Black Belt & Brown White Stripe Grading Results

A BIG well done & congratulations to all students that

attended the grade test  at the weekend for Brown Belt White Stripe and Black Belt 1st Dan.

On Sunday we witnessed these 3 students grit their teeth and give all they had before our senior grading panel. There was sweat, tears, cramp and spasms but all endured to complete the grading giving an honest representation of themselves & Genesis Martial Arts. If you see these students in your club at your next session please take the time to congratulate them as they really do deserve it.

Results are posted below

Brown & White Stripe Belt

Jamie Wilkinson     Pass 80.5%

Anastasia Bergman  Pass 80.5%


Black Belt 1st Dan

Greg Wilkinson       Pass  81%

All belts will be awarded to these successful students at our End of Year Training & Awards. Please join us on what will be a wonderful day!




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