Cimac Superleague Windsor 25th March 2012 results

On the back of the Watford Open in January Genesis Martial Arts took an 11 strong team to the Windsor Cimac Superleague on the 25th March 2012.

Junior 8 year old Walled Bin Akram, was supported by Fight Team members, Archie Thompson, Kieran Johnson, Louise Birkett and Shannon Barlow.

Adults in attendance were Matt Vladar, Mike Wellington, Gary Cook, Greg Tiba Armid Akram and Tom Stone made his competition debut! Fight Team member Craig Johnson was also in attendance to add support to the team despite being unable to compete himself due to injury.

 In his second ever competition massive Bruce lee fan Waleed won all 3 of his fights to win his first ever competition in the boys 4ft 2 semi contact section demonstrating timing and patience beyond his years. Walled was over the moon with his win and didn’t put his trophy down all day.

55kg Armid Akram once again gave away weight to all his opponents but was well on his way to taking the men’s intermediate section under 75kg, when with 2 seconds left on the clock and up by a single point Armids evasion skills were deemed to be illegal and he was deducted a single point, which resulted in the bout being taken to over time. The 30 second over time ultimately proved that the deducted point was vital as Armid lost by a single point. It is unlikely that he will show a similar lapse in future.

Fight Team member Archie Thompson fought well in the boys under 5ft 2 advanced section in semi contact but was ultimately picked off and beaten in the first round.

In light continuous his specialist category Archie had a semi final fight off with Genesis Martial arts Fight Team mate Kieran Johnson! Neither boys gave an inch in the bout ultimately Archie’s raw determination experience and pressure fighting style was too much for Kieran whom Archie clearly wanted to welcome into his first continuous competition with a baptism of fire! Archie’s used the same pressure style and a savvy in and out style to win in the final and to capture the second first place of the day.

Kieran was clearly spent having fought Archie but showed heart to push his opponent in the 3rd place fight off to the limit. Ultimately he was too spent to win but the experience showed Kieran that he can compete in this section and will be back after taking home a respectable fourth place.

Cimac Superleague - Genesis Martial Arts

Fight Team member Shannon Barlow wanted to build on the first and third places she took in January at Watford and was keen to focus on the advanced category having passed her brown belt in February. Shannon started out well and was 1 point up when she took a heavy fall while kicking. From then on in it was down hill as Shannon lost her focus and very nearly her head as she ran into 4 kicks in a row. Guaranteed she will be back in training immediately chomping at the bi to redeem herself.

After a long lay off Fight Team member Louise Birkett also went out in the first round of her category. Starting out well Louise was ahead but was too undisciplined to keep the lead and failed to follow her coaches direction.

Louise later redeemed herself fighting in the light contact section more or less to the game plan and secured 3rd place. Funnily enough the category was won by Louise’s opponent at the forth coming Genesis Unleashed Fight Show 3 Chantelle Ried! The show is at Court Garden Leisure Centre Marlow and tickets are now available for just £10. Louise has 3 weeks to train her but off.

Fight Team member Kieran Johnson preceded his war in the Light Contact section with a win in the boys semi contact section.

Hungarian Greg Tiba followed his Watford Open performance with a decent performance in the first round of the mens over 75kg beginners section. Unfortunately he lost 3-5 but was happy with his performance which was an improvement. Fortunately the Kiraly Team will let Genesis keep him on loan for the time being.

16 year old Tom stone debuted in the mens under 75kg light contact section. Giving away around 7kg to his opponent Tom struggled with the powerful shots he had to take but showed promise keeping his technique , staying calm and showing off his jab. Undeterred by his defeat Tom will be back.

Full contact and MMA fighter Matt Vladar was never in any danger in his fight and showed his standard poise and combinations in the first round of the men’s under 75kg light contact section but it wasn’t enough. He opponent could not demonstrate the skill or technique Matt applied but his pressure fighting style was sufficient to convince the judges he had done enough to win and Matt didn’t argue. Matt has been relatively inactive for the past 3 years and 3rd place left a bitter taste in his mouth. Watch out for him to come back with a greater work rate and movement having watched Darren Chapman win the section.

Gary Cook got through to the second round in the men’s over 75kg but learnt the hard way that he need to follow the coaches advice at this level. Time will tell how he progresses as he has all the tools to be a decent fighter, and had he followed his coaches advice he may have placed in the section.

Poor Mike Wellington had the opposite problem losing in his first round semi contact fight, fighting without any coaches. This issue has now been addressed and it is a learning experience for Mike that if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Mike fair better in the light contact section losing a split decision in the first round.

Genesis Ma - Cimac Superleague Windsor

Next step for Genesis is the Unleashed Fight Show on the 15th April, which will see Waleed, Archie and Louise all in action. Five days later is Squad Training on the 20th April at the Beacon Centre Holtspur HP9 1RJ 6.30 till 8.30pm.

The next competition they will all be Unleashed at will be the Cimac British Championships on the 29th April Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre, Alcester Road South Birmingham B14 6ER.

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