Northants Open results 6th May 2012

Northants Open Results - Genesis Martial Arts

Genesis Martial Arts continued with the growth of their Fight Team and Squad at the Northants Open in Wellingborough. 

 Established Genesis Unleashed Fight Team members Archie Thompson, Shannon Barlow and Brad Reason led a 9 strong team and were joined by competition new comers AJ Gunasingham, Ven Gunasingham and Luke Simmons.

 Waleed Bin Akram continued his impressive run winning the boys under 140cm semi contact section, and also competed in his first ever light contact section. This first round was an incredibly tight affair and required the referees to confer on their decision but ultimately Waleed was denied the victory for failing to throw the minimum number of kicks within the round.

 Luke Simmons fighting in his first competition took part in the boys under 160cm novice sections in semi contact and light continuous. Luke lost a tight first round 5-6 in semi contact going behind early on but gradually pegged his opponent back as he got into his stride and demonstrating he is a talent for the future. In the fight contact section Luke lost his first round to the eventual section winner but won his next bout which was a fight off for 3rd place.

 Ven Gunasingham stormed his way to victory in the boys under 150cm novice semi contact section. Ven also competed in the novice light contact section against a frenetic opponent and was unable to get into his stride due to the pace and heavy shots which the referees seemed to let go through out the day, ultimately losing a scrappy first round.

 AJ Gunasingham, Vens big brother took part in the boys under 160cm sections in light contact and semi contact winning 3rd place in the light contact section after having to face team mate Archie Thompson in the semi final. He also made it through to the second round in semi contact.

 Helene Weaver has been out of completion for a year and returned looking for success with a conversion from semi contact to light continuous. Entering the semi contact section as a warm up Helene was soundly beaten but ready for the light contact section. In the girls over 160cm light contact section Helene fought to instruction and out worked and over whelmed her opponents in the first and second rounds fighting perhaps the best she has ever looked. In the final Helene met a Team Storm Fighter who just wouldn’t be denied. Putting up a valiant fight Helen was unable to match her rival for speed movement or power and Coach Matt Jackson called a halt to the bout unhappy with the high level of contact. Helene secured a second place win.

 Fight Team member Archie Thompson continued his winning ways with wins in the boys under 160cm in semi contact and light continuous, and cemented himself as the top Genesis fighter of the year to date.

 Not to be out done Archie’s teammate and semi contact specialist Shannon Barlow stormed her way to victory in the girls advanced under 160 cm semi contact section and secured victory in her first ever light continuous competition.

 Armid Akram had a straight final in the men’s under 75kg section but a slow start gave his opponent the lead he needed and Armid was unable to claw back the early lead. He also took place in the advanced section and was introduced to the skill gap between the intermediate and blackbelt section on route to his first round exit.

16 year old Brad Reeson made it through to the final in the boys over 160cm advanced section narrowly missing out in the final taking a silver. Brad also competed in the men’s advanced section existing in the 3rd round.

Coach Matt Jackson also entered the Genesis Squad into the semi contact and light continuous team sections to test the team believing with the correct match ups they could emerge victorious.

 In the first round of the semi team section Genesis faced the Fighting Fit Team fielding Brad, Archie, Shannon, AJ and Ven, to secure the victory. In the second round Genesis fought the Welsh Storm team who fielded a team with 2 girls and a fighter under 140cm. Genesis fielded a team to match which included Brad, Helene, Shannon, AJ and Waleed and again won picking up the gold in the semi contact team event.


Fighting Fit and Storm fought the fight of their lives to challenge Genesis in the final of the light contact section. With the crowd on their feet Storm fielded an under sized team member and two girls which required a girl to fight one of Fighting Fits boys. Overall it was a tight match but Fighting Fit were victorious and met Genesis in the Final.

Genesis final Team was lead of with semi contact specialist Brad Reeson fighting his first ever light continuous bout securing a victory by using his superior speed and movement to win. Shannon Barlow followed up with another win as did Archie Thomson. New comer Luke Simmons filled in a much need place and although was unable to secure the victory earned some valuable experience. Special thanks to Peter Felix from Nemesis Martial Arts for letting Genesis borrow his young protégé Sam to anchor the team and fill our missing spot and securing the Teams 4th victory to secure victory once again.

 Special thanks once again to parents Mohammed, Kevin and Stewart.


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