Cimac Superleague Stoke

Cimac Superleague Stoke - Genesis MA

The 10th June saw Genesis Fight Team members Archie Thompson, Louise Birkett, Shannon Barlow and Kieran Johnson at their 7th competition of the year, the Cimac Superleague in Stoke. Going into the event Archie led the boys Under 5ft 2 light continuous section and was 3rd in the boys semi contact section. Kieran led the boys under 5ft 3 novice semi contact section, Shannon was 2nd in the girls under 5ft semi contact section and Louise was joint 2nd in her section.

 Not to be out done Genesis Squad members Armid Akram and Waleed Bin Akram both topped their sections in the Men’s intermediate under 75kg and boys novice under 4ft 2 sections respectively.

 First up 8 year old Waleed laid down the gauntlet to the team winning the boys under 4ft 2 section and remaining top of the leader board by 8 points.

 Kieran was up next and followed Waleed’s lead winning the Novice boys semi contact under 5ft 3 section.

 Kieran also competed in the boys open semi contact section as he will be looking to make a splash their when he leaves the novice section looking to step into Archie’s territory. Kieran fought a tough first round narrowly missing out 1-3.

 Next up Archie showed Kieran how things should be done taking out a gritty fighter Sam from Nemesis Martial Arts and then the fighter to that beat Kieran to reach the final. In the Final Archie went point for point with his opponent extending the match through over time and to sudden death. Ultimately it wasn’t to be Archie’s days as he lost by a single point in the final. That takes Archie’s total to 26 points 2 points behind the joint leaders in the section. With 3 competitions left to get points the Grand Champion title is still wide open.

 Archie was up again in the boys under 5ft 2 light continuous section and once again showed why he is top of the category with convincing victories over each individual on route to victory. Archie is now unbeaten in this section and tops the leader board by 14 points.

Shannon Barlow competed in the girls under 5ft 2 semi contact section winning it for the first time this year. Shannon beat the current grand champion leader  Amber who is currently 5 points ahead of her by a single point with 1 second left of time. Shannon will be hard pressed to make up the points by the end of the year but then she wouldn’t be nicknamed “Gremlin” if she didn’t relish a challenge.

Shannon like Kieran looks to move up in section shortly and has already started competing in the Young ladies under 60 kg semi contact section. Fighting bigger stronger girls in this section Shannon acquitted herself well winning 3rd place and will be looking to make a splash in the new section shortly.

 Louise Birkett took part in the girls over 5ft 2 section in semi contact section but struggled to implement a winning game plan and was unable place. In the over 5ft 2 light contact section she faired slightly better placing 3rd.

 Heading into the Men’s under 75kg intermediate section Armid Akram once again show that consistency pays, placing 3rd. He maintains a comfortable lead 7 points ahead of his nearest rival.

 With a team consisting of just 6 members the total for the day was four first places, one second and two thirds. Special thanks to parents Steve, Stewart, Sharon and Mohammed for your support as always.

 Next stop for the Genesis Team is the Cimac World Cup on the 9th July in Birmingham, where they will once again be Unleashed.


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