Bristol Open Results

Genesis Martial Arts fighters prepared for the upcoming Genesis Unleashed Fight Show 2 which takes place on the 30th October by competing at the Bristol Open this past weekend.

 Being an International show top English teams including Team Sap, Watford Renegades, Maddogs, and NSKA were all in attendance along with the Best Fighter team from Italy, Kiraly team from Hungry and teams from Ireland and Wales.

 Unleashed Fight Team member Shannon Barlow led the team with the remaining 7 Squad members eager to earn their respective places as Unleashed Fight Team members.

 Shannon fought in the advanced girls under 155cm semi contact category hoping to once again face the top fighter in the category Watford Renegades Shannon Ryan in the Final. However uncharacteristic mistakes led to Shannon losing in the first round. Frustrated by her performance Shannon watched her rival dominate the category with an impressive display of kicking speed, power and movement. 48 hours later Shannon Barlow was back in training eager for her next competition.

 The youngest member of the team Kieran Johnson followed up his 2nd place from Septembers Cimac Superleague in Maidenhead with a 2nd place in the boys under 155cm beginners section. In a stacked section Kieran used movement and a sharp lead hand jab to get through 3 rounds where his was beaten in the final against a young up and coming NSKA fighter. On the back of this performance and his 3rd 2nd place in a row could Kieran be primed to take his place on the Unleashed Fight Team?

 New comer Mike Wellington is beginning to gain in confidence with his semi contact performances which was apparent in the men’s under 74kg beginners section. Although he has technical areas which he needs to address, his performance in the first round was an improvement from his last competition and is a clear sign that he is heading in the right direction. Unfortunately due to the success of the day most of the category’s were large, which resulted in Mike having to leave prior to the start of his light contact section which had not commenced when the Squad exited at 8pm.

 Gary Cook could possibly have lost 2kg to make the 74kg limit for the beginners semi contact section but instead chose to fight in the over 74kg limit, weighing just 76kg hoping his speed would be an advantage. In a thoroughly thrilling and frustrating performance Instructors Matt Jackson and Paul Busby constantly called for the use of both hands as Gary struggled to get his timing down with the use of his lead arm only. Seeing their fighter drawing with 2 seconds left on the clock his instructors implored him to let the clock run down so as to continue in over time. In typical Gary style he disregarding the coaching team and took his shot kicking the opposing fighter clean in the face and scoring 2 points with 1 second left on the clock. Absolutely jubilant for their fighter the coaches congratulated their fighter and commiserated with his vanquished opponent and coach.

 At 55kg Armid Akram frequently gives up 20kgs competing in the under 74kg beginners and Intermediate sections in semi contact. In his outing in the Beginners section Armid reached the semi final narrowly missing out on a place in the final but winning the subsequent 3rd place fight off.

 A newly focussed Helen Weaver took part in the girls under 165 beginners semi contact section and although showed great heart was unable to move beyond the first round of the competition.

Craig Johnson entered the men’s intermediate under 74kg semi contact and light continuous sections. Due to the running order the light continuous section was first and with just 2 people in the bracket it was a straight 2 times 2 minute round final. Drawing on his previous experiences Craig chose not to stand and bang with his opponent but to move in and out using his semi contact footwork combined with crisp combination kick and punching. This earned him a unanimous decision and a coveted blue Bristol Open glass Boxing  glove for his trophy cabinet. With this performance Craig like his little brother Kieran is moving closer to gaining a spot in the Unleashed Fight Team along with current members Shannon Barlow, Louise Birkett and an injured Archie Thompson.

 Arjun Dulay was back in competition action after 10 months of boxing training and a summer spent learning Muay Thai in Thailand.  Arjun had a tough first round in the men’s under 63kg mens category drawing top Hungarian fighter Richard Veres. At 16 Arjun put on a spirited display but ultimately Veres’s speed was to much for Arjun to deal with as it was for everyone in the category as Veres went on to win the section.

 In the boys over 165cm section Arjun was back in his comfort zone and working through the rounds until disaster struck. In the semi final Arjun was attempting break the point deadlock with his opponent who he was drawing with after the first round and overtime. With 1 clear point required for victory both were within site of the final and needed to stay sharp. Blitzing in for the all important point Arjun ran into a counter kick which hit him in the mouth earning his opponent the victory.

 Uncharacteristically Arjun appeared shaken exclaiming “my teeth my teeth.” Instructor Matt Jackson checked his mouth and was shocked to see that the kick had dislodged 3 of his lower front teeth. That signalled the end of the day for the remaining competitors as Arjun was taken to Frenchay Hospital to have his teeth reset. With their categories still to begin Team Mates Craig Johnson and Armid Akram pulled out to support their fighter.

 In retrospect the competition was bitter sweet with the excellent performances of all Genesis Fighter and the injury to Arjun who has now had his teeth wired into position and is recovering slowly.

First places included Gary Cook in the men’s semi contact beginners section over 74kg and Craig Johnson in the Men’s under 74 intermediate light contact section.

 Kieran Johnson was 2nd in the boys beginners section under 155cms and Armid Akram was 3rd in the Mens beginners semi contact section under 74kg. Next Stop is the Unleashed Fight Show.

 Unfortunately due to injury both Arjun Dulay and WKA World Champion Archie Thompson are both ruled out of next weeks Unleashed Fight Show 2 at Court Garden Leisure Centre Marlow on Saturday 30th October. However some excellent bouts remain with World Champions Jacey Cashman and Chris Djaelani headlining in what is gunna be a sure fire fight of the year candidate. The show is from 1 till 6pm and tickets are still available at just £10 each.

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