Genesis Interclub Tournament

Sunday 7th July

Wycombe Leisure Centre

Handy Cross, High Wycombe HP11 1UP

Doors open at 8:45am am

Thank you to everyone that entered the Genesis Interclub Tournament this Sunday.

Doors open at 8:45am and fighting starts at 9:15am.

Below is a schedule of fights. This is only a guide so please arrive early to be sure you don’t miss your category. Also categories could be subject to change on the day.

If you have entered, please check through all the categories for your name. If your name does not appear please email

Entry for the competition has now closed, however if you do not have spectators tickets they are still available Please be aware, spectators tickets are only available online,  they will not be available on the door.

To save time on the day, please have proof of entry on your phone ready to show to organisers.

Area 1


Category 1 – Area 1

Ila Miller Points     
Larae Blake Jennings 1 x 1:30 min round                 
Sienna Davis 9:15 – 9:30am


Category 4 – Area 1

Diya Shangari Points  
Maya Malik 1 x 1:30 min round
Emily Krupski 9:35 – 10:10am
Kleo Cain
Aryaa gupta
Ameliya Rahim


Category 7 – Area 1

Finlay Leach Points                      
Juyrel Hector 1 x 1:30 min round 
Theo Tufft 10:15 -11:00am
Adam Kucab
Cole Evans
Arvin Chawla
Edward Mruk


Category 9 – Area 1

Kunwarjot Singh Points                      
Riley Coles 1 x 1:30 min round
Ayrton Miller 11:15 – 11:50am
Qaim Ayub
Carlo Sepede
Caleb Khalil Elias

Area 2


Category 2 – Area 2

Muhammad-Mahmood Ghafar Points
Tudor Canta 1 x 1:30 min round  
Muhammad-Yusuf Ghafar 9:15 – 9:50am
David Mazilu
James Sheppard


Category  5 – Area 2

Sarah Hussain Points
Felicity Challenor 1 x 1:30 min round  
Rithika Yerrroju 9:55 – 10:10am


Category  10 – Area 2

Krish Shangari Light Contact
Harrison Clarke 1 x 2 minute round   
Ayub Rehman  10:15 – 11:30am
Aditya Agrawal
Sam Hellewell
Jenson Nursey
Dylan Springsguth
James Vickery
James Heaven
Noah Sylvester
Owen Munro


Category  12 – Area 2

Kavan Purewal Light Contact                                  
Matthew Hector 2 x 2 Rounds 
11:35 – 11:45am

Area 3


Category 3 – Area 3

Luna Pitt Points   
Taybah Ayub  1 x 1:30 min round 
Ruby Butler 9:15 – 9:30am


Category 6 – Area 3

Chase Boorman Points          
Aadam Rahim 1 x 1:30 min round 
Aad Thomas 9:35 – 10:10am
Haris Kamara
Benjamin Pitkim
Marcel Hector


Category 8 – Area 3

Neven Smith Points          
Nathan Malik 1 x 1:30 min round
Michael Ekundayo 10:15 – 11:15am
Barney Barker
Zain Ayub
Jai Nursey
Muhammad-Ali Ghafar
Noah Legge
Markel Jackson


Category 11 – Area 3

Joshua Dann-Smith Light Contact
Ed Dornin 1 x 2 minute round     
Jake Samuel 11:20 – 11:45am
Tyrell Gardner

All competitors are required to wear a full Genesis Gi or Genesis t-shirt and to have full sparring protection to compete although no belts are required to be worn on the day. Students without full uniform or protective equipment my not be eligible to take part, so please ensure you have all your equipment.

A dipped foam head guard; 6oz or 10oz Boxing Gloves (Closed fingered); a gum shield; dipped foam shin pads; dipped foam foot pads and groin guards (for boys)

Full sparring equipment needed consists of

Head guard

Boxing Gloves


Shin guards

Mouth guard

Groin Guard

Participants with only 2 in their category are scheduled for 2 x 2minute rounds. For categories or 3 or more all competitors are guaranteed 2 fights and categories of 3 students or more area guaranteed a minimum of 3 fights.

A polite reminder that this is an amateur competition aimed at getting students into competing with the goal to progress to regional and national competitions. Therefore, we encourage you to cheer students on for all bouts even if you do not know who they are. Competition is nerve racking and your support and positivity can help to give students much needed confidence as not all competitors will be victorious on the day. All our officials will be volunteering their time on the day so please do your best to help us run the day efficiently.