategic attacking and countering. He continues to lead the chase for the boys under 4ft 2 Grand Champion title and may soon be sporting the smallest suit in the Unleashed Fight Team.

Luke Simmons competed in just second competition ever and did himself proud in both semi contact and light continuous sections. In the first round of the light contact section Luke worked hard and pressed his opponent to a tight decision defeat. In his semi contact category Luke fought the best coach Matt Jackson has seen from him to date as he is getting to grips with the competing. In the first round fighting perfectly to direction Luke comfortably won picking up his first competition victory. In the second round Luke went behind early due to two head kicks from his awkward opponent but come storming back to within 1 point having worked out his opponents range and timing. Although Luke was beaten he secured a moral victory and showed a vision of what promises to be a bright future.

Luke was joined in the boys light continuous under 5ft section by the unbreakable  Archie Thompson who once again secured victory and added maximum points to his Grand Championship points tally. Proving that 2 is always better than one Archie added the boys semi contact under 5ft 2 section title to his haul to complete a flawless days work.

Kieran Johnson added a further 8 points to extend his lead in the Novice boys under 5ft 2 section securing 3rd place, which he followed up with two victories in the boys under 5ft 2 advance section before exciting.

A newly focus Louise Birkett returned from injury to secure victory in the Girls over 5ft 2 light continuous section with a measured performance. In the final of the girls over 5ft 2 semi contact section Louise met PKA’s Top Girl Chantelle Reid and kept on level terms with the Derby fight until half way through the round when Chantelle edged ahead. Despite this it was a greatly needed confidence boost for Louise to win 2nd place.

Shannon Barlow is still in with a chance to catch the leader on the Grand Champion tally as she currently sits in joint second place 4 points behind the leader and added 8 more points to her tally winning 3rd in the girls under 5ft 2 semi contact section. Shannon also competed in the girls under 60kg section in what was a straight final. A clash 7 seconds from the end of the round left Shannon with a blooding nose which required first aid. Unfortunately the referee deemed that Shannon exceeded the 2 minute maximum time allowance for a first aid stoppage during a bout and deemed her unable to continue in accordance with WAKO rules. It was a bitter pill for Shannon to swallow as she was level on points with her opponent and wanted to continue.

Newcomer Ellis Banning has recently come over to the Genesis Team from Pegasus Martial Arts and is a great addition to the team. Specialising in light continuous Ellis showed great mat awareness and technique to secure second place in the final of the girls under 5ft 2 light continuous section.

Cimac Superleague WindsorArmid Akram has been on the cusp of Unleashing a memorable performance all year and today it came. Along with Fight Team member Craig Johnson Armid cut through the competition in the men’s intermediate under 75kg section meeting Craig in the final. Almost true to his word Coach Matt Jackson sat as a spectator watching the final dispatching minimal coaching to both fighters whilst watching the two friends put on a technical show point after point. Ultimately it was Craig’s superior speed and countering that won the day but Armid push him to his limit and both young fighter put on a performance of skill and tactics to make any instructor proud.


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