A Huge congratulations to everyone that took part in our kickboxing grading today, here are the students that successfully passed and achieved their next belt.
Feedback sheets, belts and certificates will be available from your instructor in class within the next 14 days.


Student Belt Instructor Pass
1 Louie Andrew Cane White Corey Cain Pass
2 Kyl House White Gary Jones Pass
3 Nathaniel Gyasi White Matthew Jackson Pass
4 Yuvraj Wilkhu White Corey Cain Pass
5 Adam Samiri White Trevor John Pass
6 Joshua Dann-Smith White Joel Hoyte Pass
7 Rajveer Wilkhu White Corey Cain Pass
8 Haru Nakada White Fitzroy Connor Pass
9 Sreelekha Ballina White Joel Hoyte Pass
10 Harry Messenger White Mark Nichols Pass
11 Nikhita Khatwa White Fitzroy Connor Pass
12 Gabriella Rybacka White Joel Hoyte Pass
13 Alexis Hu White Matthew Jackson Pass
14 Rafaela Durham White Gary Jones Pass
15 Maia James White Trevor John Pass
16 Waynelan Skantharajah White Gary Jones Pass
17 Alana Clark White Matthew Jackson Pass
18 Simon Beasley White Gary Jones Pass
19 Leevi Edwards White Fitzroy Connor Pass
20 Sameer Malik Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
21 Erin Newell Blue Joel Hoyte Pass
22 Jake Hollis Blue Fitzroy Connor Pass
23 Harley Wallen Blue Corey Cain Pass
24 Eerik Sprenk Blue Trevor John Pass
25 Mac Lothian Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
26 Harrison Thomas Blue Matthew Jackson Pass
27 Yacoub Dobbins Blue Fitzroy Connor Pass
28 Annie Jones Blue Gary Jones Pass
29 Anya Macaulay Blue Fitzroy Connor Pass
30 Zain Azhar Blue Corey Cain Pass
31 Milah Ponce Blue Gary Jones Pass
32 Noor Guerchali Elbou Blue Trevor John Pass
33 Mohammed Farid Blue Corey Cain Pass
34 Stuart Collins Blue Gary Thorne Pass
35 Warwick Jones Orange Gary Jones Pass
36 Madison Tillyer Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
37 Phoebe Gardner Orange Gary Thorne Pass
38 Lewis Kelley Orange Matthew Jackson Pass
39 Gracie Holdcroft Orange Joel Hoyte Pass
40 Arjun Samra Orange Fitzroy Connor Pass
41 Nick Woods Orange Mark Nichols Pass
42 Anna Katrina Dumdum Green Trevor John Pass
43 Bruno Baluka Green Corey Cain Pass
44 Tobias Coyne Green Fitzroy Connor Pass
45 Nicholas Robinson Green Gary Thorne Pass
46 Max Marsh Purple Matthew Jackson Pass
47 Dylan Ramnath Purple Fitzroy Connor Pass
48 Sebastian Reczmien Purple Fitzroy Connor Pass