Black Belt & Brown White Stripe Grade Results

Sunday 13th December marked a very special day for Genesis Martial Arts students who were taking their brown white stripe & black belt 1st Dan grading tests. I’m sure this a day that all black belt students will not forget in a hurry and hopefully successful brown white stripe students will get to experience in the not too distant future.

Awards for all black belt gradings will take place at our end of year ‘Gener8te’ event.

 Well done to all who participated, results are as follows:Black Brown White Stripe Grade Martial Arts


Brown / White Stripe belt: Duration 2 hours

Average Mark = 83%

Pass Mark = 80%


Paul Thomas: 84.7%

Tania Preece: 84.8%

Cyrous Birgani: 81.8%

Arniel Perez: 83.3%

Dylan Timms: 84.5%

Joycee Aleligay: 80.8%

Kelly Dennington Holdrick: 81.7%

Ken Dennington Holdrick: 84.5%

Junior Black Belt 1st Dan: Duration 3hrs

Average Mark = 88%

Pass Mark = 85%

 Alex Connolly: 85.5%

Charlie Mullins: 87.7%

Black Belt 1st Dan: Duration 4.5hrs

Average Mark = 88% (83% 45yrs+)

Pass Mark = 85% (80% 45yrs +)

Thomas Walsh: 87.7%

Andrew Vickery: 91.5%

Gary Jones: 89%

Nick Wilson: 91.2%

Mark Clancy: 85%

Vanessa Maizey: 86.3%


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