Unleashed 3 – The Fight Show – Report

Sunday 15th April saw the return of the Genesis Martial Arts Fightshow, with Unleashed 3. With 2 previously sold out events, UNLEASHED – The Fight Show has been a huge success for Genesis Martial Arts in the last 12 months. Initially put together as a replacement to poorly supported inter club tournaments, the Unleashed shows have presented a truly professional platform from which students of all ages and levels can safely test their skills in a competitive environment.

 After several male title bouts leading the last cards, it was decided that this was the time for the women to shine, with Genesis attracting 2 of the countries leading kickboxing women to battle for a Genesis Belt and title. As last time, UNLEASHED 3 delivered with a great venue, plenty of seats, a top notch audio system (complete with our very own dancing DJ), a food pre order service, a raffle with some serious prizes, and a host of fights, demonstrations and dancing entertainment by our First Aider Joel. Yet again, for anyone living in the local area with an interest in Martial Arts, they must simply have been crazy to miss this!

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The Fights:    

1.   Soroush Mahdavi Vs. Peter Clothier (W)

The intention here was to start the show with a bang. Both Soroush and Peter are unbeaten in Genesis Fightshows, both are at the same grade level, are around the same weight, and have similar experience. We all knew this was going to be close and it didn’t disappoint. Peter started with the upper hand in round one, picking up points on Soroush, with slightly better technical work. Soroush as always piled the pressure on, relentlessly working and coming forwards. Round one however to Peter. This was the flip side in round 2 where Soroush showed he had slightly more left in the tank, taking the fight to Peter. This was as close as you can get on the score cards! Peter wins by a VERY CLOSE split decision and moves to 2 wins 0 losses.

Result: Split Decision, Peter Clothier.


2.   Kris Salter (KJJ Langley) Vs. Armid Akram (W)

Here we had Genesis Jujitsu Instructor Richard Salter’s son Kris, up against Armid Akram. Kris, a skilled jujitsu student, is no stranger to kickboxing either, presenting tournament and Genesis Fight Team regular Armid with an unknown task. Round one started and it was all Armid, picking plenty of points up by picking his shots and using precise, technical movement. Kris was unfazed however, keeping the pressure on as much as he could. Round one to Armid. Round 2 was the total reverse. After a knockdown (which didn’t score), Kris really fired himself into life, clearly winning the round over a very tired Armid, who seemed to have used most of his energy in the previous round. This was the closest fight of the day. With the score cards totally tied, an independent adjudicator was called in to make the final call. After several minutes of conferring, a split decision was awarded to Armid. Is a rematch on the cards?

Result: Split Decision, Armid Akram


3.  Josh Etherington (W) Vs. Callum Bray

Next up it was time for the young Dragons to show they have as much skill, heart and desire to win as the older guys! Dragons compete in Genesis shows under semi contact (points fighting) rules. Josh, a previous winner from Unleashed 2 was up against first time competitor Callum Bray from Beaconsfield. After an energetic ring entrance from Josh, he used the same skills that won him his last fight, showing impressive speed on his attack to take the first round score to 9-7 in his favour. Callum was having none of this though, pulling the score even in the second round before taking the lead. The lead score went back and forth, resulting in a draw at the end of round 2, 19-19! An extra 30 seconds was allocated, with Josh utilising his fast attacking speed, taking the overtime score to 4-2. An excellent performance from both!

Result: Josh Etherington, 4-2 in overtime


4.  Ajanthan Gunasingham (W) Vs. Kavanagh Jones

Here we had up and coming Ajanthan (AJ), up against the experience of Kavanagh (Kav), coming off his last win on the Unleashed 2 show. This was to be yet another hotly contested match up. Both have been training hard for this bout, with both showing clear determination to win from the off. AJ’s tactic was to pick shots and move, and then to follow up by overpowering Kav on the attack. Kav’s tactic was to keep the work rate high and score as much as possible. AJ took round one based on movement and power, however round 2 was incredibly close with Kav upping his work rate and instigating more attacks.

Result: Split Decision, Ajanthan Gunasingham


 Jujitsu / Self Defence Demonstration

Next up was a break from the fighting, with a Jujitsu and Self Defence Demonstration by Richard Salter’s KJJ Club from Langley in Slough. Richard is now teaching Jujitsu for Genesis, every week at the new Genesis Gym, however here it was his turn to relax for a while and let his students showcase their skills.

Here we had 2 young students, Tommy and Jasmine, along with Kris Salter, looking refreshed after his earlier battle with Armid Akram. Kris was certainly the victim here, with young Tommy (half his size) and Jasmine (two thirds his size) taking it in turn to show a vast variety of self defence locks, takedowns and submissions. Jujitsu is a very popular Martial Art for both self defence and sporting (MMA) purposes (plus it’s just good fun). Anyone interested in learning jujitsu or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) should definitely check out one of Richards classes in the local area, or pop along to 3 The Hard Way, the Genesis Seminar in May.



5.   Craig Johnson Vs. Tom Stone (W)

Another great match up! Both are unbeaten in Genesis Fightshows. Genesis Unleashed Fight Team member Craig is a regular on the tournament circuit, up against Tom, also unbeaten in Genesis shows and a recent and very hopeful new proposition on the tournament scene.

This fight started furiously, with Craig using all his speed and energy to surprise Tom with an overpowering range of hand techniques. This pace lasted well into the second minute, with Tom picking shots on any opportunity through Craig’s relentless attacking. Pacing was on everyone’s minds and to no surprise the fight began to settle towards the end of the first round. Round two started and it was clear Craig was running out of steam….. fast! Tom’s clinical picking of shots was now really taking it’s toll. With several stops due to a persistent nose bleed on Craig, Tom had begun his disection of a very tired Craig, by the end of round 2 we had our winner.

Result: Unanimous Decision, Tom Stone.


Next up was a interval, followed by the raffle, with great prizes including a top of the range SAP Headguard, SAP Bag gloves, Focus Pads, Wine (!) and a £500 gym membership to a top local gym!


6.   Callum Muirhead (W) Vs. Bradley Whicker

After the interval it was the turn of the Dragons again. Bradley was a last minute replacement for an ill Hakeem Ali. Bradley, having just turned 7 years old and never having any form of competition experience before, was clearly not going to get fazed by the occasion, nor the spot lights, nor the 150 spectators! I think everyone wishes they were like that at 7!

Despite a size disadvantage, it was Bradley who quickly took the lead, taking his time and scoring well on the counter punch to go 3 points up. Callum made his way back though! With Bradley changing his tactic to more attacking, Callum worked well on the counters to pull the scores even, before eventually taking and maintaining the lead. Bradley, now keen for points was forced to attack, opening himself for more impressive counter shots by Callum. A great performance from both youngsters!

Result: Callum Muirhead 16-10

7.   Gabriel Perez (W) Vs. Aaron Dancer

We had guessed that this was to be a hard hitting bout and it didn’t disappoint. Both late teenagers, these guys showed they have as much power as any similar sized adult, with hard hitting, but controlled and skilful shots and combinations from both.

As per several other fights on the bill, it was Gabriel who looked to be picking his shots more, working well on his counter techniques and movements, to try and upset the movement of Aaron, who was keen to pile the pressure on and give no room nor space to Gabriel. Round 1 and there wasn’t much in it! Round 2 came and we now had several stoppages due to a nose bleed on Aaron. Gabriel pushed on with picking his shots and using movement, with Aaron finishing round 2 very strongly, another close bout!

Result: Split Decision, Gabriel Perez


Jon Johnny Street Dance Demonstration

And now, for something totally different! Street Dance has become hugely popular in the last few years, especially so after the showing of Diversity and Flawless on Britains Got Talent. After a brief intro we had a group performance from 9 dancers, followed by individual performances, including a star performance from their youngest member, age 18 months…..



8.   Tommy Clattonberg (KJJ Langley) Vs. Venothan Gunasingham (W)

Here we had another unknown match, with Jujitsu student Tommy (earlier demonstrating his self defence skills), back in the ring against Ajanthan’s younger brother Venothan (Ven – you won’t say those 2 names in a hurry) in his first competitive experience. Well, what a match! This proved perhaps the fight of the day. Superbly matched in both size and skill, these guys both showed AMAZING skills, with great techniques, great timing, superb movement and a solid work rate throughout 2 highly entertaining rounds. An official warning to Ven for a low kick meant he had even more work to do to get a win. At one stage we had Tommy pull out a technically perfect ‘superman’ punch, and with everyone applauding that one Ven did exactly the same move in return. A great bout, with no real loser.

Result: Split Decision, Venothan Gunasingham


9.   Waleed Akram (W) Vs Ellis Tonna Henry.

With only 2 fights to go surely it wasn’t possible to have yet another one go down the wire? Yet again, this one did! Waleed, now considered a veteran of Unleashed shows (at age 8) and recent National Tournament winner, was up against Ellis Tonna Henry in his first competitive match. Despite the difference in experience, from the word go it was Ellis however who was ahead, up 3 points by the end of round one, using powerful and well timed blitzing and movement. Waleed’s usually successful counters weren’t working as well this time, with some scoring but many getting over powered by Ellis’s movement and power. Ellis was up by 3 points at the end of round one.

Round 2 and there was a change of tactics in the Waleed camp, less counter kicks and more hand attacks, aiming to use the front hand. This helped get the score more even, with less than a second on the clock Waleed scores a defensive kick to pull the scores even at 16-16. 30 seconds overtime was calling!

An incredibly close and intense overtime saw Waleed pull ahead by 1 point. For a man with no previous tournament experience however, Ellis is clearly one to watch, and will certainly be back!

Result: Overtime, Waleed wins by 1.



After 2 fight shows showing some of the best male talent in the country, it was time for the women to show they can do their thing just as well!

Lisa was a last minute replacement for this title bout, replacing Katy from Derby with less than a weeks notice! The fight was set for 5x 2.5 minute rounds.


Round 1 was very close, however it looked like Anne Marie was ahead, picking her shots more cleanly and landing telling hand combinations.

Round 2 came and it was pressure pressure pressure from Anne Marie, throwing and landing multiple combinations. Lisa however was not to be deterred, she was keeping her cool, taking her time and picking shots wherever possible.


Round 3 and now it looks like Anne Marie is perhaps tiring a bit, Lisa, having no doubt waited for this moment, takes the opportunity and picks up on her work rate, a very even round!

Round 4 and now it’s Lisa pulling ahead, skilfully picking her shots and out boxing Anne Marie, who is still working relentlessly.

Round 5 and now the crowd are really behind both girls, a great atmosphere. With several stoppages due to nose bleeds, the bout was turning bloody, with both faces clearly marked from such a hardly fought 10 minutes. Round 5 was Lisa’s round, utilising her boxing skills to pull ahead.


With the first 2 rounds to Anne Marie, and the last 2 rounds to Lisa (from my very unofficial score card / scrap of paper), it was anyones guess as to how the referee’s picked this one.


After an announcement regarding our 100 rounds of sparring for a Pancreatic Cancer Charity on May 13th, it was time for the decision.


Result: Split Decision, Lisa Haine!! Lisa becomes the new Ladies, under 70kg Genesis Title holder!


We are taking names from those interested in UNLEASHED 4. We are looking at hopefully TWO main male title bouts! With the return of Genesis Champion Matt Vladar, this will be a show NOT to be missed!! If you are keen to be added to what will be the most exciting line up yet, then we are after all levels and abilities: Men, women, girls, boys, points fighting or light contact. Once again we will bring you an awesome fight card complete with some of the best fighters you will see in the title bouts. If you are interested in appearing in the next show, please register your interest with any Genesis instructor. Keep your eyes peeled for further news for UNLEASHED 3, on Sunday October 21st 2012!

Many, many thanks to all our instructors and volunteers who made this show possible, along with our sponsors. Without their support this show would not have happened.



Many thanks to our main sponsor,  Yellow Fish Solutions, plus Hartgraph Print Solutions, Bray Bathrooms, Thames Graphics, SAP Sportswear, Steve Lodge Physiotherapy and Cressex Embroidery.

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