Well done to everyone that took part in the main kickboxing grading today. Below is a list of all the students that passed. Your instructor will present you with you new Belt, certificates and feedback sheets in class in the next 10 days or so.

Student Belt Instructor Pass
1 Alexander Neppalli White Matthew Jackson Pass
2 Jenson Nursey White Joel Hoyte Pass
3 Mohammed-Yousaf Ansar White Joel Hoyte Pass
4 Riya Chotai White Matthew Jackson Pass
5 Sarah Hussain White Matthew Jackson Pass
6 Kara Cullen White Fitzroy Connor Pass
7 Neve Cullen White Fitzroy Connor Pass
8 Yashvi Gadamsethi White Matthew Jackson Pass
9 Owen Munro White Fitzroy Connor Pass
10 Mohammed-Bilal Ansar White Joel Hoyte Pass
11 Martin Johnson White Matthew Jackson Pass
12 Khaysia Steer White Fitzroy Connor Pass
13 Peter Berron White Matthew Jackson Pass
14 Maya Malik Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
15 Isaiah Sylvester Blue Corey Cain Pass
16 Chriss Jinto Blue Fitzroy Connor Pass
17 Michael Ekundayo Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
18 Wardi Yusuf Blue Fitzroy Connor Pass
19 Amunet Hogan-Hackshaw Blue Corey Cain Pass
20 Abdul-Jaleel Ilechie Blue Fitzroy Connor Pass
21 Arjun Benawra Blue Fitzroy Connor Pass
22 Evie Francesca Grippaudo Blue Corey Cain Pass
23 Alison Bird Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
24 Abigail Smith Orange Corey Cain Pass
25 Angus Johnstone Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
26 Louie Hayers Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
27 Felicity Challenor Green Matthew Jackson Pass
28 Blake Sylvester Green Corey Cain Pass