Well done to everyone that took part in the main kickboxing grading today. Below is a list of all the students that passed. Your instructor will present you with you new Belt, certificates and feedback sheets in class in the next 14 days or so.

1 Ayooluwa Thomas White Matthew Jackson Pass
2 Luke Salt White Trevor John Pass
3 Naisha Kothari White Fitzroy Connor Pass
4 Jaden Glasgow White Matthew Jackson Pass
5 Caycee Collins White Fitzroy Connor Pass
6 Scarlett Hirst White Fitzroy Connor Pass
7 Nathan Lockwell White Matthew Jackson Pass
8 Ayden Patel White Matthew Jackson Pass
9 Bradley Augstein White Corey Cain Pass
10 Ionut David White Trevor John Pass
11 Tobi Kharbouch Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
12 Hassan Hussain Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
13 Omari Edwards Blue Fitzroy Connor Pass
14 Felicity Challenor Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
15 Rohan Kirby Tanales Blue Trevor John Pass
16 Jake Smith Blue Fitzroy Connor Pass
17 Eeshan Parker Blue Trevor John Pass
18 Evan Homer Blue Corey Cain Pass
19 Amirah Erraiss Blue Trevor John Pass
20 Ayub Rehman Blue Corey Cain Pass
21 Rayven Kyle Tanales Blue Trevor John Pass
22 Mohammed Mirza Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
23 Emad Haroon Blue Corey Cain Pass
24 Sammi Mohammed-Choudhry Blue Trevor John Pass
25 Charlie Budd Blue Trevor John Pass
26 Noa Cosentino Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
27 Rhys Nigel Tanales Blue Trevor John Pass
28 Leo Hellewell Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
29 Dawud Ashraf Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
30 Nikhita Khatwa Blue Fitzroy Connor Pass
31 Lucca Belshaw Blue Corey Cain Pass
32 Talha Zaib Blue Corey Cain Pass
33 Chyn Albania Blue Trevor John Pass
34 Shireen Kamara Blue Corey Cain Pass
35 Thomas Heaven Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
36 Sienna Moore Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
37 Ionut Onea Blue Gary Thorne Pass
38 Paramdeep Sidhu Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
39 Sam Murray Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
40 Muhammad Ahmed Blue Trevor John Pass
41 Thomas Gulian Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
42 Ethan Turner Blue Trevor John Pass
43 Leevi Edwards Blue Fitzroy Connor Pass
44 Adarsh Koti Orange Corey Cain Pass
45 Sameer Malik Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
46 Cyril Cyale Albania Orange Trevor John Pass
47 Sam Hellewell Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
48 Peggy Belshaw Orange Corey Cain Pass
49 Urooj Manee Blue Corey Cain Pass
50 Stephanie Heyworth Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
51 Ania Kozlowska Orange Gary Thorne Pass
52 Chris Loble Orange Corey Cain Pass
53 Sophia Moore Green Corey Cain Pass
54 Hali Bayliss Green Trevor John Pass
55 Ishaan Barthakur Green Corey Cain Pass
56 Akhila Koti Green Corey Cain Pass
57 Alfie Skipper Green Corey Cain Pass
58 Alex Dornin Green Matthew Jackson Pass
59 Pirasanna Balachandran Green Corey Cain Pass
60 Michelle Loble Green Matthew Jackson Pass
61 James Mcdermott Green Corey Cain Pass
62 Moya Saunders Green Matthew Jackson Pass
63 Dominic Roche Green Gary Thorne Pass