And the Winner Is…

Every week in our Genesis Martial Arts clubs we recognise our students efforts by awarding Student Of the Week certificates and medals. They are awarded for various reason ranging from learning to tie your belt, gaining better focus, technique development or great attitude towards training. But one of the most admired awards in Genesis Martial Arts, is the Student of the Year Award. It is said that time flies when having fun but for some of us it is not always fun when overcoming challenges in life. Only 1 day stands between us before we will find out which of our hard working students have reaped the benefits of commitment and perseverence over the past 12 months.

The Face Of A Black Belt

At E.Y.T. we will also be honouring our other hard working students for achieving brown & white stripe grades and the coveted black belt grade.


Never Tired

The Junior Boot Camp Warrior 2017 will also be awarded for the first to the students that attended a tough regime throughout their summer holiday break.


Juniors attending EYT please remember to bring your sparring gear if you wish to play speed chess on area 2. It would be really helpful if students could bare in mind that space will be limited in the hall and lockers are available for you to use in the entrance of the leisure centre (a padlock will be needed for this to secure your items).

Save queue times on the door by getting your ticket online right here

We look forward to seeing you all there bright an early with positive attitudes.


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