On Sunday 29th January five brave members made up the Genesis Tough Guy Team to take part in “the safest most dangerous event in the world”… Tough Guy Winter 2012!

Tough Guy 2012 Genesis Team


Travelling up to Wolverhampton on this foggy morning to discover what lies ahead revealed a carpet of white frost covering the fields and obstacles, with divers breaking the ice off the lakes!


Having signed a death warrant and collected their race numbers, the Genesis team assembled themselves at the start line and psyched themselves up for the eight mile assault course. The cannon fired to mark the start and 6,000 potential Tough Guys charged off on the cross-country run, with various obstacles along the way. Within five hundred metres, they were climbing up and over a series of log walls, jumping down into trenches filled with waist high muddy waters, only to continue running in water logged trainers, full of mud and stones.


This was followed by a series of log walls to climb and then downhill zigzags up and down treacherous steep muddy inclines, designed to test your calves! The course continued scrambling up muddy banks and sliding back into the water trenches, running on to cargo nets to tunnel under through smoke flares obscuring visibility.


Tough Guy 2012 - Genesis MAHaving completed the run, they arrived at the Killing Fields for the hardcore obstacles… Climbing cargo nets as high as houses, scaling ropes, squeezing throughtight tunnels in the pitch dark, avoiding cattle electric fence wires dangling down which give off a sharp jolt when soaking wet, wading through swamps, swimming across ice cold lakes and under wooden beams, hauling themselves over huge wooden barricades, squeezing through tyre tunnels, scrambling through thick mud where many almost lose their shoes,  crawling beneath barbed wire, running through tyre allies, jumping through walls of fire, walking the slippery plank and diving into smelly muddy water – so cold it takes your breath away!


Up to a third of all competitors fail to complete this gruelling course. All five Genesis Tough Guy Team members completed the course and made it to the finish – caked in mud, looking like swamp monsters, showing amazing spirit, pure grit and determination.


Genesis Tough Guy TeamWell done to Genesis Tough Guy Team members:

Tania Preece

Jenny South

Gary Cook

Trevor Hunter

Brendon Gilbert

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