April 2018 Juniors and Adults Main Grading Results

A Huge congratulations to everyone that took part in our kickboxing grading today, here are the students that successfully passed and achieved their next belt.

Score sheets, feedback and certificates will be available from your instructor in class within the next 14 days.


Student Belt Instructor Pass
1 Harley Wallen White Corey Cain Pass
2 Noah Sylvester White Corey Cain Pass
3 Albie East White Gary Jones Pass
4 Liann Noble White Gary Jones Pass
5 Alice Miles White Gary Jones Pass
6 Isobel North White Gary Jones Pass
7 Blake Sylvester White Corey Cain Pass
8 Oscar Davies White Corey Cain Pass
9 Samuel Smith White Trevor John Pass
10 Hayden Wilson White Gary Jones Pass
11 Joel Cheshire White Corey Cain Pass
12 Harrison Gilmour White Gary Jones Pass
13 Milah Ponce White Gary Jones Pass
14 Isla Wicks White Corey Cain Pass
15 Oliver Beasley White Gary Jones Pass
16 Sophie Elwahsh White Trevor John Pass
17 Rahul Kothari White Fitzroy Connor Pass
18 Josh Regan White Mark Nichols Pass
19 Lucas Regan White Mark Nichols Pass
20 Molly Spicer White Fitzroy Connor Pass
21 Rajanae Derby White Corey Cain Pass
22 Lukas Edwards White Matthew Jackson Pass
23 Rashaad-Malique Derby White Corey Cain Pass
24 Dylan Solanki White Fitzroy Connor Pass
25 Ketura Fraser White Matthew Jackson Pass
26 Jayden Fraser White Matthew Jackson Pass
27 Alison Turton White Gary Jones Pass
28 Amelie Holder White Philip Higgins Pass
29 Aida Sancho Lopez White Gary Jones Pass
30 Tammy Robinson White Philip Higgins Pass
31 Ryan Kimble White Paul Busby Pass
32 Ari Vartiainen White Joel Hoyte Pass
33 Angus Johnstone White Matthew Jackson Pass
34 Brody Francis White Richard Salter Pass
35 Steven Mcenteggart White Corey Cain Pass
36 Taran Buttar White Gary Jones Pass
37 Husein White Matthew Jackson Pass
38 Leo Simpson White Gary Jones Pass
39 Stuart Collins White Gary Thorne Pass
40 Riley Edwards White Matthew Jackson Pass
41 Amira Ahmed Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
42 Adam Maaref Blue Philip Higgins Pass
43 Rocco Picciano Blue Gary Jones Pass
44 Warwick Jones Blue Gary Jones Pass
45 Eshal Zeeshan Blue Corey Cain Pass
46 Daniyal Zeeshan Blue Corey Cain Pass
47 Ridley Charles Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
48 Kamran Khan Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
49 Sameer Khan Blue Corey Cain Pass
50 James Mcdermott Blue Corey Cain Pass
51 Phoebe Gardner Blue Gary Thorne Pass
52 Shaquille Keith Mccalmon Blue Gary Thorne Pass
53 Anthony Ekundayo Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
54 Ellie Lothian Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
55 Miles Dornin Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
56 Alexandra  Vocht Blue Corey Cain Pass
57 Ceira Newell Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
58 Lydia Adams Orange Philip Higgins Pass
59 Anna Katrina Dumdum Orange Trevor John Pass
60 Brandon Shead Orange Philip Higgins Pass
61 Edward Dornin Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
62 Daniel Kelley Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
63 Alex Dornin Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
64 Monty Fox Orange Philip Higgins Pass
65 Tyrese Yearwood Orange Mark Nichols Pass
66 Connor Kennedy Orange Corey Cain Pass
67 Peter Wallace Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
68 Olivia Jackson Orange Paul Busby Pass
69 Nick Robinson Orange Gary Thorne Pass
70 Mohammed Liaqat Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
71 Patrick Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
72 Daniel Sendroiu Orange Gary Thorne Pass
73 Simon Verschuren Orange Richard Salter Pass
74 Andrzej Skocz Orange Fitzroy Connor Pass
75 Toby Hanscott Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
76 Jack Stallwood Green Philip Higgins Pass
77 Danny Farley Green Philip Higgins Pass
78 Lucca Greig Green Gary Jones Pass
79 Liam Butters Green Gary Jones Pass
80 Alexander Bergman Green Fitzroy Connor Pass
81 Lily Gvero Green Matthew Jackson Pass
82 Slav Gvero Green Matthew Jackson Pass
83 Sorrin Ruffell Green Gary Thorne Pass
84 Joe Payne Green Gary Thorne Pass
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