Matt Loves A Tear Up

After many weeks of hard training, Genesis Martial Arts Black Belt Matthew Holland finally stepped into the cage in Bristol on Saturday night, as a part of the Tear Up MMA show.  Roughly 3,000 spectators watched the fight live, with coverage provided by Sky Sports and Clash TV.

Genesis Black Belt Matthew Holland

The show started fast with many of the first 8 bouts ending quickly in the first round. Some were over within 30 seconds! Between bouts we had some excellent performances from XMA Martial Artists and Capoeira. After a second break and demo, it was finally time for Matthew to approach the cage, helped along by Genesis Instructor Corey Cain and friend Jay Bacchus who were to work his corner.Matthew started explosively, proving his dominance on his stand up over his rival. Matthew worked the leg kicks well, landing several hard shots to his opponent’s front leg. The fight continued at this pace for around 1 minute, before it went to the ground. Matthew suddenly found himself looking at being taken by a guillotine move, a technique that had finished over half of the fights that evening. Matthew kept his cool, moved into side control, then gradually managed to stand up and force himself out of the lock, us supporters were getting nervous! Again the fight was back to stand up, and Matthew was again proving he was by far the stronger here, landing several leg kicks and punch combinations. Matthew’s opponent forced the clinch, and started working his knees. Again us supporters were getting nervous as Matt took a few hard knees to the body, but again kept his cool and worked his way out and away from the cage side.

The fight then went to the ground again, however it was evident Matt’s opponent was tiring! Was this Matts chance?! Within seconds Matthew managed to manoeuvre onto his opponents back, a critical position in ju-jitsu. With his opponent tiring, Matthew kept his cool and gradually worked in his arm across the neck into a choke position, a few seconds of struggle and it was all over!! A round one win, by submission, by a rear choke!!! Well done Matt!!!!! Genesis Instructor Corey Cain and friend Jay Bacchus rushed into the cage to pick Matt up and congratulate him. Matt had not only won in round one, but also ended his opponents 7 fight win streak.

A great night was had by all, followed by a long drive home and an early start the next day for the Genesis Black Belts for training!We are all immensely proud of Matthew’s achievement. This proves that his hard work and dedication, along with all our weeks of training, injuries, sweat and a bit of blood have proven to do the job. Thanks to everyone who have helped out this year, and bring on the next one! Matt Vladar is rumoured to be fighting this year too…… ;-)

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