Well done to everyone that took part in the main kickboxing grading today. Below is a list of all the students that passed. Your instructor will present you with you new Belt, certificates and feedback sheets in class in the next 10 days or so.

Student Belt Instructor Pass
1 Rohan Fakey White Jett Westwood Pass
2 Pragna Aavula White Joel Hoyte Pass
3 Hassan Kayani White Corey Cain Pass
4 Riley Coles White Matthew Jackson Pass
5 Toshani Mishra White Corey Cain Pass
6 Poppy Austen White Joel Hoyte Pass
7 Aryaa Gupta White Matthew Jackson Pass
8 Meher Khan White Jett Westwood Pass
9 James Vickery White Matthew Jackson Pass
10 Osman Umari White Joel Hoyte Pass
11 Barnaby Ko White Matthew Jackson Pass
12 Laasya Aavula White Joel Hoyte Pass
13 Xena Cousins White Joel Hoyte Pass
14 Freya Calam White Matthew Jackson Pass
15 Oliver Sheffield White Fitzroy Connor Pass
16 Olivia Neppalli White Matthew Jackson Pass
17 Jorge Roberts White Matthew Jackson Pass
18 Summer Dudman White Jett Westwood Pass
19 Charlie Ray White Joel Hoyte Pass
20 Arthur Salamov White Matthew Jackson Pass
21 Albert Heath White Matthew Jackson Pass
22 Kenya Crosby White Corey Cain Pass
23 Bethany Everitt White Matthew Jackson Pass
24 Jessica Walmsley White Jett Westwood Pass
25 Roshan Bagar White Matthew Jackson Pass
26 Muhammad-Ali Ghafar White Matthew Jackson Pass
27 Nefertiti Crosby White Corey Cain Pass
28 Samuel Rees White Matthew Jackson Pass
29 Grace Alexander White Matthew Jackson Pass
30 Lewis Wragg White Joel Hoyte Pass
31 Amunet Hogan-Hackshaw White Corey Cain Pass
32 Evie Grippaudo White Corey Cain Pass
33 Moses Kamara White Corey Cain Pass
34 James Khoury White Corey Cain Pass
35 Armaan Bagar White Matthew Jackson Pass
36 Thomas Nesbitt White Matthew Jackson Pass
37 Ameliyah Rahim Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
38 Abigail Smith Blue Corey Cain Pass
39 Jessie Chahal Blue Fitzroy Connor Pass
40 Selassie Crosby Blue Corey Cain Pass
41 Owais Sakender Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
42 Louie Cane Blue Corey Cain Pass
43 Taylor Williams Blue Corey Cain Pass
44 Starr Henry-Ames Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
45 Krish Shangari Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
46 Varya Mishra Blue Corey Cain Pass
47 Marissa Mistry Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
48 Dafydd Belshaw Blue Corey Cain Pass
49 Louie Hayers Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
50 Eva Parmar Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
51 Ra-EL Reece Orange Corey Cain Pass
52 Demmi Kothari Orange Fitzroy Connor Pass
53 Scarlett Hirst Orange Fitzroy Connor Pass
54 Nikhita Khatwa Orange Fitzroy Connor Pass
55 Noah Sylvester Orange Corey Cain Pass
56 Harrison Clarke Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
57 Sienna Moore Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
58 Blake Sylvester Orange Corey Cain Pass
59 Mohammed Salahudeen Mirza Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
60 Daniel Ingham Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
61 Bilal Hussain Orange Corey Cain Pass
62 Ibrahim Choudhary Orange Corey Cain Pass
63 Omari Edwards Green Fitzroy Connor Pass
64 Carmel Patch Green Corey Cain Pass
65 Jack Vartiainen Green Joel Hoyte Pass
66 Alicia Wengler Green Corey Cain Pass
67 Adarsh Koti Purple Corey Cain Pass
68 Ari Vartiainen Purple Joel Hoyte Pass